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BluePhoenix is a new guild currently operated by Rena Grand Archer user Hayawafa. It has very few members and only just started. We are currently accepting all levels and active playes


The guild master has set up these rules for guild members.

-Players must be active at least once a week

-Please be polite to other players

-Low level members are encouraged to ask higher leveled players from the guild for help

-We currently have an ED for K-ching deal going on

-Spread the news of our guild

Guild Rankings

Guild Master-Hayawafa

Anyone above "member/rookie" have certain "perks" if their Ranks are higher. The perks are as follows

-Veterans >Requirement: Be in the guild for more than a week Perk: 5 Elshards of your choice (once you join, you can't get anymore if you quit and return)

-Officers >Requirement: Be over level 40 and in the guild for more than 2 weeks -Perk: 10 Enhancers or 10 Elshards of your choice (Pick one)

-Administrator+ >The perks for this rank is determined by the guild master Requirement: Recommendation of over 20 guild members and approval of guildmaster