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Guild Leader : KosakaHonoka
Previously Known As : OtakuzUnite and AnimeKoi/Hikimetics
Co-Founder/s : Kot0riMinami , Kisky (Hikimetics)
Garena Clan ID : 884313

Hikimetics Logo made by Makiavel

History and Information

Establishment of AnimeKoi

On a day in November 2013, a Lord Knight with the IGN of "Hakeru" decided to make a guild named AnimeKoi. This guild symbolizes the love for Japanese Animation. But, there was a RF that was AnimeKoi's Co-Founder. He was a close friend of Hakeru, his name was "Kisky". After establishing the guild they scouted for fellow Otakus. The ones they found became loyal and are still a part of Hakeru's guild.

After some months, AnimeKoi grew and grew until It was placed in the Hot Guilds. AnimeKoi's reputation increased twofold. But, that's not all. Hakeru achieved the Top 6 Rank in the Match Rankings. Soon after that, The Rankers started to join AnimeKoi. That was the golden era of the guild.

But, It didn't last long there were some conflicts inside and outside the guild which tore the guild apart. It wasn't long until AnimeKoi was slowly becoming extinct. Hakeru decided to change It's name to "Hikimetics". But, It did nothing. Hakeru had only little hope for his guild.

Establishment of OtakuzUnite

During October 18th, 2013, an EM named "Zaphkiel" had an idea to create a guild for Otakus. He named this guild OtakuzUnite abbreviated as OzU. During the early days of OtakuzUnite, Zaphkiel found members named Democles, ZeroLouise, GDragon, Ianboy, and Kyouske. These members were the 1st Generation of OtakuzUnite. They spent quality time together in-game and on the chat.

They always used the terms "NGR" and "FGT", Which they thought was funny. After some months, OtakuzUnite recruited more members. Like, NikishinMaki and Fiya. That's not all that happened. Zaphkiel met a Guildmaster of another Otaku guild named "AnimeKoi". They got along so quickly that they decided to form an alliance with each other

Just like AnimeKoi, the golden era didn't last long at all. There were also conflicts in OtakuzUnite which made the members drift apart from each other. And just like Hakeru, Zaphkiel lost hope in his guild. The guild died slowly, It was forgotten like passer-by on the street.

Birth of a New Hope

After the two Guildmasters abandoned their own guilds, they found something amazing. They found the Anime "Love Live School Idol Project". They discovered that they had the same interest in it. So with that, they decided to make a guild about it. They named it "LoveLive".

Some of AnimeKoi's and OtakuzUnite's members migrated to the new guild, Some of the members had their IGNs based off the characters in Love Live. This establishment became a new beam of hope for the 2 friends. LoveLive isn't a big guild currently, but they have decent members who'll make you laugh and make you feel at home.


LoveLive Objectives

LoveLive's Vision

LoveLive envisions to produce well-trained and well-taught young men and women who will take responsibilities for their actions and who will commit their loyalty, dedication, and hard work in saving the guild from disbandment.

We vision our students being full-time idols who inspire young souls to aspire to become one also. But, envisioning our students as idols is not all. We vision them as warriors who will fight for justice in Elrios, warriors who will protect humanity from Evil Nasods, Demons, and other antagonistic beings.

We see the best in our members, because they are Family.

Notable Members

Present Guild

Members who are notable throughout the AK, OzU, and LL guilds.

Abbreviation AK OzU LL
Meaning AnimeKoi(Hikimetics) OtakuzUnite LoveLive

Rank Class IGN Title Status Guilds
RankStar.png CAvNEW.pngLKNEW.png KosakaHonoka/Hakeru Honoka's Husband Active AK and LL
RankStar.png CAvNEW.pngEMNEW.png Kot0riMinami/Zaphkiel Mamita Active LL and OzU
RankSSS.png SDNEW.png AraOnodera Elrios Idol Active LL
RankSS.png RFNEW.png Kisky Reckless Fiesta Active AK and LL
RankSSS.png VPNEW.pngIPNEW.png TojoNozomi/Verdeheile Disconnection Lord Active AK and LL
RankA.png EMNEW.pngCAvNEW.png NicoYazawa/KrulTepes Rich Kid V.1 Active AK and LL
RankSSS.png ISNEW.pngCAvNEW.png Ragna0011/xElsa Treasure Hunter Active AK and LL
RankSS.png DWNEW.pngEMNEW.png ShoujouRaiha/YaMuRaiHa99 Aisha Lover Retired AK
RankS.png ISNEW.png gearBox Poorly Rich Phoenix AK and LL
RankSSS.png WSNEW.png Taiah Ordinary Guy Retired AK
RankSSS.png CBSNEW.png Koffing Waifu Unknown AK
RankSSS.png CBSNEW.pngMMNEW.png Fiya/Shibi Administrator Active LL and OzU
RankSS.png GANEW.png xXMisazuneXx The Oneechan Semi-Active AK and LL
RankSSS.png CAvNEW.pngWSNEW.png NishikinMaki/AmaneSuou Snobber Active LL and OzU
RankSSS.png EMNEW.pngGANEW.pngDWNEW.png KoizumiYui/Kerupi/MeatBun Cute/Grammar Nazi*/Nigey Active AK and LL
RankSSS.png RSNEW.png ElswordKun Fail Lord Retired AK
RankSSS.png BMNEW.pngWSNEW.png Rasengan/Midknyta Megaphone Semi-Active AK and LL
RankSSS.png DWNEW.png Essence Lolicon Active AK
RankSS.png CMNEW.pngISNEW.png UmiSonodah/BrunoMarsh Rich Kid V.2 Active LL
RankSSS.png RFNEW.png Ianboy NgrFgt Active LL and OzU
RankSSS.png RSNEW.png KiritoBlade New Comer Active AK
RankSS.png DENEW.png Jinshiro Warfreak Active LL
RankSSS.png DWNEW.png KaoruMina Harlot Sadist Active AK

