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We are (forever) Rookies★

Guild Icon.png About

The guild was created by a random girl and a random guy after they were kicked from their previous guild for no reason back in Indonesia (ID) server. There, they began their journey with just two of them, and finally got their guild into level 15. They met several new people like beautiful forever Void Princess, trash Reckless Fist, and trash Rune Slayer from Reaper title grinding and the guild continues to grow up until now. The name Rookies was chosen because we tend to stay low and don't want to claim ourselves as a big or pro guild even though some of our members are scary when it comes to play the mode he/she excel at.

Guild Icon.png Information

  • Server: International (INT)
  • Level: 15
  • Created: Jan 16th, 2013
  • Focus: Social, PVE
  • Members: 85/100
  • Main Language: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Guild Hangout: Lanox Village/Charming Geyser - Feita 1

How to Become a Member

  1. You have to be an Indonesian or speak Bahasa (or don't mind being in the middle of people speaks Bahasa).
  2. Is an active Elsword player at least level 50.
  3. Is friendly and have a good attitude.
  4. Is a good listener and willing to learn when taught by others.
  5. Has self-discipline and understands that not everyone will carry you on low-leveled dungeons.
  6. No bad records on game such as cheating, scam, stealing other guild's goods, etc.
  7. Can bear with Guild Master's corny jokes and memes.

- Recruitment can be done by applying via board or PM-ing the Guild Master/Administrators listed below.
- Initiate status lasts about three (3) days before changing to member.
- Inactivity for more than 100 days without prior notice will make you expelled from the guild.

Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI Balanced.png Balanced Physique 5 Increase Physical Attack Power by 100 and Magical Defense Power by 50.
GSI Harmonic.png Harmonious Spirit 5 Increase Magical Attack Power by 100 and Physical Defense Power by 50.
GSI MasterAlch.png Alchemy Specialist 5 Increase the effect of potions, foods, and dungeon recovery items by 25%.
GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery 5 Replenishes HP when hit by enemy. (Total Max HP 30%).
Adds 5% chance to heal 100% of the damage recieved over time.
The maximum heal will not exceed for more than 30% of your total HP.
(This effect can trigger once every 3 seconds).

Guild Icon.png The Guild

Click each table title to sort them by alphabet in the each table section.

Guild Master

You can be a Guild Master, replacing the current one, by coup d'état-ing her.

Nickname Class Level Guild message Note Focus
Eldelritte BHTransNEW.png Blazing Heart 99 Tang Tang Tang Fingertip★ Guild's beloved GM...? Lurking
Provides IM Service


These are people who are pro on bullying the Guild Master.

Nickname Class Level Guild message Note Focus
Claviculla EMTransNEW.png Elemental Master 93 Majik Missail! Bang Toyib PVP
Kinya VPTransNEW.png Void Princess This is the meteor you ordered★ Buffer★ Lurking
SurfSword RSTransNEW.png Rune Slayer Outta My System...So Weird Trash PVE
Vigarde VCTransNEW.png Veteran Commander Birbs rain from AAAHHHHH Birb dad, Eldelritte's former couple PVE


You can be an Officer by... I don't know, by making the Guild Master liking you probably.

Nickname Class Level Guild message Note Focus
Aluina GATransNEW.png Grand Archer 99 Shota Destiny Your graphic frame destroyer PVE
Arvain LKTransNEW.png Lord Knight - Kinya's waifu
Fissure IPTransNEW.png Iron Paladin Screams too much
Hereil RSTransNEW.png Rune Slayer - Nerfed Rune Slayer
Luzten Icon - Erbluhen Emotion (Trans).png Erbluhen Emotion Butt round melon~ Healer by day, Idol by night
Lutherweis BMTransNEW.png Blade Master - Eldelritte's waifu
"RF was a mistake"
Mafu ASTransNEW.png Asura Deco's husbando
(Self proclaimed) cutest Ara
Myoe ArTTransNEW.png Arme Thaumaturgy Goddess Ishmael keeps my ahoge chill. Kinya's first male character


You can be a Veteran by Transcending your character and reach level 99.

Nickname Class Level Guild message Note
Airetta CNTransNEW.png Code: Nemesis 99 HELLO WORLD, FULL GENERATE MODE START Job changed
Clauzana CrATransNEW.png Crimson Avenger -
Declinque BMTransNEW.png Blade Master
Eldelrione GrMTransNEW.png Grand Master
Heriel APTransNEW.png Apostasia
Kyujou BMTransNEW.png Blade Master
Lykke BHTransNEW.png Blazing Heart
Meonge NBTransNEW.png Noblesse
PainBack DLTransNEW.png Dreadlord
Scahatch DLTransNEW.png Dreadlord
Seraphino LPTransNEW.png Lunatic Psyker
Warre ASTransNEW.png Asura


Members of the guild ranged from Lv 70~99.

