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Unite and Fall Together


HolyFalls (HF) is Elsword Indonesian Guild founded by Putu47 together with andrina and rimkusJR (former administrator in ShadowArtOnline Guild)

Founded : 08-04-2014

Capacity : 150


1.Member who off more than 55 days will kicked except asked permission to GM or administrator

2.Chat politely

3.Bring the guild's good name both in dungeon and pvp

4. If there are problems, confusion, about games like dungeons, pvp, etc, do not be shy to ask gm, administrator, or other member

5. Admins can raises member's rank to Officer if his/her level reach 40

6. Guild Master can raises member's rank to Administrator if his/her trusted by GM and other admin, and loyal to this guild.

7. Have fun


Guild Master:

Class IGN Level Description
Icon - Rage Hearts.png rimkusJR Lv99 Guild's Founder


Class IGN Level Description
Icon - Furious Blade.png Putu47 Lv 99 Guild's Founder and Former Guild Master before rimkusJR
Icon - Anemos.png andrina Lv99 Guild's Founder
LKTransNEW.png agus77 Lv99 Legend in this guild
Icon - Rune Master.png akayoi Lv99 5th Admin, We Called her "akachan"
OptTransNEW.png NeedFun Lv 99 Same owner with Senomophune / wunschen, 6th admin.


Class IGN Level Description
Icon - Eternity Winner.png RishaSegira Lv99 Hihi
Icon - Daybreaker.png Ifiya Lv99 --
Icon - Herrscher.png Raniery Lv99 --
Icon - Nisha Labyrinth.png Rashica Lv99 --
Icon - Nova Imperator.png sasoriza Lv99 Back To Normal Person
Icon - Diangelion (Iblis).png Syrty Lv99 --
Icon - Herrscher.png yungsuk Lv99 --
DCTransNEW.png DeadlyForce Lv99 Same owner with Putu47
NBTransNEW.png Chyriel Lv99 New member, but actually She is a former administrator in this guild (Stavia/Sharo ,4th admin)
Icon - Knight Emperor.png Antonkun Lv99 Bukan Waktunya Menyerah
VCTransNEW.png KingCrowZero Lv99 jirave's friend. Always dungeon together with Putu47 and jirave
ISNEW.png NorueArn Lv77 Old member and girl in real life, but she is temporary retirement now
BHTransNEW.png MajoSakai Lv99 akayoi's rival.
RSNEW.png Vraekor Lv80 Old member, Mayushu's friend
EMTransNEW.png jirave Lv99 a person who helped Putu47 find the "Oath of Ruin" title
Icon - Devi.png SakraGreina Lv99 ====GUS====
BMNEW.png pengembala14 Lv93 --
GMNEW.png Mayushu Lv80 Aka "Rin"
BMTransNEW.png Buddytay Lv94 Aka "Michu". Tes tes tes
GATransNEW.png IsuzuChaan Lv93 Sometimes become naughty....
CrATransNEW.png RLelesis Lv99 --
CrRTransNEW.png LadyErise Lv99 a person who always heroic dongeon
Icon - Black Massacre.png StromDarknes Lv99 Nice person,and need Aqua
FYTransNEW.png FreijaGirls Lv 99 Makan Mhanx!/ Eat Brotha!
VCTransNEW.png UNICdestroy Lv 94 Wan't to change Nickname
NBTransNEW.png KonjikiYuuki Lv99 More strong
BHTransNEW.png DarkCrim22 Lv99 --
VPNEW.png ryuu13 Lv70 --

Former Members (more contributed than other members):

Class IGN Description
CBSNEW.png Stavia Former Administrator
SDNEW.png Sharo Former Administrator
TTNEW.png Senomophune/wunschen 6th admin, one of "Big recruitment of HolyFalls"
ISNEW.png YuuShenpai one of "Big recruitment of HolyFalls"
Icon - Rena.png FalisHaQueen first recruitment of HF
VPNEW.png Yukigloomwoo Putu47's old friend
EMNEW.png Nikohoshi Putu47's old friend
BMNEW.png KAZE6 Putu47's old friend
RSNEW.png krist/stian rimkusJR and andrina's old friend
CrATransNEW.png ZEROXWING 7th admin, Former Administrator.

Social Media

Group fb : HolyFalls

Contact Person :

Thu Ekha Suparnatha / Putu47

Ngurah Ade Maha / rimkusJR


Putu47 and rimkusJR are dungeon's elite duet in this guild.

Putu47 once became a Veteran Commander before finally becoming a Blade Master again (Putu47's real job is Blade Master)

rimkusJR is lazy to dungeon, except event is available

agus77 is oldest member in real life (27 years old), so we called him Legend

Many member in HolyFalls from Bali, Indonesia such as Putu47, rimkusJR, andrina, agus77, and akayoi

Chyriel has same owner with Stavia and Sharo

Senomophune is Stavia and Sharo rival. Sometimes they're party together against Secret Dungeon, until them called elite duo from Putu47 and rimkusJR.

wunschen means "wish" in German. After Senomophune left guild, he rename to it because he wished "I'll come back to this guild again". After a year, he comes back to guild with new character, NeedFun.

andrina and akayoi are couple, but they never wedding :v



In HFST (HolyFalls Special Training), rimkusJR and Ezakiya (Putu47) try to find a strange at Hope Bridge Arena