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Hamel, the capital of the Senace Kingdom. Located in the southern Elrios Continent, Fluone, Hamel, known as the city of water is a partially submerged city.

Vanessa has sent us on a journey to Hamel to call the Red Knights for reinforcements back in Velder. However the situation in Hamel turns out to be equally as bad.

Due to the influence of the Dark, the city has been partially submerged and part of it is taken over by the forces of the dark. The area around the Capital, however, belongs to the rebels of the dark, hoping to fight back their nemesis and rebuild their city of Hamel.

Chapter 12: Hamel Fell into Darkness

Elsword and the gang deliver Vanessa's rescue letter to Penensio, the chief of the Red Knights in Hamel of the Senace Kingdom. They help the Red Knights drive the demons away, and while most of the Red Knights retreat, Penensio and his loyal comrades stay behind. Penensio and the El Search Party sense an ominous force emanating from the demons around Hamel, and so they begin their investigation.

Story[Village] Letters from Vanessa
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Do One of the Following

Take Vanessa's Letter across the ocean to the Red Knights in Hamel.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Vanessa: Welcome, I have been waiting for you. Thanks to you we are able to make a temporary camp around here to recover our strengths.
  • Elsword: At least we solved the most urgent problem... But the Palace is still taken over by Demons.. We can't stop here.
  • Vanessa: In order to get our Castle back we need the strongest Knights in our Kingdom, the Red Knights. But the Red Knights are in Hamel to stop the demon invasion.
  • Elesis: The Red Knights should currently be under Penensio, did you ever ask for their aid?
  • Vanessa: We've sent word but there hasn't been any reply. Most likely the messenger was killed by the Demons.
  • Raven: The sea route to Hamel is probably taken over by the Demons.
  • Vanessa: We'll keep the demons from escaping Velder, could you go to Hamel and deliver this letter to the Red Knights?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Penensio: Captain Elesis?! Good to see you! Are you hurt?
  • Elesis: Penensio, good work but the situation's pretty grim.

  • Penensio: I see.. Velder was taken over by Demons... That's bad news.
  • Elesis: The demons really thought this one out. How's the situation here?
  • Penensio: Velder is in trouble but so it Hamel. Hamel's guards somehow stopped the first attack from Demons but ever since the disappearance of Helputt things have been taking a turn for the worst. With the Red Knight's help we've barely managed to turn the tide of battle.
  • Raven: If Hamel gets taken over, Velder might share the same fate as well.
  • Aisha: Hm? Is it that urgent?
  • Elesis: Raven's right. If Hamel were to fall right now, Vanessa and the alliance would fall under demons sandwiching them. Hm... At this rate, even retreat is not really an option.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 362,250 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 96,070 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryPreparing Retreat!!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Letters from Vanessa story quest
  • Lv. 51
  • Resiam Outskirts
  • Find the Dark Demon Leader (Resiam Outskirts)
  • Shadow Master (Resiam Outskirts) 0/1

The Red Knights decided to retreat to Velder. However, Penensio the Squad Leader of the Red Knights, needs help in Hamel. He wants us to investigate Resiam Outskirts and destroy the demons!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Penensio: Retreat has been decided. Red Knights will split into two squads and send the first squad to Velder and the 2nd one will stay in Hamel to fight the demons before moving to Velder.
  • Elesis: I think this is best for now. Penensio, the situation's bad but send the 1st squad.
  • Penensio: Yes, Captain!
  • Eve: She's decisive.. Unlike her dumb brother.
  • Rena: If the demons realize that Red Knights are split up, they will focus their attack even more.
  • Elesis: Yes, and we stay behind in Hamel and participate in neutralizing the demons.
  • Penensio: Ohh, Captain! This brings back memories! I'll support you the best I can.
  • Eve: ...Another dummy.
  • Penensio: Could you check the Resiam Outskirts? It's near Hamel and it should be a prime location to check Demon activity.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Look! Someone's surrounded by demons!
  • Rena: White armored girl... boy? Whatever the case, looks like they are in danger!
  • Elsword: Alright, rescue mission is a go!
  • Chung: <Pant> <Pant> Thank you, and you are?
  • Elsword: You are looking for your Father? Commander of Hamel's Defenses.. Isn't that Sir Helputt? I think Penensio mentioned him.
  • Chung: Yes... He was called the White Colossus... But Hamel's falling, I wonder where he is.. (...That black armored knight... It can't be..)
  • Aisha: Since our objectives are similar, can't we move together?
  • Elesis: More the merrier.
  • Chung: Can.. You do that?
  • Penensio: As expected, you're amazing. The first squad safely left for Velder.

