Orichalcum Weight Control

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HQ Shop Common AC Chung WEAPON 133232.png

[Accessory (Weapon)] A weight control made of Orichalcum to lighten the weight of a cannon.

Orichalcum Weight Control
HQ Shop Common AC Chung WEAPON 133232.png
Name Orichalcum Weight Control
Rarity Normal
Item Type Accessory (Weapon)
Level Requirement 0
Reselling Price 13,440 ED
Trading Possible
Additional Effects ▪ Critical +1%
▪ Attack Speed +1%
▪ Repair Cost discounted by 10%
(Maximum of 10%)
How to Obtain
Method Location(s) Requirements
Random Cube Reward N/A Orichalcum Weapon Accessory Cube
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