Nickname Class Level Guild message/Note(s)
Aeolian DWTransNEW.png Dimension Witch 93 -
Altherism MMTransNEW.png Mastermind 92
AoKigiku TTNEW.png Tactical Trooper 80
Araen SDTransNEW.png Sakra Devanam 95 Eun ga waga teki wo kurae!
BabyBlueEyez FYNEW.png Freyja 75 -
Calstia FYNEW.png Freyja 99
Cenya EMTransNEW.png Elemental Master 91 Furosto ecchi
CLIRIarch VPNEW.png Void Princess 83 -
Deadhands DLNEW.png Dreadlord 89
Drosophila DemNEW.png Demonio 80
Durenda GANEW.png Grand Archer 72
Einzelheit RFTransNEW.png Reckless Fist 93 Giga Doriru Bureikaaa!
Eldelreine CrATransNEW.png Crimson Avenger 95 -
Eruforte FYNEW.png Freyja 85
Erysca EMNEW.png Elemental Master 80 >.<
FuShin LPNEW.png Lunatic Psyker 80 -
Klaviere GANEW.png Grand Archer 85
Krezuel RFNEW.png Reckless Fist 92
EsplTracer DENEW.png Diabolic Esper 78
Ionian VPNEW.png Void Princess 80
IronSaber BHTransNEW.png Blazing Heart 87
Leggiero WSNEW.png Wind Sneaker 74 *epic drum rolls*
Loredeo CrRTransNEW.png Crimson Rose 91 -
Mukyto BMTransNEW.png Blade Master 93 I'm a professional lolicon, don't call police.
Munya DWTransNEW.png Dimension Witch 98 -
Myxolydian CMNEW.png Code: Empress 85 Overcharge Link: Thunderbolt!
Naclaive LKTransNEW.png Lord Knight 95 I'm tired of being nerfed
Nekovoid DETransNEW.png Diabolic Esper 96 Nyan >:3
Nieie DCNEW.png Deadly Chaser 75 -
Ohamari GATransNEW.png Grand Archer 90 Bewbs or Butts? Bewtts
Qualizer DCTransNEW.png Deadly Chaser 95 Sharp Shota Syndrome
RedOls LKNEW.png Lord Knight 81 -
Sekijuji CAvNEW.png Crimson Avenger 70
Serakuro CBSNEW.png Code: Battle Seraph 81
Sugata20 IPTransNEW.png Iron Paladin 88
Terakia ISTransNEW.png Infinity Sword 96 Problem Child!
Xelos ISNEW.png Infinity Sword 87 -
YukieNagato CBSNEW.png Code: Battle Seraph 86
YunokiRina DWTransNEW.png Dimension Witch 96


Member who does not even qualified to join the guild officially but still taken in (under lv 70).

Nickname Class Level Guild message/Note(s)
ChoiLuciel NBNEW.png Noblesse 50 Totally not related to that Luciel I swear
Muckle TTNEW.png Tactical Trooper 47 -
Ralletando ArTNEW.png Arme Thaumaturgy 54 -
Sheriel DMNEW.png Dark Mage 40 -
Eldelriette Icon - Elesis.png Free Knight 20 GM who loves Elesis very much that she made a base job Elesis


Characters with different roles other than doing PVE/PVP.

Nickname Class Level Roles
Eskethan NBNEW.png Noblesse 71 Bank
Hearthy CAvNEW.png Crimson Avenger 53 Bank
Huerz ISNEW.png Infinity Sword 65 Bank
Karikina WSNEW.png Wind Sneaker 66 Bank
Leath NWNEW.png Night Watcher 87 Blacksmith
Luckyna CrRNEW.png Crimson Rose 85 Blacksmith
NoCodes4u CNNEW.png Code: Nemesis 77 Alchemist
Petit GMNEW.png Grand Master 51 Bank
Waffu Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png Tactical Trooper 92 Alchemist

Guild Icon.png Trivia

  • The founding members Eldelritte and Claviculla actually reached the guild's level to 15 by themselves.
  • The guild lacks of (active) character who can freeze that they rely on members' Miho pet so much, totally not blaming the won't-ever-change-her-job Kinya.
  • Alterasia Type-H from Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area is their favorite punching bag. Its nickname is "Kubis" (meaning Cabbage).
  • Eldelritte and Kinya are active Tumblr users. You can reach them at @war-prelude and @kinyamau respectively totally not self promotion.
  • While it is noted that Vigarde is "Eldelritte's former couple", this character is actually owned by herself (lol) before she met Lutherweis.
  • Kinya claims all Elswords in the guild as her harem.
  • Deco is an AEFT dungeon addict.
  • If you're a good looking Elemental Master, SurfSword will hunts you down.
  • If you see a Raven wearing April Fool's Maid bottom and is topless, it must be Lutherweis.
  • Nekovoid's nickname is often mistaken to be a certain anime fansub.
  • They have a guild at another MMORPG Closers: Dimension Conflict (ID) under name "Cookies" - only 4 of them who play the game though.
  • There's a closed Discord server for those who did enough conversations with the Guild Master and Administrators.
  • Some of the members has been on a meet up on January 2017.