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We Are Not Perfect, But We Are Different


IRIDESCENT Established by HHS on July 5th, 2014 . The Members of this guild comes from different countries (around the world). They has a different characteristic just like : Spoiled (._.?), Shier ( >///< ), Freak ( o.O ), Funniest ( :D ), Humble ( _._), Honest ( >.< ), Patient (too calm) ( ^.^ ), etc.


Members : 100
Max : 100
Established : July 5th, 2014
Guild Level : 14

Iridescent Members

Guild Master

Guild Master:
PVP Ereda Best SS Class IGN Level Favorite Quote
RankS.png RankS2.png
CMNEW.png HHS Lv.85 When You Tried Then You Lose Its Better Than You Lose Without Tried.


PVP Ereda Best SS Class IGN Level Favorite Quote
RankS.png RankC2.png File:.png GANEW.png BindYourLove Lv.84 Love Is All About Making Chooise Always Do Your Best For Your Right One And Always Do Your Best To Learn From The Wrong One.
RankSS.png RankS2.png File:.png BMNEW.png ExtremeRaven Lv.85
RankS.png File:.png
CAvNEW.png Junko5 Lv.85 We can not change the past, but we can start a new chapter with a Happy Ending!
RankS.png File:.png File:.png CNNEW.png OniCharlton Lv.85

Note : How To Be Came Administrator :

  1. Reach Level 85
  2. Win Survival Match (3 Kills) Between You And BindYourLove or FrostShadow
  3. For More Information Contact BindYourlove or HHS


PVP Ereda Best SS Class IGN Level Favorite Quote
RankA.png File:.png File:.png RSNEW.png 1264unknow Lv.85
RankB.png File:.png File:.png DENEW.png AlvieJr Lv.55 Everyday is another chance to change your life!
RankA.png File:.png File:.png GMNEW.png Cedra Lv.80
RankA.png File:.png File:.png CBSNEW.png CytusCool Lv.75
RankB.png File:.png File:.png RSNEW.png DarkFighters Lv.75 I Will Learn Anything From My Experience.
RankA.png File:.png File:.png LPNEW.png Fushiyata Lv.80
RankA.png File:.png File:.png WSNEW.png GArcher69 Lv.55 Love yourself!
RankA.png File:.png File:.png OptNEW.png iRoseOptimus Lv.65
RankA.png File:.png File:.png BMNEW.png Junko1 Lv.50 My life isn't perfect, but i am grateful for everyone and everything i do have.
RankS.png File:.png File:.png SDNEW.png JunKyn Lv.70 Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are!
RankA.png File:.png File:.png NBNEW.png KimSoekJin Lv.50
RankA.png File:.png File:.png SDNEW.png loviee Lv.55
RankA.png File:.png File:.png MMNEW.png MikiluvMM Lv.85
RankA.png File:.png File:.png CrRNEW.png MiliC Lv.50 Be with someone who make you laugh when you don't even want to smile!
RankA.png File:.png File:.png GANEW.png Quiversheath Lv.70
RankA.png File:.png File:.png RSNEW.png ReEnder Lv.45
RankA.png File:.png
DENEW.png SpellMader Lv.83 Everything is gonna be daijoubu <3
RankA.png File:.png File:.png OptNEW.png TigerXKO Lv.55
RankA.png File:.png File:.png OptNEW.png TokuHime Lv.50
RankA.png File:.png File:.png DLNEW.png TwinHero22 Lv.75
RankA.png File:.png File:.png CrRNEW.png Wiltscatter Lv.57
RankA.png File:.png File:.png YRNEW.png xLittleMieou Lv.75

Iridescent Gallery

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  • Iridescent Images(old) By MikiluvMM. Check it on Gallery
  • Some of Members has an account in Elsword ( NA server ).
  • Iridescent old name is "2Frozen2".
  • Only Characters With 2nd Job Will Be Listed Here.
  • Free to talk or chat with your nations language ( Use English If They Didn't Understand With What You Say ).