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The original name of our Garena clan was -sweetopia- (clan tag: -swt-) & it was founded by sweetopia-angel (formerly known as amboy001) last February 7, 2009 at Sweetopia Internet & Computer Services Manila branch. On May 27, 2009, the clan was baptized with a new name for simplicity & convenience in searching Garena's database. The symbols were removed both on the clan name & clan tag which resulted on our current clan name: sweetopia (clan tag: swpia). The clan originally had a few members, composed of genuine Garena DotA addicts on our 1st computer shop (in D.Tuazon Quezon City) like sweetopia-memel (formerly known as lovekomemel09), sweetopia-amang (formerly known as amang), sweetopia-yatsu, sweetopia-ralph, sweetopia-jrich, sweetopia-amper (formerly known as kaemote), sweetopia-admin , ecemike, sweetopia-itoy (formerly known as itoy123), sweetopia-ampoy & sweetopia.

Last May 2009 we were granted with our own Garena room with the assistance of Garena Admin Scooby and since then, our clan was never the same. It was sweetopia-otat's creative thinking that lead to the final name of our room: "ALL-STARS SWEETOPIA Dota Room (this room is now renamed to ALL-STARS: SWEETOPIA E-walker Dota Room 01)". With the help of our new but dedicated members: sweetopia-maboo, kapePindot (also known as sweetopia-dyef), sweetopia-yokzz & sweetopia-tata, the clan doubled in size. Our blessings continue to pour with ecemike's support in acquiring & making this website ( last June 7, 2009.

On June 16, 2009, 2 new rooms were granted to us by Garena. 1) "ALL-STARS SWEETOPIA Dota High Level Room". This room is now called "ALL-STARS Sweetopia Malolos Ladder Room 02 2) "ALL-STARS SWEETOPIA Shop to Shop Room". This room is now called ALL-STARS Sweetopia Manila Ladder Room 03 Currently, we have 3 total Garena rooms each with it's unique purpose to serve our 1000+ clan members.

Together with our new online community in Garena & with the never-ending support of our loyal Garena room head admins named Ar_thur & Sweetopia-BMW28, Sweetopia became more popular among dota players here in the Philippines & other countries.

Originally, the clan was intended to unite a small group of DotA players who's passion for the game is exceptional but now we have a larger mission: "Infinite Unity...strength in numbers". This slogan is clearly represented by our clan logo which was originally created by one of the world's most famous graphic artists, Maurits Cornelis Escher. I was inspired & amazed by the ants walking on a Mobius strip (a strip of paper which is twisted and attached at the ends) because even though one ant may be above or below another, they are still actually on the same side of the twisted paper strip! This concept is applicable on our clan because it's a fact that we all have different dota skills. Whether you are on the top or at the bottom, we should realize that as clan members, we are always on the same side just like the ants walking on the mobius strip. Also, ants symbolizes hard-work & unity. Despite the fact that ants are small insects, they can easily overcome any large obstacles because they know that there is always strength in numbers.

Everyone is invited to be a part of our growing family. Join us & don't miss a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be an exclusive member of the largest garena clan in the world

Notable Members

  • 6.jpg BlackSerpent [Guildmaster](Current)
  • Kyla.jpg kylachan [Administrator]
  • AANEW.pngsenzukie [Veteran]
  • CBSNEW.pngEvilSpectra [Member]

Rules and Things to Follow

1. ۩ Be Active

2. ۩ No Hacking, scamming, cheating or handing out/sharing any illegal programs.

3. ۩ Do Not Spam Avoid Foul Words

4. ۩ Respect GuildMaster/Administrators

5. ۩ Always Have fun while playing


Image Rank Name Role Description
6.jpg RankSS.png BlackSerpent Guild Master The Current GuildMaster of Sweetopia Guild in Elrios. A Veteran Commander with too much crit and red damage but almost no evasion.

He has worked his tail off to improve his stats and reach his current rank. He Obtain the "Reaper","Storm Warrior" and Oath of Ruin titles and is currently hunting down other hard to achieve titles. He collects mount though he currently owns Ancient Phoru, Oberon 360, Nightmare, Ascalon, Fox, Nasod Scorpion, Ramiel. Married to kylachan of the same guild. His Real name was " Jason Ivan K. Paguio "

EMNEW.png RankS.png kylachan Administrator She prefer to have a good looking character than having good stats unlike her husband BlackSerpent who prefers good stats rather than good looking accesories or costumes she is very kind and very sweet friendly and loyal. she likes cat's Her Real name was " Kyla Luz Daniel "
AANEW.png RankB.png senzukie Veteran He is quite addicted to the game he likes oppai watching anime he is good at programming and web developing His Real name was " Kenneth S. Ocampo "
CBSNEW.png RankE.png EvilSpectra Member Brother of senzukie most of the time he lags lol xd dunno what to type in here hmm. well gtg bye