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|Weight=98 kg/113 kg (with Nasod Arm) (216 lb/249 lb)
|weapon=Blade, Nasod Arm
|tree=[[Image:Whiteblank.png|40px|link=]] > [[Image:STNEW.png|40px|link=Sword Taker]] > [[Image:BMNEW.png|40px|link=Blade Master]] > [[Image:BMTransNEW.png|40px|link=Blade Master/Transcendence]] > [[Image:FBNEW.png|40px|link=Furious Blade]]<br>[[Image:RavenNEW.png|40px|link=Raven]] > [[Image:OTNEW.png|40px|link=Over Taker]] > [[Image:RFNEW.png|40px|link=Reckless Fist]] > [[Image:RFTransNEW.png|40px|link=Reckless Fist/Transcendence]] > [[Image:RHNEW.png|40px|link=Rage Hearts]]<br>[[Image:Whiteblank.png|40px|link=]] > [[Image:WTNEW.png|40px|link=Weapon Taker]] > [[Image:VCNEW.png|40px|link=Veteran Commander]] > [[Image:VCTransNEW.png|40px|link=Veteran Commander/Transcendence]] > [[File:DunnoIcon - Nova Imperator.png|40px|link=Nova Imperator]]|VA= [[File:Korean_Flag.png|20px]] 박성태 (Park Seong TaeSung-tae)<br>[[File:Japanese_Flag.png|20px]] 宮野 真守 (Miyano Mamoru)<br>[[File:Chinese_Flag.png|20px]] RIKI<br>[[File:Flag-us.png|20px]] Brian Beacock<br>[[File:German_Flag.png|20px]] Florian Hoffmann<br>[[File:Spanish_Flag.png|20px]] Alex Messegué<br>[[File:French_Flag.png|20px]] Cédric Dumond<br>[[Image:Italian Flag.png|20px]] Paolo Sesana<br>[[File:Polish_Flag.png|20px]] Krzysztof Plewako-Szczerbiński<br>[[File:English Flag.png|20px]] Steve Hudson<br>[[File: Bresil Flag.png|20px]] Mauro Eduardo|RD=[[File:Korean Flag.png|20px]] 24 April 8 May 2008<br>[[File:German Flag.png|20px]] 29 June 2011<br>[[File:Flag-us.png|20px]] 3 August 2011<br>[[File: Chinese Flag.png|20px]] 7 December 2011<br>[[File: Bresil Flag.png|20px]] 11 September 2013
|Birth= May 8th
= [[File:RavenNEW.png]] Raven =
{{#Widget:AdsenseRTooltipColor|D|[A mercenary who was turned into a Nasod cyborg]}}<br>=== A battleworn mercenary who uses a blade and his Nasod Arm for combat.<br>{{Specialty ||[[File:RSActive1.png|link===Raven is the Crow Mercenary KnightsMaximum Cannon]]|Maximum Cannon|''' captain turned rebel leader who eventually joins Elsword A connecting skill with well balanced damage and number of hits. A perfect skill to help find finish off the missing ElZ Combo. He is a close combat expertAlso burns the enemy's MP in PVP.'''|[[File:RSActive2.png|link=Cannon Blade]]|Cannon Blade|'''Use this skill against enemies that are far away. A projectile will move in one direction, using his pushing the enemies in its path.'''|[[File:FlameSword.png|link=Flame Sword]]|Flame Sword|'''A powerful Nasod arm and a sword in his human hand to clobber and fiery slash enemies. Able Enemies hit by the attack will be burned.'''|[[File:STactive1.png|link=Shadow Step]]|Shadow Step|'''Use this skill to inflict damage ambush or avoid an enemy. It is also useful for switching places with a seemingly endless barrage of attacks, he leaves foes begging for mercyan enemy or moving past them. Can also be activated midair.'''}}
===Special Ability===
:''Main Article: [[Anger of Raven]]''<br>
=== Side Story ===
:''Main Article: [[Story/Side Story/Raven's Story|Short Story of Memories]]''<br>
Raven Cronwell is a commoner born in the Velder Kingdom. His biological father was an unknown commoner but also a strong warrior. At some point, he died, leaving Raven orphaned. Raven was later adopted by one of Velder's most powerful commanders, General Cronwell. He raised Raven to be an expert swordsman. He attended a prestigious military academy but once word of his commoner upbringing became known, many of the students began to discriminate against him, birthing his hatred for nobles. During the academy's Mock Siege Warfare, Raven saved a student named Owen, a brilliant tactician who was bullied by other students. Raven met Seris leading up to the Siege Warfare, a student who wasn't part of any team yet she asks Raven and Owen. While Owen was reluctant, Raven agreed to invite her.
== Skill Tree ==
{{:Skill Tree: Taker KR}}
| {{CX}}{{CX}}{{CX}}
| Two hit claw combo which finishes off with a fire blast from the Nasod arm. This attack itself deals heavy damage, and is best to use as a finisher for a combo.
*''Post KR 04/20/2015 patch:''
**Pushing distance increased.
{{CX}} 285% Phy. Damage <br>
| {{CDR}}{{CZ}}{{CZ}}
| Dash combo which knocks monsters back a great distance.
*''Post KR 04/20/2015 patch:''
**Pushing distance increased.
| Recovery {{CZ}}
| Recover by performing a backflip slash which will leave opponents open.
