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Hey, you! Yes, you! Don't just sit there reading this "about" section. Come join us and register in the fun. We have a website, youtube channel, Twitter and Tumblr! So, get off this page and head to us! --Rex (talk) 19:05, 20 May 2015 (EDT)Rex (MechChaser)

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Notable Guild Members

Rank Class IGN Notable Features
RankSSS.png LKNEW.png Coresico The Guild Leader, known for his determination and creativity.
RankSSS.png VCNEW.png BlazenBlader An Admin who likes to PVP.
- - Sora Information Not Available
RankSSS.png DCNEW.png MechChaser An old Admin, in charge of the Assassin Website.
? VPNEW.png Aisha654321 Insecure player/Shy and Guild Leader's Waifu
? ? ?
RankSS.png CNNEW.png alane It's a bird, It's an eve, no it's a hoe!
? ? ?



  • The Guild Leader and one of the admin's are often shipped together.
  • Sora got hacked twice.
  • Sora is playing Aura Kingdom until Lu/Ciel is released.
  • The skype chat is the worst part cause its more vulgar than a soon to be divorced couple's arguements.