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Like a cloak of time we are forever eternal



to be announced

Debates, recruiting others

Admin Application

  • Time: sometime in the future
  • Conditions:
    • Must be a Guild Member for more than 1 month
    • Must be known as an active Guild Member
    • Must be talkative
    • Must not have had a large amount of previous confrontations with other Guild Members (arguments)
    • Must be honest, understanding and unbiased
    • Must be willing to dedicate some time at least once every second day to be active in the Guild for more than 2 hours (being online and idling is not enough to secure a spot as admin)
    • Must be willing to help out Guild Members
    • Must be willing to help create Guild Events and donate prizes (doesn't have to be kching)
    • Stick to Guild rules and Guidelines
    • Must be respectful to ALL guild members (rookies, veterans, officers and admins alike)
    • Must have a FB page and the ability to message Justforfum or SilverGunner.


AionMantle is a level 15 PVP/PVE hybrid guild created by SilverGunner. The group strives to maintain a welcoming and friendly environment where all guild members are treated with respect and are actively encouraged to participate in Guild Activities and Social Inclusion.

Our Guild offers a plethora amount of activities which the Guild Administrators run including; Monthly Guild Tournaments, In-game and Out-game Contests, Group Henrir, Fields, PVP, Secret Dungeon, Ereda Island and Normal Dungeon guild runs.

AionMantle also offers various means of out-game socialising such as a Guild Tumblr Page, Guild Facebook Page and the recently created Guild Only Skype Group.

Created: January 8th, 2013

Social Media


  • Comrade's Cheer: 5/5
  • Harmonus Spirit: 5/5
  • Heroes Sacrifice: 4/5
  • Blessed Recovery: 1/5


Respect Each Other
Respect each other. No offensive material allowed.

Please keep it PG-13
If you wont say it to your mother dont say it on chat.

Rookies inactive for 3 or more days will be removed. Members and above who are inactive for 7 or more says will be removed unless there is a special reason for inactivity. If for any reason you find yourself kicked for inactivity feel free to contact an admin if you want to be added back.

Dont ask for them. Rookies must be social and will be promoted after being active for 3 days. Members will be promoted if they often contribute/participate in our events/discussions. Our advertisement asks for fun social players. Talk to use, help others, and ask for help/be a part of our community if you want to advance in ranks!

For the sake of having space in our guild for new members you may only have a maximum of 3 characters registered into the guild.

Notable Guild Members

Rank Class IGN Level
RankSSS.png DCNEW.png SilverGunner 70
RankSSS.png CNNEW.png justforfum 74
RankSSS.png CAvNEW.png BlackenedSea 80
RankSS.png BHNEW.png AccelZykra 76
? LPNEW.png IAsuto 70
? VCNEW.png KingHenryVII 70
? VCNEW.png SentoYohei 71


Guild Shop

The guild shop is a trading center for the guild which is hosted by Gaia15, and assisted by AccelZykra. it is held on the first weekend of every month. It is normally held in the Guild house.


simple as that. win prizes, normally given as 1 Giftable IM item from either justforfum or SilverGunner.


  • SilverGunner actually lives in Australia and justforfum lives in South Korea.
  • DeathlyRiver is perverted and loves her yuri
  • How2Add and alane are the only 2 people to be deranked from admin status.
    • SAGEofHALO and Blohdgarm were deranked due to inactivity.
      • Yet, DeathlyRiver was re-promoted instantly after a 8-month MIA break.
  • SilverGunner constantly swaps out her alternates, which include: (but not limited to) OsakiFox, Velocei, ...