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Once you Jimin you can't Jimout


Guild Master: GATiny.png Crobi
Guild Level: 15
Guild Spots: 80
Date Created: June 21, 2012
Version: Flag-ca.png / Flag-us.png

About the Guild

This guild is a fan guild for Bangtan Boys / BTS.
If you're not a BTS fan (A.R.M.Y) then this guild may not be the place for you, however if you fit the joining criteria (below) then you are still more than welcome.
This isn't the most talkative guild, however everyone is nice so don't feel afraid to start a conversation.
In this guild we try to do raids as often as possible and same with Henir, so keep that in mind if you plan on joining.

Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Harmonic.png Harmonious Spirit 5 Increase guild members' physical defense power by 50 and magical attack power by 100.
GSI MagicConcen.png Concentrated Mana 5 Increases mana acquisition when attacking by 5%.
GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery 5 Adds 5% chance to heal 120% of the damage you received over time.
The maximum heal will not exceed for more than 30% of your total HP.
(This effect can trigger once every 3 seconds.)
GSI herosacri.png Hero's Sacrifice 5 Adds 100% chance to heal all the party membets within 15m radius upon dying in a dungeon or a match.
(Dungeon: 30%, Match: 15%)

How to Join

  • There will usually be an ad on the guild board.
  • You can also contact Crobi. (Non in-game contact info is at the bottom of the page.)

Joining Requirements

  • There is no level requirement, however if we are low on spots higher levels will be prioritized.
  • You should be active (online at least 2-4 times a week if possible).
  • We accept both quiet and talkative people.
  • You must be someone who actively fights in the raids.


  • If you are inactive for 30+ days without contacting Crobi a to why then you will be kicked from the guild.
  • If you are rude to another member (only with proof) then you will be kicked.

Guild Rules

  • No hate speech / trolling / multiple bad puns (this seems stupid, I know, but I (Crobi) really cannot stand bad puns, so if you make many and don't stop when you're asked you will be kicked.)
  • Respect the wishes of others. Not everyone wants to chat or be in a party, so keep that in mind.
  • No drama. Drama is stupid, let's not have any.

Ways to Contact the Guild Master (Crobi)

Chatango: / skype : desynthia / deviantart: / tumblr: