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Knight.png [Passive] Show your proficiency as an elite knight.
Physical Attack Power and All Skill Damage increased. MP recovery when attacking will also increase. Also, all Magical Skill Damage will be converted to Physical damage.


Class Level Required
Sword Knight 15

Skill Information[edit]

Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Increase All Skill Damage Increase MP Gain when Attacking Increase
1 15 6% 2.5% 4%
2 31 8% 5% 6%
3 39 10% 7.5% 8%
4 83 12% 10% 10%
1 15 2.4% 1.25% 2%
2 31 3.2% 2.5% 3%
3 39 4% 3.75% 4%
4 83 4.8% 5% 5%

Tips and Details[edit]

  • The All Skill Damage Increase is not the same as the Skill Damage Increase stats. It will not be listed in the stat menu and will not affect your Combat Power.
    • Due to them being separate, the boost from Knighthood is multiplicative on top of the Skill Damage Increase stat.


Date Changes
06/20/2019 07/17/2019
  • Knighthood added.
03/12/2020 04/08/2020
  • None
  • MP Gain when Attacking Increase decreased.
12/23/2021 01/12/2022
  • Physical Attack Increase effect added.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 기사 Knight
German Flag.png Germany Ritter-Elite Knight Elite
Spanish Flag.png Spain Élite de los caballeros Knight Elite
French Flag.png France Chevalier d'élite Elite Knight
Italian Flag.png Italy Élite dei cavalieri Knight Elite
Polish Flag.png Poland Elita Rycerska Knight Elite
English Flag.png United Kingdom Knight Elite
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Conduta do Cavaleiro Knight Demeanor

Sword Knight Skills
Special Active
ElSkill14.png Spiral Blast     Mortal Blow.png Mortal Blow     ImpactSmashR.png Impact Smash     ElSkill6i.png Double Slash
ElSkill12.png Kick     ElSkill5i.png Armor Break
Knight.png Knighthood     IronBodyArmor.png Iron Body - Guard