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MaelstromRage.png [Special Active - Vitality] Elsword throws his Cornwell forwards as it erupts into a small localized frenzied storm of Cornwells that draw-in and deal continuous damage to nearby foes.


Class Master SP Requirement Skill Requirement
Sheath Knight Lv5 60 SP Skill Quest

Skill Information

-" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; background-color:#FCBCBC" Skill Level Damage
Duration Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
1 37% 3 Seconds 200 MP 10 Seconds
2 45% 4 Seconds
3 52%
4 59% 5 Seconds 27
5 (M) 70%
6 82% 6 Seconds 30

Tips and Details

  • Maelstrom Rage is unlocked through the Intermediate Branch Skill Quest.
    • The quest can be obtained at Lv30 from Camilla, the PvP NPC.
  • Maelstrom Rage can also be activated in mid-air.
  • Will pull mobs in a Super Armor state. In PvP, opponents in a Super Armor state are able to attack but cannot use any skill or move out of range without massive Movement and Jump Speed.
  • If used correctly, prevents mana breaks and can be used to break the knockdown counter.
    • This move generates a lot of MP (and awakening charge in PvP) for whatever it is being used against, so it is not recommended to use in PvP, unless you know your opponent will try to mana break.
      • In 2v2 (or more) PvP, in a team of 2 teammates with this skill, it's possible for them to cast it within short intervals to prevent escapes.
  • Useful for fighting Epic NPCs, as they can do nothing if you use this on a wall; causes them to be sucked in without any ability to move.
  • This move is the core to increasing your combo score. Use it in any group of enemies or on mini bosses(to hold them in place).
  • Avoid using this on monsters with MP gauges, such as Bloody Spear Glitters.
  • Able to reduce KD


  • 3/29/2012 KR
    • Decreased damage output and suction range (now matches graphic's range).
    • Changed duration increment per level.


  • The skill had 2 or 3 times larger suction range than the actual graphic.

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