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Guild Icon.png Schneide
Schneide Logo.png
Guild Name Schneide
Guild Level 11
Members 55
Guild Type Social/PvE
Established April 28, 2014
Server Flag-us.png North America
Language English

Guild Icon.png History

Schneide is a guild in the North American server, founded in 2014 by JadeDelquea. It serves as a home for a group of friends and their alts, however anyone is welcomed to join if they wish to. The guild primarily focuses on PvE and social interactions, with the occasional sparring shenanigans.

Guild Icon.png Rules

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Guild Icon.png Guild Skills

Skill Name Level Effect
GSI MasterAlch.png Alchemy Specialist 5/5 Increases the effects of potions, food, and dungeon recovery items by 25%.
GSI Teamcheer.png Comrade's Cheer 5/5 Increases dungeon EXP by 15%.
GSI Revchance.png Critical Counter 1/5 Apply Critical buff at a 3% chance when attacking/attacked.

Guild Icon.png Members

Guild Master

Guild Master
Awakening Cutin - Blade Master (Trans).png
BMTTiny.png JadeDelquea Lv. 99
"I Seeeee Yooouuuuu...."
The creator and leader of Schneide.


VPTTiny.png MelodicMagic Lv. 99
"♪ You'll see, that my mind is too fast for eyes~ ♪"




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Guild Icon.png Trivia

  • Schneide is a German word that translates to "Cutting Edge".