[Mod] Space Distortion

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[Special Active: Strength]
[Mod] Create a distorted barrier around the body for 7 seconds and cause damage to surrounding areas. Cause flinching damage for 3 seconds.
Available for Memorize
  • This skill can be memorized by inputting the skill key during the Memorize Stance. (Stand still for 2 seconds while in MP recovery state)
  • Press V to activate the memorized skills in order.


Class Level Required Base Skill
Metamorphy 99 Space Distortion

Skill Information

Mode Twisted Barrier (Physical) Max Hits Duration MP Usage Cooldown
PvE 353% 16 7 Seconds 200 MP 9 Seconds
PvP 134%

Skill Traits

Light Space Distortion Regenerating (2) Space Distortion
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect Details
MP Usage Duration
MP Usage decreased to 80% 160 MP 50% chance of lowering cooldown to 50% 4.5 Seconds

Total Damage

Mode Regular
PvE 5,648%
PvP 2,144%

Tips and Details

  • Hitstun is only inflicted on the first seven hits of [Mod] Space Distortion.


Date Changes
05/17/2018 06/14/2018
  • [Mod] Space Distortion added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 공간 왜곡 Spatial Distortion
Japanese Flag.png Japan 空間歪曲 Space Distortion
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 扭曲空間 Distortion Space
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 空间扭曲 Space Distortion
Flag-us.png North America Spatial Distortion (prior to the January 13, 2016 update)
German Flag.png Germany Raumverzerrung Space Distortion
Spanish Flag.png Spain Distorsión espacial Space Distortion
French Flag.png France Distorsion spatiale Space Distortion
Italian Flag.png Italy Distorsione dello Spazio Space Distortion
Polish Flag.png Poland Zakrzywienie Czasoprzestrzeni Spacetime Curvature
English Flag.png United Kingdom Distortion
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Distorção Distortion

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