  • Raven: These demons... They seem a lot stronger than the ones in Velder.
  • Penensio: We can't really tell since we've never seen the demon in Velder but we did find that odd.
  • Eve: Something artificial... or a medium.
  • Penensio: As you said there must be a reason why the Demons in Hamel have different vibe.. Could you look for that reason?

  • Elsword: The demon was using this gem.
  • Penensio: A dark gem.. Similar to the guardian stone...?
  • Chung: Yes, like Seiker family's guardian stone... What happened?
  • Penensio: I think we need to find out a bit more, please follow me.

  • Horatio: One, two! One, two!
  • Penensio: Horatio! Horatio!
  • Horatio: One, two! One, two!
  • Penensio: Helloo!!! Horatio!
  • Aisha: (Looked noticeably annoyed)
  • Horatio: Hmm? Penensio, is that you? What are you doing here?
  • Penensio: We found an ore that is similar to Seiker's guardian stone from a demon, could you take a look?
  • Horatio: What? Let me see it.

  • Horatio: The material is definitely similar to the Guardian Stone.. But it's darker in color and also radiating demonic energy.. Strange.
  • Elsword: Can't we just melt the gem to look inside?
  • Chung: But Seiker Family's guardian stone is made with Water El Shard.. It won't be easy to use it.
  • Horatio: Of course, the guardian stone can't be melted so easily.. But if you can raise the heat similar to molten lava.. Then it's not impossible. My furnace is hottest in all of Senace but it's still not enough. I need something that would spark my furnace to intense heat.
  • Aisha: I've seen a demon with intense fire spirit on the outskirts of Resiam.
  • Penensio: Are you talking about Shadow Defender? If it is their energy crystal, it might be possible.

  • Eve: I have it here. Shadow Defender's energy crystal.
  • Horatio: Is this it? Yes yes.. This should be enough!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 392,250 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Reinforced Battle Weapon Cube
EXP 655,610 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Velder Champion Weapon Cube
StoryDemon's Symbol
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Preparing Retreat!! story quest
  • Lv. 53
  • Resiam Outskirts
  • Confirm Demon's Symbol (Resiam Outskirts) 0/1
  • Find the owner of the symbol (Resiam Outskirts)
  • Destroy Symbol : Shadow Master (Resiam Outskirts) 0/1

Horatio and his party burned the Guardian Stone successfully but they saw a black symbol that quickly vanished. If we don't defeat the owner of that symbol... everything will be doomed! Let's go to Resiam Outskirts and defeat Shadow Defender and Shadow Master!!!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: This amout of heat? Amazing, the gem is almost done melting.
  • Horatio: Now, Let's see what trick those Demons put on this!
  • Rena: Did you see that? Some kind of black spirit separated from the gem.
  • Elesis: That... is that a demonic symbol?
  • Horatio: Demons put a spell on the guardian stone to corrupt it with their spell!
  • Chung: That's why it was radiating dark spirits... How dare they...!
  • Penensio: This symbol.. I think I saw it on a demon called Shadow Master.
  • Horatio: I see. If you defeat the Shadow Master and purify it, it should come back to normal.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: The guardian stone is back to normal.
  • Aisha: Are you okay, Chung?
  • Chung: ...Yes, this guardian stone will play an important part in figuring out what is happening in Hamel.
  • Penensio: I hope so too. Let's keep investigating. But first we need to meet with Lord of Hamel, Rod Ross for a briefing.

