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[Special Active: Strength]
[Mod] Dynamo is changed to enter Ultimate Fury mode. When installed, Ultimate Fury will fire lasers forward over a period of time.
DP Using Skill
  • Consumes DP upon use.
  • Only 20% of that DP is consumed while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).
Dynamo Factory Mode
  • Dynamo Factory activation: 30 DP
  • If another mode is already active of not have Dynamo Factory, switched the factory to "Ultimate Fury" mode.
  • Use "Ultimate Fury" if in Ultimate Fury mode.
  • If another mode is already active, the mode will be switched and you will receive 1 Dynamo mutation point.
  • "Ultimate Fury" cost 200 MP.
  • Duration: 30 Seconds
Nasod Armor Command Connection
  • Press Z.png/X.png command button to connect to Nasod Armor Command with Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Dynamo Mutation Point
  • Uses a maximum of 3 Dynamo Mutation Points with Awakening.
  • Increases 5% damage per Dynamo Mutation Point.

(Skill can be used without Mutation Points)


Class Level Required Base Skill
Dominator 99 Install - Ultimate Fury

Skill Information

Mode Plasma Beam (Physical) Max Hits Duration MP Usage DP Usage Cooldown
Hits per Drone Number of Drones
PvE 226% 23 3 5 Seconds 200 MP 30 DP 13 Seconds
PvP 82%

Skill Traits

Critical Install - Ultimate Fury Empowered Install - Ultimate Fury
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect
MP Usage
MP Usage increased to 130%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
260 MP Damage increased to 120%

Total Damage

Mode Regular Transformation: Offensive Mode
Normal DP Mode (3 DMP) Normal DP Mode (3 DMP)
Normal Empowered Normal Empowered Normal Empowered Normal Empowered
PvE 15,594% 18,712.8% 17,933.1% 21,519.72% 18,712.8% 22,455.36% 21,519.72% 25,823.664%
PvP 5,658% 6,789.6% 6,506.7% 7,808.04% 6,223.8% 7,468.56% 7,157.37% 8,588.844%

Related Skills

Mm passive3.jpg Dynamo Factory - Enhanced Transformation Mm passive2.jpg Transformation: Offensive Mode
Lock.gifLv60Book.png Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Expert Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.
MMTrans5.png A.I. Upgrade
Lock.gifForbidden Tome of Secrets II.png Forbidden Secret Manual (II) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Power of Transcendence Skill Quest or Item Mall.

Tips and Details

  • When installing the skill or switching installs, the act will do 256% (128% in PvP) Physical Damage. This has a 3-second cooldown which is mitigated to 0.15 seconds by Dynamo Factory - Enhanced Transformation.


Date Changes
08/09/2018 08/22/2018
  • [Mod] Install - Ultimate Fury added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 인스톨 - 얼티밋 퓨리 Install - Ultimate Fury
Japanese Flag.png Japan インストール - アルティメットフューリー Install - Ultimate Fury
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 安装 - 极限愤怒 Install - Ultimate Fury
German Flag.png Germany Install - Ultimative Wut Install - Ultimate Fury
Spanish Flag.png Spain Instalar - Furia definitiva Install - Definitive Fury
French Flag.png France Installation - Rage ultime Install - Ultimate Fury
Italian Flag.png Italy Installazione - Furia estrema Install - Extreme Fury
Polish Flag.png Poland Instalacja: Furia Ostateczna Install : Ultimate Fury
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Instalação - Fúria Máxima Install - Maximum Fury

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