Demonic Venom

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Demon Energy - Poison.png [Passive] Successful Bounding combo decrease Skill Cooldown for Bounding Skills. Bound enemies are stunned for a short duration.


Class Level Required
Diangelion 99

Skill Information

Debuff's Icon


Skill Level Level Required Skill Cooldown Reduction [Stun]
Physical Defense Reduction Additional Effect Duration
1 99 50% 20% Cannot Dash/Jump 3.5 seconds

Tips and Details

  • The debuff is only applied on the first [Standby] character hit (right after pressing the CCPV.png key), making Demonic Energy: Poison useful to prevent targets from escaping your combos and increase your damage output.
  • You can also cancel your combo after using the CCPV.png key, making possible to use skills while your enemy is debilitated.


Date Changes
02/08/2018 03/07/2018
  • Demonic Venom added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 마기 : 독기 Demonic Energy: Poison
German Flag.png Germany Dämonenenergie: Gifthauch Demonic Energy: Poison Breath
Spanish Flag.png Spain Energía demoníaca: aliento venenoso Demonic Energy: Venom Breath
French Flag.png France Énergie démoniaque : souffle empoisonné Demonic Energy: Poison Breath
Italian Flag.png Italy Energia demoniaca: miasma Demonic Energy: Miasm
Polish Flag.png Poland Energia Demonów: Trujący Ziew Demonic Energy: ?
English Flag.png United Kingdom Demon Energy: Poison Breath
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Poder Demoníaco: Miasma Demonic Power: Miasm

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