  • Penensio: Miss Daisy, is Lord Rod Ross here? We need to brief him on something.
  • Daisy: Mr. Penensio! Something terrible has happened! Mr. Rod Ross has gone out for inspection to Resiam and still hasn't returned!
  • Penensio: To Resiam? That area has been closed off as it was submerged after the demon invasion.. Why did he..?
  • Daisy: Mr. Rod Ross went for inspection because he was worried about the people in that area!
  • Penensio: What? We've evacuated all citizens recently, I thought Lord Rod Ross already knew...
  • Daisy: Shut it! Mr. Rod Ross must have went there for a good reason! Common people like us won't know what he is thinking in this head.
  • Chung: (W-What a lady...)
  • Elsword: (Aisha is no joke too.. I guess Chung hasn't seen it yet)
  • Aisha: (Both of you shut up!!!)
  • Daisy: Please, send people to Resiam and find Mr. Rod Ross! If something were to happen to him.. I... I... Please hurry!

  • Penensio: Umm.. Miss Daisy? We found this.
  • Daisy: There are...! No, this is what Mr. Rod Ross always wears... No... Please.. Is Mr. Rod Ross safe?

  • Daisy: What? The Water Spirits had these? Why...? Mr. Rod Ross, why would you give your attention to them instead of me..?
  • Penensio: Ahem.. So Lord Rod Ross went missing to meet the Water spirit? Not to inspect the area?
  • Rena: You went out inspecting for other reasons.
  • Eve: I can't tell who's more pathetic..
  • Daisy: That's not important! You must save Mr. Rod Ross! If he is gone.. Nothing matters. Not Hamel... and not Daisy..
  • Elesis: I'm sure he won't be much help.. But if the Lord of Hamel were to disappear right now it would be demoralizing for the soldiers here.
  • Penensio: Understood. Let's plan a rescue mission for Lord Rod Ross.

  • Daisy: Did you find Mr. Rod Ross? I heard that place is already submerged in water.. Building curmbling and there are Mermans too! Did you find anything?
  • Penensio: Miss Daisy... How did you know there were mermans there? We've never told you that before.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 432,300 HQ Shop Item 78150.png Grilled Fish x 4 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 655,610 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 2 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryForbidden Love
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Demon's Symbol story quest
  • Lv. 53

What is this nonsense?! Rod Ross the Duke from Senace, went after Breathless Sexyback of the Water Spirit's and got kidnapped by the Mermen! He can't even swim... let's go to Sunken Resiam and rescue him from the Mermen!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Daisy: Well, I was worried so I went on my own to look for Mr. Rod Ross. From what I hear from the Knight that protected him says once Mr. Rod Ross gave the gem to Laguz, Merman that secretly liked Laguz got angry and kidnapped him. Those filthy Mermans!!
  • Raven: Serves them right.
  • Penensio: We'll start tracking. Mermans usually roam around water, can Lord Rod Ross swim?
  • Daisy: Mr. Rod Ross isn't exactly known for being athletic.. What should we do?
  • Penensio: We're really pressed for time. Let's hurry and get to Resiam.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Daisy: Sob sob... Did you find Mr. Rod Ross?
  • Penensio: It appears Mermans were really mad. They said they threw Lord Rod Ross where deep water creatures appear.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 445,820 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 3 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 740,600 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryStay Alive!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Forbidden Love story quest
  • Lv. 54
  • Sunken Resiam
  • Check if Rod Ross is held captive (Sunken Resiam)
  • Rescue Rod Ross : Sunken Resiam Clear 0/1

The Mermen were furious so they threw the Duke into the water. There is a Coral Serpent in the deep-sea so we must hurry up and go to Sunken Resiam to make sure Rod Ross is alive!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Penensio: This is bad... If it as just at the outskirt of Resiam there are places that create air bubbles so he could survive... but deeper he goes he won't find any air bubbles..
  • Chung: Ever since the demon invasion, there has been talk that Coral Serpant has been appearing in Resiam.
  • Daisy: Noo... Mr. Rod Ross.. (faints)
  • Penensio: Miss Daisy! Daisy! Get it together!
  • Elsword: Let's hurry! We have to rescue Rod Ross before the sea monsters get him!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rod Ross: Daisy~ Where are you? I'm back!
  • Daisy: Mr. Rod Ross... My Rod Ross was safe!
  • Rod Ross: Of course, I wouldn't die at a place like that.
  • Daisy: Of course not! Mr. Rod Ross wouldn't die at a place like that.
  • Aisha: All that effort to save him and not even a thank you..
  • Eve: I didn't bet on it.

