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The DeathsAngels Guild is one of North America's Finest Guilds you can place yourself in, or be tested to pass to become a member. The guild was so active and massive that during their first five months of being created on 2013-06-09, from now they currently holding over 500 members. The guild began to get so big and so popular that the guild master's Had to expand the guild over 100 players by leaving the guild and creating DeathsAngels2 which is another unit of 100 members. Latest reports say that the DeathsAngels currently have over 500 members and there is no were in Hamel you haven’t seen a member with the brand, DeathsAngels under their names wearing it proudly. They are also well known for having super big guild events every month, which contains a winner of 1st-5th place out of all the members in the whole entire guild, the rewards for these groundbreaking event are unbelievable such as Ice burner pieces, mounts, ED, full custom permanent set, and more. There will never be a guild constructed such as the DeathsAngels, so well that GameMakers even attends there gatherings. There goals are to the have their guild "turn into an empire" said the former guild master kia2453.Which they have done with over three units. DeathsAngels, DeathsAngel2, 3, and 4. Which will continue until everyone is a "Angel/Death".