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'Welcome, initiates!

Are you bold, brave and fearless? Do you have what it takes to be one of us?

To those of you who aren't ready to face their fears, might as well turn your backs now. We are 'Dauntless'. We fear no one. We will never be in danger. WE ARE THE DANGER.

The Undaunted

Dauntless guild was founded on the 1st of July in year 2014. And if you were wondering, the guild name was taken from the guild master's favorite novel —Divergent series. To tell you the truth, this guild was established just for fun but it doesn’t mean that this guild should not be taken seriously. Just like any other guild, we started at the bottom but we will strive to be one of the bests. A time will come when the Undaunted will make a name for themselves. Be known as one of the greatest warriors in Elrios. We will make history.

How to be a Dauntless initiate:

1. You may message either the Guild Master itself or any of the guild’s Admins.
2. You have to have a referral.
3. You have to have the characteristics of an Undaunted.

          *In the future, there might be initiation rites to be given to each of the applicants.

Faction Laws (Do’s and Don’ts)

1. Faction before blood. This states that no matter what you are doing, you must ALWAYS put your guild mates/comrades as your priority if necessary.
2. Thou shall not use any software/medium programmed for cheating. Those of who will be proved guilty will be terminated immediately.
3. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. Whatever you say or do will affect the guild’s reputation. Every member must be well disciplined, have good manners and fight fair and square. In PVP’s whether you win or lose, congratulate your opponent for the good fight.
4. Irony to rule no.3. If player from outside of the guild provoked you, you may fight back as you wishes. Though given this freedom to defend yourself, you must keep in mind that everything you say could be used against you.
5. No scavenging! Work hard and you will soon reap what you sow.

             Violations of the law is punishable depending on the weight of the sin.
                *Admins may propose new laws to be approved by the Guild Master.

Guild Activities (Depending on the availability of the members)

1. Field Boss Hunt
2. PVP (3v3)
3. Henir’s Time and Space (for lvl 50+)
4. Dungeon/SD runs