  • Chung: I.. Found something strange in Resiam.
  • Elesis: Hm? What's strange?
  • Chung: Resiam is still submerged in water. Normally it should be visible by now.
  • Rena: Are you saying the water levels near Hamel are rising?
  • Penensio: I've heard similar but.. We would have to consult Denka, the town's alchemist.
  • Denka: Hmm.. Yes.. Yes.. I see...
  • Elsword: Don't just think about yourself! You have to tell us too!
  • Denka: I see two causes. One, the Water Priestess that would control the Water El has been missing.. Second, Ancient Waterway that controls Hamel's water levels is broken.
  • Chung: Ancient Waterway and the Water Priestess could be related to demons.
  • Denka: Right, they kidnap the Water Priestess and submerge Hamel in water to bring confusion.
  • Eve: Demons have been kidnapping Priestesses starting from Velder.. What are they planning?
  • Penensio: In order to restore the sea levels, we would have to investigate the ancient waterway.

  • Raven: The ancient waterway was already taken over by the Demons.. Device that controlled the waterway was malfunctioning.
  • Denka: As expected..

  • Denka: That means.. Someone messed with the device that controls the Ancient Waterway. Ancient Waterway reacts sensitively to the outside environment and levels the seas levels but it seem someone broke it.
  • Eve: A demon that can use ancient devices means they have more of where that came from.
  • Elsword: They won't stop here, huh? Another scheme?
  • Denka: You must hurry, I have a feeling this won't be the last.

  • Elesis: Demon scientist called Conrad was at fault. I've taken care of him so it should be okay now.
  • Denka: What? Demon Scientist?
  • Chung: Good news! Resiam's sea levels are lowering!

  • Denka: Sea levels are back to normal.. But who knows what else they messed up in the waterway.
  • Raven: We wanted to investigate further but the Guardian of ancient waterway was getting in our way.
  • Denka: Taranvash attacked you? Not the demons? It must have lost its sanity when the Water Priestess disappeared.
  • Elsword: His illusions were strong. All of his illusions actually had a physical form, I almost lost!
  • Eve: Because you act before thinking!
  • Rena: Worried again? Huhuhu.
  • Denka: Alter-ego.. We need a bit more information on this, could you look into it a bit more?
  • Chung: To think the Holy Beast protecting the ancient waterway would have turned like that. I won't forgive you, demons!

  • Elesis: As the old man said, there was a device that created an illusion of some sort.
  • Denka: I heard the Ancient Waterway's reflector has the power to materialize whatever it is viewing.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 466,520 HQ Shop Item 78150.png Grilled Fish x 6 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 740,600 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySecret Guardian Stone 1
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Cause of The Flood story quest
  • Lv. 54
  • Ancient Waterway
  • Ancient Nasod Reflector (Ancient Nasod Golem Monsters, Ancient Waterway) 0/10

We must reveal the secret of the Power of the Demons destroy them. Let's find out who the owner of the Guardian Stone is. First, let's go find some materials to investigate this matter. Head over to Ancient Waterway and look for the Ancient Nasod Relflector!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Denka: Hmm.. If it has the power to copy the original and create an alter-ego... this might have been a lot of use.
  • Penensio: Master Denka, what did you just say?
  • Elesis: Fragment of Will?
  • Penensio: We've investigated the guardian stone from Resiam and if we use its power we could use the reflector to call upon the stone guard's will.
  • Denka: I think it should be possible. Alright, bring me the reflector from the ancient waterway!
  • Chung: Amazing. Maybe we can finally figure out the secret behind the guardian stone.
  • Aisha: Would we be able to find it before getting caught by Taranvash?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denka: What happened to you? Did you fall?
  • Elsword: Those illusions are too strong!
  • Rena: We can barely fight back..
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 464,290 HQ Shop Item 78150.png Grilled Fish x 8 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 829,720 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThe Real One!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Secret Guardian Stone 1 story quest
  • Lv. 55