*07/27/2017 KR
**No longer knocks down.
{{CZ}} 110% Phy. Damage
{{CX}} 100% Phy. Damage
=== Updates ===
{| cellpadding="5" border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; text-align: center"
|- style="background:{{ColorSel|CharLight|Raven}}"
! colspan=2 | Date !! rowspan=2 | Changes
|- style="background:{{ColorSel|CharLight|Raven}}"
! KR !! NA
| 04/20/2015 || - || align="left" |
*Pushing distance of {{CX}}{{CX}}{{CX}} and {{CDR}}{{CZ}}{{CZ}} increased.
| 07/27/2017 || - || align="left" |
{{buff|Recovery {{CX}} animation changed to the [[Counter Chance]] animation.}}
{{buff|Recovery attack no longer knocks down.}}
| 07/18/2019 || 08/14/2019 || align="left" |
{{buff|Adjusted command responsiveness to allow for less restrictive movement.}}
**Also applies to all job paths.
== Skills ==
== Gallery ==
:''Full Gallery: [[Raven/Gallery]]
=== Artwork ===
<gallery widths=150px heights=150px>
File:RavenPortraitNew.png|Raven's portrait (New)
File:RavenPortrait.png|Raven's portrait, illustrated by RESS
File:Raven Alternate.png|Raven's Alternative Portrait. (International Ver.)
Image:HQ_CutIn_Raven_2 (1).png|1st of Raven's Skill Cut-ins, illustrated by 흑주돈
File:RavenSkillCutin2.png|2nd of Raven's Skill Cut-ins, illustrated by 흑주돈
File:RavenSkillCutin3.png|3rd of Raven's Skill Cut-ins, illustrated by 흑주돈
File:Ravecashfull.png|Full body Cash Shop Item Mall Custom Skill Cut-in.File:FRavenFull.png|A Skill Cut-in of a genderbent Raven used to celebrate April Fools.File:RavenAP2.png|April Fools Skill Cut-in featuring [[Aida]] (New).File:HQ CutIn Raven FoolsDayEvent.png|April Fools Skill Cut-in (Old).File:Raven2AprilFools2017.png|April Fools Skill Cut-in. (2017) [[Maid Raven]]
File:Raven_10th.jpg|Raven's 10th Anniversary Skill Cut-In, illustrated by RESS.
File:Raven_Head_Portrait.png|Raven's Head Portrait.
File:RavenNewModel.png|New model after 08/06/2015 (KR).
File:RavenPoses.png|Idle pose and Promo avatar. (Current)
File:RavenPromoV2.png|Idle pose and Promo avatar Ver.2. File:Ravecash.gif|Animated Cash Shop Skill Cut-in. File:RavenInterCutin.gif|Animated International Ver. Item Mall Custom Skill Cut-in.
File:RavenModel.png|3D model of Raven and his Nasod Arm.
File:FRavenPoses2.png|Genderbent avatar given to players on April fools.
File:RavenModelR.png|Korean revamp of character models on 12/4/2013.
File:RavenAugust032015.jpg|Korean revamp of character models on August 5th 2015
File:Raven_Transcendent_awakening_animated.gif|Raven Transcendent awakening animated
*Raven's job path in Lore/Story would be the [[Rage Hearts]] path.*'''Raven''' officially joins the main cast after the [[4-1|Black Crow]] story quest [[Story/Altera#Chapter 6: The Floating Island, Altera|'''[Dungeon] Invaders from the Sky''']].
*With a Triple Element Enchantment, Raven's claws attacks outline of color will remain blue unlike when he attacks with his sword.
*The design of Raven's Nasod Arm will change upon changing classes or when equipped with certain [[Ice Burners|Ice Burner]] gloves.
*According to [[Altera Research Lab|Raven's prologue]], Raven's designation while he was being turned into a Nasod-human cyborg was '''Experiment 137'''.
*Unlike other characters, '''Raven''''s [[Royal Servant/Maid|Royal Servant - Reform]] [[Ice Burners|Ice Burner]] costume set is primarily white as opposed to black due to his normal [[Royal Servant/Maid|Royal Servant]] design being already monochrome black.
*The side story [[Story/Side Story/Raven's Story|'''Short Story of Memories 1''']] elaborates on '''Raven''''s early life.
**It is revealed that '''Raven''' was orphaned after the death of his father.
**'''Raven''' was adopted by one of [[Velder]]'s most respected military leaders, [[General Cronwell]].
*The side story [[Story/Side Story/Raven's Story|'''Short Story of Memories 1''']] tells us of '''Raven''''s experience in his military academy.**'''Raven''''s last name is revealed to be '''Cronwell''' in the side story [[Story/Side Story/Raven's Story|'''Short Story of Memories 2''']].
**This is where he meets both [[Owen]] and [[Seris]].
*Another alternate job name for '''Taker''' would be '''Mercenary''' according to the NA website.
*Raven's main job path in Lore/Story would be the [[Rage Hearts]] path.
|KR=레이븐 <br>레이븐 크론웰 |KRName=Raven<br>Raven Cronwell
|JP=レイヴン |JPName=Raven
|TW=雷文 <br>雷文‧喀隆威 |TWName=Raven<br>Raven Cronwell|CN=雷文 <br>雷文 · 克伦威尔 |CNName=Raven<br>Raven Cronwell


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