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Elder, the small town situated in the northern region of Lurensia, is ruled by the leader Wally. Due to the great technological advancements made by Wally, the town, as seen by its appearance, is rather prosperous. In the middle of the city lies the giant statue of the leader Wally.

After calming the Ancient Phoru, Elsword and his gang chase Banthus all the way to Elder. But the citizens of Elder have a much bigger problem of their own to deal with...

Chapter 2: The Chase! Banthus!

Chapter 2

Chief Hagus has suggested that Elsword and his party seek Hoffman from Elder Village. Both Hoffman and Lenphad have informed the El Search Party that Banthus is hiding out in a cave. They started to chase Banthus again but failed to catch him. On the way, they found a letter written by Lord Wally of Elder. The letter states that Wally commanded Banthus to steal the El. This leaves our heroes no choice but to turn to Luichel, the former thief, for help to get into Wally's Kingdom.

Story[Village] From Hagus to Hoffman
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description

You need some information to find Banthus who is hiding somewhere in Elder. Let's go find the Great Merchant, Hoffman.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hagus: Elder is an important town for trades and travel. We also receive a lot of supplies through them, not to mention I personally know Hoffman from Elder.
  • Aisha: Merchants... I can never trust them thanks to the past experiences.
  • Hagus: Ladies, please take care of Elsword for me. Unlike his appearance he's quite delicate.
  • Elsword: No thanks, mister.
  • Rena: Thanks, although I have a feeling I need to take care of more than one thing...

  • Elsword: You're Hoffman? Know a bandit by the name of Banthus?
  • Rena: ...... Hello, Mr. Hoffman. I'm here to see you as Hagus instructed.
  • Hoffman: I've heard a lot from Hagus. Please, come in and make yourselves at home.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: We've had enough tea, tell us about Banthus.
  • Hoffman: Banthus is also known in Elder. It's not just Ruben, recently there has been multiple disappearance of El Shards in other towns. The Lord of this land is not doing anything but staying inside his castle. Not to mention the guards, they are all inside their castle. There has been an increase in bandits that go after traveling merchants.
  • Elsword: So, that's why the bandit numbers have increased...

  • Hoffman: Banthus is the leader of the Bandits around town. He finally something unimaginable. We would like to provide you his info.. But in the world of merchants, nothing is free.
  • Elsword: For a merchant, you are very cheap.
  • Hoffman: Hahaha, we always measure the weights between two things.
  • Elsword: what do we do?
  • Hoffman: You must prove yourself and build their trust in order to receive their help. If you help us solve our problem that we cannot do ourselves we will use everything in our power to locate Banthus.
  • Rena: Alright. The merchants have a pretty good grasp on things so it can be trusted. I'm sure things will move swiftly.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
StoryENThralled Opponents
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Shadow Forest
  • Investigate the Cause of Corruption (Shadow Forest)
  • Branch of Corrupted Ent (Enraged Ent, Shadow Forest) 0/1
  • Clear Shadow Forest 0/1

A forest near town has been tainted and turned into a Shadow Forest. There have been strange things happening there since the El went missing. Let's investigate the cause of the corruption.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hoffman: As you know Elder is a town of merchants and to us trust is one of the most important things.
  • Elsword: What? I have to get this stupid trust thing still?
  • Hoffman: Not at all. Because you helped us while the town was in dire need of help keeping the town in check, you have gained the merchants' trust.
  • Elsword: Haha! That was just a warm up!
  • Rena: (Too easy to read.)
  • Hoffman: You have helped us all you can, now it is our turn to return the favor and locate Banthus. Recently there has been increased activity and ferocity from the forest spirits and causing trouble with the villagers. This happened when the El Shard disappeared so it might have something do with Banthus... Would you investigate it for us?
  • Elsword: Arg...Stop giving me tedious work...
  • Aisha: Sigh.. Typical merchants.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Hoffman: Enraged Forest Spirit and Ent attacked people and dark being are roaming around? That's very strange... It's too weird to only blame it on the disappearance of the El Shard...but.. This sounds like the Great Monster Outbreak that had happened to the Black Forest long ago.

  • Hoffman: You said you saw many Dark Wizards inside Dark Forest? They say those being only show up when the Forest is surrounded in dark energy. Rumor has it that it might be related to this strange place called the Demon World...
  • Elsword: Demon World? What's that?
  • Aisha: Ha.. Do I have to explain everything?
  • Elsword: My Elder You've only been born a few months early!
  • Rena: A great threat... Then what the elder was saying...
  • Hoffman: I'm sure it was the Dark Wizards spreading those nasty dark energies to the Fairies and the Ents. We have to rid of them.
  • Elsword: Right, leave it to me!

  • Hoffman: You've dealt with them? Thank you.
  • Elsword: I won't stand by while you destroy the forest!
  • Hoffman: We are not sure how far spread the Dark Energies are , we should observe first.