The Knights were not able to defeat ever multiplying Taranvash. According to Denka, they were messing with the machanical device. I heard we can balck the division with the Reflector pieces, let's go to Ancient Waterway and defeat Taranvash and gather the Guardian Stones.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: Reflector..
  • Aisha: Hmm?
  • Eve: The reflector.. It was surrounding Taranvash and the place was filled with light.
  • Elesis: Mm... I think so?
  • Eve: If my theory is correct. It is probably reflecting the light to create some kind of clone.. Then we should turn the reflector the other way.
  • Denka: Ohh, I see! It's worth a shot! Let's turn the reflector around so the light no longer reflects off Taranvash!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Eve: As expected.. This device..
  • Rena: Eve! Look out! Taranvash is...!
  • Raven: Hm? Still getting up?
  • Eve: ...! (CLUNK!!)
  • Add: That was close... kuku.
  • Elsword: W.. Who's that?

  • Denka: Did it work?
  • Raven: Hup! (Thud)
  • Denka: You are here! Let's see... IF we use this reflector you can create something to call upon the ego of Guardian Stone.

  • Rena: Add, was it? Thanks for saving Eve. Don't know what would have happened..
  • Eve: Ah.. Thanks for that.
  • Chung: You were incredibly fast! I'm envious of your mobility.
  • Elsword: Yeah, that was awesome.
  • Add: ... This is nothing special.
  • Aisha: What did you just say..?

  • Chung: Um... How is the guardian stone kit coming along, Denka?
  • Denka: This... Might take longer than expected.
  • Elesis: We're investigating the ancient waterway some more. It is easier without Taranvash.
  • Rena: Core of Ancient Waterway was still filled with demons. This giant called Victor was guarding it.
  • Penensio: You said it would take a while to find the Guardian Stone's secret so in the meanwhile we'll go thin out the demons in the Ancient Waterway.
  • Chung: No matter, our job is to drive out every single demon from Hamel!

  • Penensio: Whew.. Victor has been eliminated, that was a though one.
  • Denka: Is that right? Good, I'm almost done on my side as well. Penensio! Equip that Guardian Stone on the device.

  • Penensio: Bad new! The Guardian Stone in Denka's lab has been stolen! Also there was an attempt to assassination on Lord Rod Ross!
  • Denka: It was so close.. Why did it come to this?
  • Penensio: Last night, Lord Rod Ross's guard followed the assassin all the way to the central area of Ancient Waterway but lost the Assassin. They say the assassin's skin was dark and had purple hair.
  • Rena: Could it be..? Chloe?
  • Penensio: Ancient Waterway is filled with machines that makes it hard to track down someone. Please track down the Assassin!

  • Elesis: Old man, I brought the guardian stone.
  • Aisha: We won't have business with Chloe anymore.
  • Rena: ..Hmm.
  • Denka: Equip the Guardian Stone and activate it!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 486,190 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 829,720 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySecret Guardian Stone 2
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Real One! story quest
  • Lv. 55
  • Heart of the Ancient Waterway
  • Captured Shadow Linker (Shadow Linker, Heart of the Ancient Waterway) 0/1
  • Heart of the Ancient Waterway : Heart of the Ancient Waterway 0/1

Chloe regained the Guardian Stones from the help of Hamel's White Colossus. Let's go to the Heart of the Ancient Waterway and defeat the Shadow Linker.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: ..!
  • Penensio: Denka, this person is..?
  • Denka: Is that.. Sir Helputt? Why is her wearing that black armor? He's usually know for his white armor.
  • Aisha: Who's that long white haired man? Kind of looks like a demon..
  • Raven: The two are talking. It was Helputt that handed the guardian stone to that white haired demon...?
  • Elsword: Um.. Am I the only one not understanding?
  • Add: Fortunately, yes.
  • Penensio: I am the same way...
  • Eve: This is written in demon tongue.
  • Denka: Hmm.. We have to decipher the demon language.. Penensio, could you go and capture a Demon that can communicate with use?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denka: Is that him? Alright if we just connect him to the deciphering device... Alright, hold on a moment.
  • Elesis: Ah, a voice!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 484,360 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 5 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 891,560 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTemple's Water Crisis
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Secret Guardian Stone 2 story quest
  • Lv. 56

