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~ Talkative, active, friendly, helpful, loving, PVE, PVP ~

So guild is here in Elrios since August 12th, 2013 and lv. 15. Possible number of members is 100. Number of members that are currently in the guild, is always changing. Some leave, some join, some get expeld. If you are offline 15 days you will get expeld, unless you inform us that you are going to be absent. Rank in the guild is sorted by this: Veteran - active member, officer - talkative member, administrator - both. There are no rules in the guild, except one - you musn't be mean to others. We have guild event once in a while. Usually some mini games, pvp or so. People in the guild, are practically as my other family. There are girls and boys around my age, that think similar as me, and I wish they never change. They are all unique. They are pretty talkative (mostly at weekends) and active too. Also they like to help each other. More you can find our on our website >w< If you want to join just contact me anyway you like!

IGN: LadyMirai (Guild Master Lv. 70 VP)