Former Members

Rank Class IGN Title Status Guilds
RankSSS.png WSNEW.png Sphyl 3v3 Lord Unknown ???
RankSS.png VCNEW.png Kamidochi Dochi~Dochi~ Active GodsOfDeath
RankSalt.png RSNEW.png angelcode00 Salt Producer Quit ???
RankSSS.png CMNEW.png Weekoo Dah Empress Active GodsOfDeath
RankSSS.png RSNEW.png Bye Poo Knight Quit ???
RankSS.png DWNEW.png Aishaiah Promise Breaker Semi-Active LuxuriousFaction
RankSSS.png EMNEW.png vChii 3v3 Lord V.2 Quit ???

Rules and Regulations

You will be always remembered from the rules you've broken

Rule 1 - "Illegal Hacks"
Exploiting any illegal third party programs like sites that is a gives away your account info and the like is unacceptable in this guild. You will automatically be kicked from the guild plus your name will be known to ALL players.

Rule 2 - "Trust"
Guild members are expected to exhibit trustworthiness in the guild. Have faith in any of the members, they won't do anything rash to you. If you do not trust a guild member you and the member will be forced to spend time with each other in order to improve your relationship.

Rule 3 - "Respect"
Respect all members, high ranks and low ranks. You can make jokes about others, but don't take it too personally. Don't harass nor verbally abuse someone in the guild.

Rule 4 - "Loyalty"
Be loyal to this guild. If you guild hop, we will not accept you again. And please don't use any alternate characters to join.

Rule 5 - "Abuse of Privilege"
Don't ever abuse your position in the guild. If you're an Administrator don't toy with the other members' ranks. If you're Officer or Veteran, don't abuse it. Administrators will give the proper sanction for abusing your position

Rule 6 - "Keep the Guildname clean"
If you do any crazy things that'll affect the guild's reputation, We'll have to remove you from the guild. But you are given a warning on the first time.

Rule 7 "Maintain your reputation"
You must keep a good reputation to the community. It will give LoveLive a good image to the other players. If someone is being bashed, we will have to hold a meeting regarding the member.


  • Kot0riMinami hates incest. Especially Elsword X Elesis.
  • AraOnodera is the Papa of the guild.
  • Kot0riMinami is formerly the Best BH PH. The title was self-proclaimed.
  • Democles a loyal member of OtakuzUnite, is currently at OJT.
  • An Aisha named Essence is the one left in Hikimetics.
  • During Chung's Update in the Philippines, there was a guild named KeruKoi. It is now currently dead.
  • OtakuzUnite's VP Mascot is ZeroLouise
  • There is a member in OtakuzUnite named Ianboy, he has characters that has the prefix Ianboy then a class abbreviation.
  • During the early days of OtakuzUnite, NicoYazawa would ship Rasengan and Zaphkiel.
  • There was a DW in AnimeKoi named AishachanxD who had a bad reputation because s/he always AFKed in Henir.
  • Before LoveLive was established, Hakeru had a Madoka fetish.
  • Zaphkiel has a strong fetish for Elesis.
  • KosakaHonoka's trademark is "Honk"
    • He is also known as Lee Min Honk
      • A member in LoveLive also called him The Automobile Horn
  • Costplay turns KosakaHonoka on.
  • There is a yearly occasion where guild members would make fun of Zaphkiel. It was called Zaph Day
  • Essence calls Makiavel Kai Nijuuri because of his eccentric personality.
  • Verdeheile the IP of the Guild, despite making his IP his current main he is still being called Asia because his old main's name was AshiaArgento
  • vChii is presumably [GG] Chii a current Administrator of Elsword Philippines
  • Hakeru is a very good singer
    • Though, his voice is deafening at some points
  • gearBox is currently in MSI
  • kyouske321 was bestowed Fap God by LL,AK and OzU due to the reason that he always like to fap and talking about fappy things
    • Ianboy calls him Fgt God
  • Verdeheile is commonly referred to as Geyan due to NishikinMaki piloting his account and saying he was gay.
    • But it is not yet confirmed whether Verdeheile is homosexual or not.
    • NicoYazawa actually started the Geyan trend but, everyone was using Gii-yan so to shorten it they changed it to Geyan
  • Ianboy has many characters with IGNs that has Ianboy at the start of it.
  • ElswordKun likes Nishikin Maki. He is currently fighting his love for her.
  • If you diss lolis, Essence will argue with you.
    • He is against the ALA; Anti Loli Association
  • Kot0riMinami wasn't given a gift or greeting on Mother's Day, Even though he is called Mamita
  • It is unknown whether KoizumiYui is a guy or a girl.
    • Verdeheile assumes s/he is transgender.
  • Makiavel is a spy on different guilds.
  • During Sparring, Makiavel met Jinshiro and discovered that he liked Nico Yazawa.
    • Makiavel thought he was mentioning the NicoYazawa Aisha.
  • Makiavel likes spamming Airelinna - Nymph in Sparring.
    • Jinshiro supports him with Seal of Time to create more Airelinnas
  • NicoYazawa is a guild jumper.
    • He is currently in ScanDOLL
  • Essence got the Nico Yazawa Curse meaning Essence got unstable net like NicoYazawa