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About Us

Members: 100
Max#: 100
Created: 2013-09-2
Guild Level: 15
Server: International

Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Harmonic.png Harmonious Spirit 5/5 Physical Defense Increase by 50 and Magic Attack Increase by 100.
GSI MasterAlch.png Alchemy Specialist 5/5 Recovery Effect Increase (from potions, food, dungeons) by 25%.
GSI MagicConcen.png Concentrated Mana 5/5 Mana Recovery increase (when attacking) by 5%.
GSI Violent.png Wrath 1/5 Increase the speed of charging awakening gauge when receiving damages by 10%.
GSI LibofAng.png Unleash Anger 4/5 Increase the speed of charging awakening gauge when attacking damages by 5%.

Current Members

Guild Master:

Rank Class IGN Level
RankSSS.png RankSS2.png EMTransNEW.png Ivanescha Lv.99


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Rank Class IGN Level

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