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Remnants Guild Information

Guild Master: Lexhander
Members: 100
Max#: 100
Created: 2014/1/24
Guild Level: 15

Remnants History


Remnants Rules


  • This guild accepts any kind of species : girls, boys, transgenders, boy pretends as girl and vice versa, yuri lovers, yaoi lovers, perverts, aliens, animals, weaboos, otaku, introverts, etc.
  • SAY NO TO : Scammer, swindler, any other things that may harm the guild.
  • Friendly trash talking is allowed as long it doesn't offend anyone else in the guild.
  • Respect other fellow members of Remnants as well as to anyone else outside of the guild.

Against Guild Rules

  • 1st Offense : Warning
  • 2nd Offense : demote your rank into Initiate
  • 3rd Offense : Say good bye to this guild~

Guild Ranks

  • Administrator : it will be select by GM and some admins tho (depend on condition)
  • Officer : when you're reach level 85
  • Veteran : for your level's character below level 85
  • Initiate : for members who's against guild rules

Special Rules

  • Don't get too upset, annoyed or emotional whenever you felt like being ignored on guild. For example like if you wanted to ask something in guild chat or whatever. Because each members has their own personal life so they may have things to do and left their character AFK-ing in game. So if no one answers its better to just keep calm and wait patiently for a reply.

Remnants Requirements

  • for now, you must be level 85 (because "level - boosted" character is no noo)
  • accepting any class
  • main character (it doesn't matter if you have mutual character, as long as your main in this guild lawl~)
  • geared, has Ice Burner's set, have a good / rare title is a plus
  • must have facebook account
  • and lastly, you must live on earth and serves the legendary waifu ('-'

Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Harmonic.png Harmonious Spirit 5/5 Physical Defense Increase by 50 Magic Attack Increaseby 100%.
GSI Balanced.png Balanced Physique 5/5 Magic Defense Increase by 50 and Physical Attack Increase by 100.
GSI MasterAlch.png Alchemy Specialist 5/5 Recovery Effect Increase (from potions, food, dungeons)) by 25%.
GSI MagicConcen.png Concentrated Mana 2/5 Mana Recovery increase (when attacking) by 2%.
GSI Revchance.png Critical Counter 1/5 Get Critical buff and You must evade an attack or your opponent evades your attack.
GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery 2/5 Total HP recovery (of damage) by 120%, Chance of Occurring by 2%.


Remnants Members

Guild Master:

Rank Class IGN Level Quotes
RankNull.png DemTransNEW.pngDiaTransNEW.png Lexhander Lv.85 Lexavetta's Future Husband~


Rank Class IGN Level Quotes
RankNull.png CBSTransNEW.png Lexavetta Lv.85 Lexhander's Future wifey~
RankSS.png SDTransNEW.png Fuyakune Lv.85
RankSSS.png VCTransNEW.png Ragnaclock Lv.85 Any idiotic behavior would be punished.
RankA.png CNTransNEW.png Chiyuki Lv.85 Nyao~! ♥
RankS.png GrMTransNEW.png Lefiene Lv.85 -
RankA.png VPTransNEW.png VoidSnow Lv.85 -
RankNull.png CEmTransNEW.png YutyLa Lv.85 -
RankSSS.png ASTransNEW.png HanikoLove Lv.85 "Kill, Kill, and Kill Again, Probably I'll Meet You Someday"
RankSS.png BMTransNEW.png Matahary Lv.85 -
RankSS.png YRTransNEW.png Matsumiyoko Lv.85 Sukinanode/好きなので ~


Rank Class IGN Level Quotes
RankSS.png DWTransNEW.png Alice3rd Lv.85 Cosplay Power ~~
RankA.png BHTransNEW.png Alxie Lv.85 --
RankS.png ISTransNEW.png HellowenLowe Lv.85 Pin BBM : 2BD08B88
RankSS.png GATransNEW.png AzuMikaa Lv.85 --
RankSS.png ASTransNEW.png ChaChaMikaa Lv.85 --
RankSSS.png BMTransNEW.png CrispyMocha Lv.85 --
RankSSS.png RSTransNEW.png Jayzey Lv.85 "If you Love someone..... Dont let her go to waste.... Just Show her the world that she never had seen before!"
RankSSS.png CNTransNEW.png Lindzey Lv.85 "Live What You Love"
RankNull.png VCTransNEW.png GusTaft Lv.85 --
RankSS.png RFTransNEW.png HazamaKenji Lv.85 "Einz Volk, Einz Reich, Einz Fuhrer"
RankNull.png EMTransNEW.png Avrilana Lv.85 --
RankNull.png RFTransNEW.png Akafusha Lv.85 --
RankA.png RSTransNEW.png Shuuzo Lv.85 Event Hunter
RankSS.png RSTransNEW.png CloraMan Lv.85 One broken Dreams Is not the end of everything
RankS.png Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png ParaCettamol Lv.85 Ga ada :v
RankA.png VPTransNEW.png Jooana Lv.85
RankSS.png RFTransNEW.png Rengo Lv.85 Remnants ♥
RankSS.png MMTransNEW.png Aiikawa Lv.85 --
RankNull.png LKTransNEW.png qsuxe Lv.85 Masalah besok kuserahkan pada diriku yang besok (OPM)
RankA.png Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png Luczhiouz Lv.85 --
RankSS.png BHTransNEW.png Mardianta Lv.85 Immortal Fire
RankNull.png ChATransNEW.pngDLTransNEW.png Noblezze Lv.85 "Ciel is Love. Ciel is Life ♥ " -*gelindingan*


Rank Class IGN Level Quotes
RankNull.png NBTransNEW.pngRGTransNEW.png Eincarna Lv65 --
RankNull.png DWTransNEW.png Christierra Lv75 --

Social Media

Remnants Facebook Group