Elsword's Anniversary Party Crown

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HQ Common INT AC Face1 Onepiece270B.png

[Face Accessory (Top)] Happy Elsword's Anniversary~! An accessory made to celebrate Elsword's Anniversary.

Elsword's Anniversary Party Crown
HQ Common INT AC Face1 Onepiece270B.png
Name Elsword's Anniversary Party Crown
Rarity Normal
Item Type Face Accessory (Top)
Level Requirement 0
Reselling Price Impossible
Trading Impossible
Additional Effects ▪ HP +1%
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Event Reward N/A Elsword's 4th Anniversary Event
  • Flag-us.png 04/29/2015 ~ 05/12/2015
Base Stats
Class Physical Attack Magical Attack Physical Defense Magical Defense
All Classes 55 55 55 55
Tips and Details
  • This accessory can only be obtained by female characters (Aisha, Rena, Eve, Ara, and Elesis) during the 4th Anniversary event.
See Also
  • Elsword's Anniversary Party Mask
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