Giga Drive

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Giga Drive.PNG [Special Active] Raven does a short leap into the air and impales his sword down into the ground with an explosive impact. He will then gain an increase in damage, all normal actives will have no cooldown, and all attacks have decreased knockdown.


Class Master SP Requirement
Blade Master Lv.5 80 SP

Skill Information

Skill Level Initial Damage
Giga Drive MP Usage Cooldown
Knockdown Rate
1 662% 22% 16% 20 Seconds 150 MP 10 Seconds
2 794% 24% 18%
3 926% 26% 20%
4 1058% 28% 22%
5 (M) 1257% 30% 24%
6 1455% 32% 26%
7 1654% 34% 28%

Tips and Details

  • While the buff is active, small red lines circle around Raven's body.
  • The initial hit of Giga Drive is not affected by the knockdown ratio effect.
  • Has a very wide horizontal range and wide vertical range.
  • The skill freeze is too short, so it is best to use it when your opponent suffers from adequate hitstun.
    • Moves with great hitstuns usually have high kd, keep this in mind.

Blade Master Skills
Hyper Active
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Special Active
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