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Holocaus Guild Information

Guild Master: Leitte
Members: 77
Max#: 100
Created: 20 - Nov - 2013
Guild Level: 15

Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Violent.png Wrath 5/5 Awakening Gauge Recovery (when attacked) 20%.
GSI Balanced.png Balanced Physique 5/5 Magic Defense Increase by 50 and Physical Attack Increase by 100.
GSI Concentrate.png Concentration 5/5 Mana Recovery increase (when attacked) by 50%.
GSI herosacri.png Hero's Sacrifice 5/5 Party Member HP Recover Amount Dungeon by 30% and PvP by 15%.
GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery 3/5 Total HP recovery (of damage) by 120%, Chance of Occurring by 3%.

Guild Master & Administrators

Guild Master:

Rank Class IGN Level Focus
RankSSS.png ISNEW.png Leitte Lv75 --


Rank Class IGN Level Focus
RankSSS.png RSNEW.png Ryuoichi Lv80 --
RankSSS.png DENEW.png Diaby Lv80 --
RankSSS.png IPNEW.png ShanaiMikase Lv80 --
RankSSS.png CAvNEW.png Naechi Lv80 --
RankSSS.png VCNEW.png Harugane Lv75 --
RankSSS.png IPNEW.png CannonFist Lv80 --


Rank Class IGN Level Focus
RankSSS.png DWNEW.png Aliicia Lv70 --
RankNull.png CNNEW.png KirinoSan Lv60 --
RankNull.png BHNEW.png Kitshume Lv48 --
RankSSS.png TTNEW.png Firuga Lv80 --
RankSSS.png EMNEW.png ZeedlLingl Lv70 --
RankSSS.png RSNEW.png Benvu Lv80 --
RankSSS.png CBSNEW.png huukha Lv75 --


Rank Class IGN Level Focus
RankSSS.png SDNEW.png Chellestia Lv75 --
RankSSS.png DENEW.png TheHister Lv77 --
RankA.png TTNEW.png YutoSakurai Lv62 --
RankNull.png SDNEW.png Hikyo Lv70 --
RankB.png ISNEW.png Ruiga Lv42 --
RankSSS.png GANEW.png Slyph Lv70 --
RankSSS.png DWNEW.png Nakiami Lv80 --
RankNull.png CBSNEW.png Mikayumi Lv29 --
RankSSS.png TTNEW.png Venipa Lv75 --
RankSSS.png DENEW.png 17K Lv75 --
RankA.png LPNEW.png CrimsonMind Lv52 --
RankSSS.png ISNEW.png ImagineSensei Lv75 --
RankNull.png CAvNEW.png Zhalkief Lv65 --
RankNull.png AANEW.png Lannia Lv37 --
RankNull.png LKNEW.png TrynKnight Lv75 --