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Solid, Family, Stupid, and Crazy Together XD
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Guild Information

Max#: 100
Created: 16-06-2014
Guild Level: 14


  1. We not accept SHED CHARTER
  2. No bad word such ( f**k)
  3. Always keep in touch with everyone in this guild. So, there is no one who plays individually. We are family okay?
  4. Please don't hesltate to ask gor help if you have any difficulty or run into a trouble
  5. The members must always watch our chat guild. So you know this guild activity and respon other members
  6. Please don't shy to share your idea with everyone
  7. If there is someone who STEAL or DECEIVE someone else or did any activity that make guild image turn bad, we will kick you from this guild without any EXCEPTION
  8. Max offline . 2 weeks or kick from guild, but the members will not kick from guild if him ask license from Guild Master or Admin
  9. If you want to join to guild BlackNightmare you can regristation at advertisement in the board or regristaton to Guild Master or Admin

Guild Members

Guild Master:

Rank Character Class IGN Level Build
RankSSS.png RinShirone.png CATiny.png RinShirone Lv75 Hybrid


Rank Character Class IGN Level Build
RankA.png Arryn.png CATiny.png Arryn Lv71 PVE
RankSS.png Kenyux.png LKTiny.png kenyux Lv75 --
RankS.png Mizuzusegawa.png EmpTiny.png Mizuzusegawa Lv75 PVE/ereda
RankSS.png ReyLudenberg.png TTTiny.png ReyLudenberg Lv75 PVE suport


Rank Character Class IGN Level Build
RankNull.png CNKyre.png TiTTiny.png CNKyre Lv44 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png EveTiny.png CodeKeisha Lv8 --
RankA.png IMG 20150526 195611.jpg NemTiny.png euraeureka Lv75 --
RankNull.png Evilin.png VPTiny.png Evilin Lv70 --
RankSSS.png SSWaiting.png AsuTiny.png ImNotVirGin Lv75 Hybrid
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png NemTiny.png -IzunaMinami Lv55 --
RankNull.png JohnnyAwaker.png RFTiny.png JohnnyAwaker Lv66 --
RankA.png KazuzaAsuna.png WSTiny.png KazuzaAsuna Lv57 Hybrid
RankS.png Kurumi10.png GATiny.png kurumi10 Lv58 --
RankSS.png Mysteryuuki.png DCTiny.png Mysteryuuki Lv70 PVE
RankNull.png Okliniri.png RSTiny.png Okliniiri Lv70 --
RankB.png Resensia.png NemTiny.png Resensia Lv75 Ereda
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png CATiny.png Ruica Lv75 --
RankS.png Shetsuyaa.png ISTiny.png Shetsuyaa Lv74 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png GMTiny.png ShinaAyumu Lv70 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png TiTTiny.png Vhelolicon -- PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png RSTiny.png XipmiteuS Lv70 --
RankNull.png YukiKanda.png ISTiny.png YukiKanda Lv57 Hybrid


Rank Character Class IGN Level Build
RankS.png AkameChan.png WSTiny.png AkameChan Lv56 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png AraTiny.png agaga12 Lv23 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LKTiny.png Aiolya Lv71 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png EmpTiny.png AppleSeiker Lv58 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LCTiny.png BlackDiana Lv20 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png BSTiny.png CecilliaRose Lv75 --
RankS.png CharleYoung.png DETiny.png CharleYoung Lv62 PVE & PVP
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LCTiny.png condemanable Lv25 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png BSTiny.png DDkecil Lv39 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png SDTiny.png Decodroid Lv65 --
RankSS.png Eaas.png LPTiny.png eaas Lv70 PVE & PVP
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png TiTTiny.png Electro26 Lv36 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LCTiny.png EsCafe Lv20 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LPTiny.png GearBaster Lv46 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png RFTiny.png HyoudouIssai Lv67 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png SGTiny.png ICEmage1st Lv50 --
RankA.png IEIsIProm6th.png ISTiny.png IEIsIProm6th Lv51 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LCTiny.png JoeNess Lv22 --
RankNull.png JynnV.png EmpTiny.png JynnV Lv50 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png ISTiny.png KadonomarO Lv59 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png TiTTiny.png MashiroKen Lv36 --
RankNull.png Miulili.png BHTiny.png Miulili Lv70 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png SDTiny.png Narcissus Lv70 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png WTTiny.png Noireise Lv21 --
RankA.png Orriana.png EmpTiny.png Orriana Lv60 --
RankS.png Palalu.png IPTiny.png Palalu Lv70 Hybrid
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png STTiny.png PHLancer Lv30 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png CATiny.png Pikaels Lv53 --
RankSSS.png SSWaiting.png RSTiny.png Pyco Lv75 --
RankSSS.png RaiserSystem.png LPTiny.png RaiserSystem Lv75 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png IPTiny.png Rannma Lv72 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png AddTiny.png RianAzza1 Lv24 --
RankSSS.png RyuGoitto.png RSTiny.png RyuGoitto Lv71 PVE
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png AddTiny.png RianAzza1 Lv24 --
RankNull.png Sharui.png LCTiny.png Sharui Lv36 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png LCTiny.png Sardotlaien Lv18 --
RankSS.png Viderina.png CATiny.png Viderina Lv75 --
RankS.png WitsEnd.png LPTiny.png WitsEnd Lv55 Hybrid
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png RSTiny.png yam Lv71 --
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png RSTiny.png Yukaze Lv65 --
RankA.png Yohan46.png GATiny.png yohan46 Lv54 Hybrid
RankNull.png SSWaiting.png CATiny.png YuudachiRin Lv55 --


Rank Character Class IGN Level Guild Build Server
RankNull.png Mizuzisegawa.png NobTiny.png Mizuzisegawa -- -- -- KR
RankSSS.png MrWonder.png LPTiny.png MrWonder Lv75 EA PVE/PVP ID

Next Event

  1. Group Photo
  2. Karaoke in RaidCall



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