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RebelFaction is a relatively small guild established August 15, 2014. It is run by a Crimson Rose by the name of Damatte. She is an introvert however and will not converse very often, but will help if she is able to.

Rules and Regulations

There aren't many rules to abide by within RF, outside of the default averages:

1. Do not cause unnecessary conflicts within the ranks.

2. Do not rape other members no matter how much you [may] like them.

3. Do not scam members or anyone outside for any reason.

4. Help other members if you are free to do so and do not hesitate to ask for help.

5. Just be yourself. Introvert or extrovert. We can come to an understanding through simple talks.

6. Punishments for any form of misconduct within the guild will range from temporary removal of permissions (relabeled as Initiate or Member for up to a week) all the way to outright expulsion including any possible alternative characters within the guild.

7. Do not fill the Guild Chest with trash gear. Please sell it to vendors instead.

8. If you know you will be gone for 70-90+ days, please let someone know to inform an admin or the GM or else you will be at risk to be removed for spacing purposes.

Official Ranks

All members and recruits are assigned to the rank of Officer by default. This rank changes depending on behavior and overall trustworthiness judged by other members and personal review by the GM or any Admins.


Damatte (Owner)

Feisubureika (Owner, alt)

TwinStepper (Owner, alt)

ShadowLua (Owner, alt)

Morinoseirei (Owner, alt)

ExplungedFox (Admin)











Guild Skills

(In process to be changed)

Alchemy Specialist 5/5

Concentrated Mana 1/5

Harmonious Spirit 1/5

Balanced Physique 3/5