Through the Shadow Linker, it seems though Helputt and the Demons are making new plans! We must find a way to the Temple of Frozen Water! There may be a passage from the Heart of the Ancient Waterway. Let's go discover the Temple of Frozen Water!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Helputt: This is an ancient Guardian stone handed down to generations of the Seiker Family. This symbol can empower the demon with great power during battle.
  • Ran: Amazing, this will surely help with our forces. And what of the Water Priestess.?
  • Helputt: I don't know anything about the Water Priestess's secret.. But do not worry I will get it from her, even if it means torturing her!

  • Penensio: Why would Hamel's White Colossus, Helputt make a deal with a demon...?
  • Chung: My Father.. Not only attacked Hamel but turned over the guardian stone and tried to leak the Water Priestess's secret? .... It can't be!
  • Elesis: ..
  • Raven: I wonder what the secret Helputt tried to tell us about the Water Priestess.
  • Denka: Why don't we start from the Temple of Water?
  • Add: Destination has been set, lead on.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Penensio: Demons are resisting fiercely! Huff huff! We must defeat them to advance our soldiers to the Water Temple.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 506,710 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Reinforced Battle Armor Cube
EXP 891,560 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Velder Champion Armor Cube

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

Chapter 13

While on the road to the Temple of Frozen Water, the El Search Party hears the news that Chung's father had turned evil, and that Duke Rod Ross, together with the Dark Earl Ran, plans to steal the Water Seal to create the kind of great power never before seen in the continent. The army of Red Knights gets weaker as several of their members switch over to the demons' side. Elsword and the rest of the El explorers rescue the Water Princess from the evil Ran and save Hamel from ruin, once and for all.

StoryCave Investigation
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Temple's Water Crisis story quest
  • Lv. 56
  • Magmanta's Cave
  • Find the entrance to the Water Temple (Magmanta's Cave)
  • Magmanta (Magmanta's Cave) 0/1

Penensio and Denka advise you to go to Magmanta's Cave to find the entrance of the Water Temple

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: Well either way, we have to get to the Water Temple to find out about the Water Priestess, right?
  • Penensio: First, we need to investigate Magmanta's Cave.
  • Eve: Magmanta's Cave?
  • Penensio: The Water Temple is a secretive place, I've heard it is somehow connected to Magmanta's Cave.
  • Denka: I agree, inspect the cave closely and you might find something useful.
  • Elesis: I hope I don't get lost inside the cave, I'm not so good at directions.
  • Rena: I have a feeling the demons already took over that place too... But shall we go?
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Demon Caves... Their attacks are insanely strong!
  • Penensio: As expected, their are a lot of demons here. Just shows how important this area is to them.

  • Penensio: Where exactly is the passage that leads to the Water Temple?
  • Denka: Recent rumors has it that this thing called 'Giant Hammer Barbosse' is blocking the bridge. Be careful.
  • Elesis: Barbosses...? Even the name sounds stupid.
  • Chung: We have to defeat him and cross the bridge. Then we will know if that path leads to the temple.
  • Raven: He uses a hammer as a weapon, we have to right carefully so we don't demolish the bridge.
  • Elesis: I hope I don't get lost inside the cave, I'm not so good at directions.
  • Rena: I have a feeling the demons already took over that place too... But shall we go?

  • Elsword: Alright! This path was the right way to the Water Temple!
  • Raven: Now to take care of the demons remaining inside the cave.

  • Denka: Good work! Find anything strange or out of the ordinary?

  • Daisy: Mr. Penensio! Mr. Rod Ross would like to know how the battle with the demons is going?
  • Penensio: Understood.

  • Penensio: I've left some men in the cave so I'll let you know when they report back.
  • Penensio: Miss Daisy, there has been no message from the Red Knights. I'll go and investigate with the El Search Party, please tell Lord Rod Ross to hang on.
  • Daisy: Yes~ Please~ But please bring good new!

  • Denka: I heard from Daisy. Did you end up saving the Red Knights?
  • Penensio: I've found clues but couldn't find them. I've searched some of the cocoons left in the cave and found piece of their clothes.
  • Denka: Those spiders made a cocoon trapping the Red Knights?

