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Let us Break forth! Till we reach the Final!

Guild Leader: ShiroMahou
Founded 7.18.14
Max 100

TheFinalOutBreak! A guild who accepts anyone and is/or treated as a family, as long as you don't intend to disrupt this guilds name and its members. Members are treated equally as to others with love, happiness, entertainment ,and so much more! NEW RULE : MUST BE ACTIVE OR WILL BE KICKED LESS THAN 10 DAYS

TheFinalOutBreak! Members

Rank Class IGN Role Description
RankS.png DWNEW.png ShiroMahou Guild Master Ever since the core members of the guild left, she now snobs everyone, not a moe, cheerful loli queen anymore but a lifeless shell that kills people in pvp/pve/sparr for fun. :(
RankSSS.png AANEW.png Yilia Administrator Do-don't get me started about this soul eater..
RankSSS.png YRNEW.png Impurity Administrator Nope! Not this one either!
RankS.png ChiNEW.png iTerror Administrator
RankS.png YRNEW.png Inspecter Ara Administrator
RankS.png GANEW.png NekoTheCat Officer
RankS.png CBSNEW.png DeadlyCharm Officer
RankA.png CNNEW.png Scaneveich Officer



- Some of ShiroMahou's characters are at ---> House of Hades, Kantai Collection