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this is only a temporally dont worry

How To Join????

just click I really want to JOIN!!! and click add to group and w8 until i accept it thank you

I really want to JOIN!!!

Guild Events

its official our guild will having some events. just stay tune for more updates.


ELtitanS One Of Our Official Patch

ELtitanS the guild name ELtitanS is based on the japanese series Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan and its also based on ELSWORD.the guild founded on october,13.2013 by the elsword player mark anthony(Shenji)we only want to have a 30 member at the beginning of our guild of course a newly created guild can only have 30 members but dont worry we can expanded our guild by crafting the guild expansion card in aranka so you can join our guild.

The Start Of Our Guild

the guild only starts at a page named Elsword Community and a group named Elsword Community Group the other member of the group convince mark anthony to make a guild and mark use a poll on the group because he did not know what is the best guild name that fits to all members and one member add a guild name ELtitanS and boom almost all the online members vote EltitanS thats why EltitanS is our guild name.

ELtitanS different Patches

thank guys for making this Patches for our guild we are all considering this as our patches


Rule # 1;No trashtalking:everyone know that trashtalking can hurt a persons emotionaly.

Rule # 2;Be friendly in-game or out-game:always be friendly the player that have more friend can finish quest faster.

Rule # 3;the seven day action: if a member did not log in for 7 days the guild admin will kick that player unless u can give us a valid reason

Rule # 4; Be Sports in PVP or PVE:be sports dont be angry when you lose in a fight.

Rule # 5;The Shards:its optional every week all members can give 2 eldrit shard so we can expand our guild faster than the other.

Guild Squads

Scouting Legion

Temporally Scouting Legion Patch

Scouting legion or our Guild Admins and Officers

LKNEW.png IGN:Shenji(Guild Master)

VPNEW.png IGN:ADKurochi(Guild Admin)

RSNEW.png IGN: Husumi(Guild Admin)

LKNEW.png IGN:MatsuIzanagi(Guild Officer)

Dunno.png IGN:?????(Unknown)

Military Police

Temporally Military Police Patch

Military Police or our Guild Veterans

GANEW.png IGN:LadySamA(Guild Veteran)

LKNEW.png IGN:BloodMercer(Guild Veteran)

LKNEW.png IGN:BLADE13(Guild Veteran)

LKNEW.png IGN:HarvyAce(Guild Veteran)

Dunno.png IGN:?????(Unknown)

Stationary Guard

Temporally Stationary Guard Patch

Stationary Guard or our Guild Members. dont worry guys you can be promoted base on your gameplay and attitude

EMNEW.png IGN:Neleah(member)

LKNEW.png IGN:MasterYi(member)

EMNEW.png IGN:Asunaa183(member)

GANEW.png IGN:ArchNyebes(member)

LKNEW.png IGN:AndrewFiel(member)

RSNEW.png IGN:johnjohn (member)

RSNEW.png IGN:Spade23(member)

LKNEW.png IGN:ElucidatoR(member)

RSNEW.png IGN:Endless(member)

LKNEW.png IGN:Sora24(member)


Icon - Aisha.png IGN:Kinomoto(member)