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~ GhettoRUs Guild Information ~

Guild Master: Kimiye
Members: 93
Max#: 100
Created: 2013-05-28
Guild Level: 14

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~ Guild Skills ~

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Balanced.png Balanced Physique 5/5 Physical Attack Power +100

Magical Defense Power +50

GSI Harmonic.png Harmonious Spirit 5/5 Magical Attack Power +100

Physical Defense Power +50

GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery 3/5 Replenishes HP when hit by enemy. (Total max HP 30%)
GSI Concentrate.png Concentration 1/5 Increases mana acquisition when attacked by 10%.

~ Guild Master & Administrators ~

Rank Class IGN Nickname Position Level Focus
RankSSS.png CNNEW.png Kimiye Emi Guild Master Lv67 PvP
RankSS.png SDNEW.png Petrai Aqui Administrator Lv63 PvE
RankSS.png YRNEW.png Digitalism Sol Administrator Lv66 PvE
RankSSS.png CMNEW.png ShiKama Miki Administrator Lv70 PvE
RankS.png CNNEW.png data012 Bey Administrator Lv64 PvE
RankS.png WSNEW.png AngelForever Angel Administrator Lv55 PvP
RankSSS.png WSNEW.png MrsFluff Fluff Administrator Lv70 PvP
RankSSS.png LKNEW.png glacegkt Glace Administrator Lv62 PvP
RankSS.png VPNEW.png KyomeXvoid Mary Administrator Lv51 PvP
RankSS.png DCNEW.png Cetric Meep Administrator Lv63 PvP
  • The guild doesn't have any Rookies nor Members, the standard rank is Officer.

~ Alternative Characters ~

  • Some of us have alternative characters (aka alts) that perhaps you should know.

WSNEW.png Chiyaka (Emi)
GMNEW.png Bellent (Miki)
BHNEW.png Calcique (Aqui)
CMNEW.png Sollia (Sol)
CBSNEW.png Beyonzo (Bey)
CBSNEW.png Nalee (Fluff)
IPNEW.png Ironmeep (Meep)
ISNEW.png Flaregkt (Glace)

~ "Ratchet Police" ~

Kimiye and Petrai have the power to make someone a rookie if they use a ratchet emoticon.
Example: Just using "o" as a response.

  • This "punishment" only applies for a day though and the rank will be returned to its original state after a day has passed.