  • Rena: Such a lovely town, if only I had the time to go shopping..
  • Aisha: Stop! Say that again, Lightning bolt!
  • Elsword: WHAT!! I called her little because she was little!
  • Rena: If I had a little bit more time..
  • Hoffman: Oh, Luichel has found information on Banthus. I'm glad we could help.
  • Luichel: Hello- My name's Luichel. I heard a lot about you. I've heard info the bandits hanging around the Wally Statue is under Banthus.
  • Elsword: Right, leave it to me!
  • Rena: This is why my skin is getting worse these days.

  • Hoffman: This map piece, it's shows the location of Banthus' hideout.
  • Luichel: Oh, how lucky.
  • Elsword: My hunches are always right!
  • Aisha: Everything you go head in, I have to clean the mess.
  • Hoffman: We finally have a shot at bringing back Ruben's El Shard.

  • Hoffman: We finally found where Banthus is hiding.
  • Lenphad: Yoo, Hoffman. I heard you found Banthus' hideout?
  • Hoffman: I was just about to ask these adventurers for their help.
  • Lenphad: Hahaha, these kids?
  • Aisha & Elsword: What?
  • Hoffman: Mr. Lenphad, these adventurers have solved the Dark Forest incident. Please don't be so rude to them.
  • Lenphad: Alright but you can't blame me for not having an ounce of trust in them An opponent even 'I' myself struggled against is in that hideout. Especially watch out for the bats here. Also I heard there is a Giant Red Phoru inside this cave that is 3 times faster than a regular one.
  • Elsword: This is not fair, just because it's red it suddenly became 3 times faster?

  • Hoffman: What do you think, Mr. Lenphad?
  • Lenphad: It seems I have underestimated you lot, I apologize. Hahahaha!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 6,160 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 1 Special 500050.png [Cobo] Wild Pocket Phoru (Fetch Aura 15 Days Included.) x1
EXP 12,920 HQ Shop Item 109945.png Magic Stone x1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
AP 0 HQ Shop COMMON AC ARM 92111 Sorted.png Red Pocket x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Truth Revealed
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Banthus Cave
  • Bat King (Banthus Cave) 0/1
  • Wally's Secret Letter (Banthus, Banthus Cave) 0/1

I think Wally and Banthus are working together... but we have no evidence. Let's find some Evidence inside Banthus Cave.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lenphad: The number of bandits are increasing.
  • Elsword: There are bandits everywhere but they are not doing anything about it? Something's fishy
  • Hoffman: That's right. The bandits that stole the El Shard snuck into the village but there was no movement from the guards... This is very strange.
  • Elsword: There must be someone behind everything.
  • Rena: Hm? You look a little different today, Elsword.
  • Lenphad: I can't ask the villagers for their help without solid proof. Would you guys investigate first? People say they saw bandits in the underground waterway.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: (Shows the letter) Banthus was working for Wally!
  • Aisha: It was Wally who ordered Banthus to steal the El Shard and he also took it.
  • Hoffman: What? We've been tricked all this time?
  • Lenphad: These bastards... We can't stand idle for any longer, let's move!
  • Elsword: Wally must have the El Shard, we need to find a way into the castle.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 13,680 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 2 HQ Shop Item 133252.png Intermediate Scout Weapon Cube x1
EXP 15,850 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySecret Passages?
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description

Luichel was a thief herself when growing up. She sort of has an idea how Banthus got away through a secret passage but it's been so long. Let's go to Underground Waterway and begin scouting!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lenphad: We'll storm the castle first thing tomorrow!
  • Hoffman: Going head on is not a good idea. You never know what they are scheming inside the castle and might be traps there too.
  • Elsword: We have to find a way to sneak in there.
  • Rena: Ooh?
  • Hoffman: I guess we'll need her help.
  • Luichel: Hmm.. There is an underground passage to Wally's castle inside the underground waterway. But it hasn't been used for a while so I don't know if you can still use it.
  • Elsword: I guess we'll have to see if that is still valid.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: We ran into Banthus and couldn't explore the area more..Darn it.
  • Aisha: It wasn't the same Banthus, one arm was mechanical and he became stronger.
  • Luichel: If we can't figure out the passage, Lenphad can't lead the villagers to infiltrate the Castle.
  • Rena: This plan will fail if we can't deal with Banthus.

  • Luichel: Banthus is one persistent person.. Now with a mechanical arm
  • Hoffman: If it is a mechanical arm there should be a device that controls it.
  • Elsword: Oh, I remembered something. I think his amulet shined whenever used his mechanical arm.
  • Aisha: Are you sure you are remembering it right?
  • Rena: It's not really reliable...but it's worth a shot. Let's focus on Banthus's amulet this time.

