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~ A special multipurpose guild for all, With various historical records, achievements and many more. Active, friendly, powerful and peaceful. This is our specialty anyways, equality and no judgements. We are chill! Don't push yourself just be yourself. This is your homeland, your first and final destination ~

Information //

Date of creation: 21th July 2015

Server: Elsword EU (International - English speaking)

Guild Master: Ayroh

Administrators: Es, Taymi, Neliandria, Silentium, Adzreal, Nephria, Illya

Guild level: 23, Slots: 300, Type: PVE/PVP/Farming/Raid including with all the important guild passives

Alternative Guild:DejaVu

Secondary Guild:Sinners

Allies and rest alternatives: SecretParadise, Club69

Community-Social Network: We have groups on Skype, Facebook and Discord. You're welcomed to join anytime by asking the GM or using in-game invitation links. We have also a guild page on Facebook if you're interested to join.

Admissions //

The guild accepts any type of characters no matter if they are weak, strong or any look. Strictly active ones and only, with good friendly behavior. We strongly recommend you to bring your main character or at least a character which is very active. You can bring up to 3 active characters. It's an international guild so speaking English is the main language. Be active and friendly with everyone!

Guild management //

Guild roles & rankings: Member/Blackranked: directly after you join the guild. Elite/Blueranked: at least level 90, minimum 1 week of activity, basic character verification. Veteran/Greenranked: level 99, minimum 1 month of high activity, extended character-user verification, confirmation about future plans. Administrator: (Ask the GM for details)

  • Returning players can get their ranks faster because they were already active in the past. It's highly recommended for members to request the Guild Master for the Veteran/Greenranked rank

Offline limits: Member-Blackranked: 10 days, Elite/Blueranked: 30 days, Veteran/Greenranked: 100 days, Safe members: 1-3 years (Ask the GM for details).

  • If you're about to get busy with life and stay offline more than the limit, then you have to inform the GM or leave a note to the Guild message board so we can keep you safe till you return

Guild box: Save only items which are useful for others. For example valuable materials for useful crafts. Also items such as eldrit shards, boss drops, enhanced magic stones, armor. The maximum amount limit is 3 stacks of each item (3 slots). Don't put inside casual unnecessary items which are easy to obtain. Doing the opposite will lead you to get deranked. If you take multiple items then you should put something equal on the future to make it fair and keep the guild box in balance.

Guild EXP buff: The guild activates EXP buff mostly at weekends and usually for 6 hours (12 hours during EXP events). Everyone can request for extra hours of guild EXP buff (any day) and corresponding to the amount of coins they save per week (currently 1 hour = 10 coins. Ask GM for details)

Community's rules //

Behavior: It's extremely important to be friendly, positive and respectful towards the guild community and players outside the guild. Please don't use offensive words against anyone. Avoid doing arguments or taking someone's side during that. If you notice anything suspicious then please report to the guild team as fast as possible. Show your good side to all. Breaking the rules will give you warning or getting removed from the guild.

Judgement: Don't judge members about their power, looks or personality. Respect everyone's opinion or else stay quiet

Safety: Don't attempt to scam anyone, beg for money or items and don't lend especially to unknown players

Punishment: N/A

Activity //

Your activity is very important and helpful for the guild. Try your best to improve your character by completing missions, farming in dungeons so you can make progress. Doing your daily guild missions with others to help the guild. If you feel ready then you can start doing PVP. Be brave and don't step back. You can also try to offer your help to other guild members on your free time. Also don't forget to save guild coins to the guild box because they are very important for the guild which gives multiple benefits. Good Luck!!! ♥

Notes n' Updates //

26-May-2020: Offline limits will be changed from June

Guild Page Status: Active