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== Other Information =={| cellpadding=5 border=1 style=border-collapse:collapse;text-align:center|- style=background:#90EE90! rowspan=2 | PvP Damage Modifier !! colspan=2 [[Skill Note/ko| MP per hit !! rowspan기술의 노트]] =2 | Invincibility Interval|- style=background:#90EE90! PvP !! PvE|-| 0.75 || 2.92 MP || ?? || ?? Seconds|}<br>
== [[Skill Note]] ==
<center>{{quotation|<center>Weakening the first attack can help you land the second blow more effectively. Understanding your true strength will make you a true warrior.<br>- W.T.</center>}}</center>
'''Name:''' Know your Strength III(NA) / Easy Start III (처음은 살살 III) (KR)<br>
'''Description:''' The first shot of the stingers do not knock down the opponent.
== Tips and Details =='''이름:''' 처음은 살살 III<br>* When in [[Awakening Mode]], the Stingers will penetrate through all enemies'''설명:''' 멀티플 스팅어의 소모 MP가 10% 감소하고 처음 발사하는 세발의 화살은 대상을 밀어내지 않는다.
== Updates ==
*11/7/2013 KR
**The first 3 shots are now closer to each other현재 처음 발사하는 세발의 화살의 간격이 가까워졌습니다.**Pierce count +2 (without awakening)**Instead of KD, it now pushes대상을 쓰러뜨리지 않고 밀어냅니다.


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