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Emergency Escape.PNG [Passive] Grants a chance to automatically activate Shadow Step when attacked from behind. When Evacuation! is activated, the cooldown of Shadow Step is activated as well.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Blade Master 60 Expert Training Skill Quest

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Activation Chance MP Usage Cooldown
1 60 3% 15 MP 45 Seconds
2 67 5%
3 69 7%
4 99 9%

Related Skills

BMTrans5.png Counter Wave
Lock.gifForbidden Tome of Secrets II.png Forbidden Secret Manual (II) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Power of Transcendence Skill Quest or Item Mall.

Tips and Details

  • While being able to escape attacks that would be potentially lethal, Evacuation! has its risks. Raven may end up endangering himself by unintentionally strafing into an attack, a wall, or a bottomless pit.


Date Changes
02/11/2010 08/31/2011
  • Evacuation! added.
02/05/2015 -
  • Activation Chance decreased.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Activation Chance decreased.
  • Cooldown increased.
06/30/2016 07/13/2016
  • MP Usage increased.
  • Activation Chance decreased.
  • Cooldown increased.
07/20/2016 -
  • Fixed Blade Master not being able to revive when dying during evacuation activation.
03/30/2017 04/12/2017
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Evacuation! deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 긴급 탈출! Emergency Escape!
Japanese Flag.png Japan 緊急脱出! Emergency Escape!
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 紧急逃脱! Emergency Escape!
German Flag.png Germany Flucht! Escape!
Spanish Flag.png Spain ¡Huida! Escape!
French Flag.png France Fuite ! Escape!
Italian Flag.png Italy Fuga! Escape!
Polish Flag.png Poland Ucieczka! Escape!
English Flag.png United Kingdom Escape!
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Evacuação! Evacuation!

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