  • Elsword: tired.. I brought the amulet but it feels strange.
  • Aisha: I feel something.. But it's not magic.
  • Hoffman: Not magic... or a simple machine.... Could it be??!
  • Lenphad: Banthus seems weakened, let's take care of him first and get inside the castle.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 16,000 HP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate HP Potion x 5 HQ Shop Item 133252.png Intermediate Scout Armor Cube x1
EXP 17,830 HQ Shop Item 92112.png Original Ring x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 3: The secret of Wally's Castle

Chapter 3

Elsword and the gang finally obtained the key to Wally’s Castle from the soldier in the suburbs of Elder. The castle was mainly used to manufacture Nasods, using the stolen El Shard, and taxes paid by innocent villagers. Our heroes destroy Wally No.8 but Wally flees with the rest of the El Shard.

StoryPrankly, Enough!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description

These Phorus have turned out to be just like William! William is trying to be the bad guy but he is merely just thoughtless and immature. Let's go to The Suburbs of Wally's Castle to forgive William and just get his Apology Letter!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Luichel: William? What's a trouble maker from Ruben doing here?
  • Lenphad: I don't care why he showed up but he's interfering with our plans!
  • Hoffman: Calm down, Lenphad. We must first stop the Phorus from causing a ruckus.
  • Elsword: I can't let him go on like this, time to take him down!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: I took care of William, he won't be troubling us anymore.
  • Hoffman: Good, let's see if the castle guards will move back to their original position.

  • Luichel: You've taken care of William but his minions are still around and causing trouble!
  • Elsword: What a headache..Who said Phorus were docile creatures..?
  • Hoffman: Because of them I heard the castle had to form a special force.
  • Lenphad: In order to enter the castle we need to take care of the Phorus first, I'll leave that to you.

  • Hoffman: We've dealt with the Phorus but they caused the castle security to be tighter.
  • Elsword: I guess sneaking in is no longer an option.
  • Lenphad: Screw it! We'll go head on! I wasn't the type of sneak in there anyways!
  • Elsword: Oooh, that's cool. Alright! I'm ready!
  • Rena & Aisha: Sigh...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 19,450 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x1 HQ Shop Item 133252.png Intermediate Alloy Weapon Cube x 1
EXP 20,160 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryCrippling Wally's Castle Defenses
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Enter Wally's Castle
  • Find Wally (Wally's Castle)
  • Defeat Wally No. 8 (Wally's Castle) 0/1

William's plan to sneak into Wally's Castle has been undermined and now he's boldly trying to enter. There is only one motive. We must find Wally to make him pay for all this trouble and retrieve the El!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hoffman: We have no choice now. I wanted to lessen the damage but..
  • Elsword: I understand, there might be casualties.
  • Hoffman: Everyone, if you start a battle and focus the enemies forces on top of the castle walls, we'll go through the gates to enter the castle.
  • Lenphad: Once we start the battle inside the castle the soldiers will split up to us. When that happens get inside the castle and find Wally then retrieve the El.
  • Luichel: It won't be easy, take care of yourselves.
  • Elsword: Roger, leave it to me.
Quest Completion Dialogue

Elder Clear Video

  • Hoffman: Thank you very much, thanks to you all we were able to subdue the enemy forces. It was a great victory with very little casualties.
  • Elsword: But Wally ran off with the El...
  • Hoffman: We can't say for sure if he actually escaped.
  • Aisha: Might be hiding somewhere in the castle?

  • Hoffman: But you said Wally was using a giant robot? ..Could it be..Nasod?
  • Luichel: But Nasods are just a myth.. There shouldn't be any of them left in Elrios.
  • Elsword: What's that...Na..Nasod? What is that?
  • Aisha: You never studied history, did you? They are a ancient race of advanced machines.
  • Rena: I thought it was all a myth... since they disappeared after the Nasod War..
  • Echo: It's not a myth... Wally was already working on them.
  • Hoffman: Hm? Miss Echo already knew?
  • Echo: Yeah, way back when he suddenly came to me with a Nasod part and asked me bunch of questions. I don't know where he got it but because it was something I've never seen either, I told some papers related to it.
  • Hoffman: I understand now. All our taxes were used for Nasod research and in order to power it they had the bandits steal the El Shard.
  • Lenphad: Wally you bastard! I'll make you pay for causing so much trouble to the villagers!
  • Hoffman: The El will definitely be at the center of the castle. Let's get it back

  • Hoffman: On behalf of all the villagers that were under Wally's silent tyranny, we thank you.
  • Elsword: But..we lost Wally again..
  • Rena: Villains are always so quick to flee..
  • Hoffman: I'm sorry you couldn't retrieve the El because of our troubles.
  • Lenphad: But you are the savior of Elder. If you need any help let me know, I'll gladly help.
  • Hoffman: Merchants of Elder will do everything in our power to locate Wally.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 23,400 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 1 HQ Shop Item 133252.png Intermediate Alloy Armor Cube x1
EXP 22,590 HQ Shop COMMON AC FACE2 92116.png Ocean Eyepatch x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
AP 0 Cobo Transportation Service Coupon.png [Cobo] Cobo Transportation Service Coupon (7 Days) NOIMAGE.png N/A

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