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[Noblesse Oblige]


The guild was originaly founded by Jadey and Kirit in August 2011. Since then the guild grew a lot, new members new experiences and a lot of funny moments~ Currently Noblesses leader is PurpleLove while sharing the lead with Jadey and Kirit. The unique trait that our guild has is that it's the biggest English speaking community in the German Elsword.

Admins and some of our "famous" members

Mu13 the EDholic

What to say about him except that he is a big EDholic and the best money maker in our guild atm. Helping others isn't anything new either. For all i know he did more runs for others then for him. Main chars: Mu13 Ragna179 and SwordMadness All I can say is he is truly a happy Russian

Xai the Raven lover

One reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally old member of Noblesse. Famous for his constant Boss Drops. He rapes through bosses more than its healthy. A big pro in Raven PVE he can teach you a lot and get through dungs way too fast Main char Bakusaijin and his dead Xai Touch everything but not his internet. BE WARNED!

Cat the Pet

This is truly our guild pet. It just loves to purrr. He is quite a jolly guy and can make you laugh 24/7. He mostly likes to troll around and do some dungs occasionally. We saved him 10000 of times of committing "Sudoku" Main chars : Godoka and Irinessa

Vibrant the PVP god

If you want to pvp better don't come across his chars... it won't end pretty. But otherwise he is madly in love with one of our guild members~ Noblesse connecting people since 2011~ Main chars: Vibrant Rebound Vue Devnul and MONSTERCAT You better don't come across him or he will "Fifi" slap you!

Mayumayu the fancy boy

This is truly a fancy boy. Even his combos are fancy. Not to talk about his movement... His finngers are godly... Women watch out~ If anybody can master a char and teach you this is deffinetly the guy But dont expect him to go easy on you... IT WILL HURT Main problem is that he gets enough of a char tooo fast. Main char Aincrad His main goal is to make us fancy