  • Denka: If those spiders encased them in a web cocoon.. That's not good at all! Those Knights encased in the cocoon are probably still alive but those spiders can use them to feed their young at any time.
  • Eve: Those cocoon are for feeding their young ones and if we attack the cocoons the spiders will attack us.
  • Elesis: I can't let my Red Knights be sacrificed! Let's go!
  • Add: I'm twisted enough to watch them get eaten alive.
  • Penensio: Please hurry, time is of the essence!

  • Penensio: The Red Knights are back safely, thank you!
  • Elesis: Phew, I wasn't too late.
  • Elsword: You are always scared, you kept getting my way when we were fighting.
  • Aisha: N... NO... I hate spiders!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 503,610 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Titanium Weapon Cube
EXP 984,950 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Enhanced Titanium Weapon Cube
StoryMove Towards The Water Temple!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Cave Investigation story quest
  • Lv. 57

We need to finish preparations to move towards the Water Temple. Let's defeat the giant spider, Magmanta inside the deep corners of Magmanta's Cave to find the entrance to the Temple!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Penensio: Miss Daisy, we've rescued the Red Knights. We haven't found it but there must be a passage through the Temple from the cave.
  • Daisy: Please hurry, Lord Rod Ross is anxious to hear the way to the Temple.
  • Chung: You don't care if any of the Knights survived?
  • Penensio: We have to find the passage to the Water Temple even without Lord Rod Ross's request. We will send another search party, so please be patient.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Penensio: Miss Daisy, is Lord Rod Ross here? We need reinforcements from Hamel to search for the Water Temp--..
  • Daisy: Mr. Penensio! Mr. Penensio! Mr. Rod Ross.. Mr. Rod Ross has..

  • Penensio: Calm down, Miss Daisy. What is wrong?
  • Daisy: Lord Rod Ross left saying he had to find something from the Water Temple.. but he hasn't returned yet, what do I do?
  • Elsword: Again?
  • Raven: Again..
  • Penensio: Again..? Sigh... Alright, we'll go search for him.

  • Penensio: Lord Rod Ross, why did you make your way there?
  • Rod Ross: Right? Sneeze! I think so too. If something were to happen to me, it would be a great loss for this country.
  • Eve: Maybe I shouldn't have helped.
  • Elesis: ... I agree, to think that joker is the Lord of Hamel.

  • Daisy: Mr. Penensio! What do I do? Mr. Rod Ross has..
  • Rena: Again?
  • Elsword: Better not get lost again..
  • Daisy: That's not it! Mr. Rod Ross always wears the finest tailor made clothes and because he was at a frozen temple, his feet ended up with frostbite. He says it itches so much. Please get him a cure, I head Chilling Hedgehog's oil is really good for frostbites.
  • Elesis: Hey, you? Do you even know the situation right no---...~
  • Penensio: Understood. We have no choice, we'll look for a cure to frostbite.
  • Chung: Penensio?

  • Penensio: Miss Daisy, here's the Chilling Hedgehog oil that you requested. Can we talk to Lord Rod Ross?
  • Daisy: I can hand it over to him.. Here.
  • Penensio: That's fine, I need to brief on some things so I'll give it to him myself.
  • Daisy: ...!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 526,860 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 984,950 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryWater Seal
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Move Towards The Water Temple! story quest
  • Lv. 57

Rod Ross is looking for the 'Water Seal' inside the Water Temple... There seems to be a Giant Linker who is carrying around a similar symbol inside the Temple of Frozen Water. Let's head over there right now!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rod Ross: Th--Thank you.. Now give me that...
  • Penensio: But you have to tell us? Why did you go to the Water Temple? There are so many things that don't add up. You weren't actually kidnapped back in Resiam, were you? I've battled the mermen, there's no way those vicious mermen would have left you alone without harming you.
  • Eve: Scanning complete. I found no signs of frostbite on his feet.
  • Penensio: As you heard, now tell us the truth Lord Rod Ross. Why did you send us to Resiam and find the path to the Water Temple? And why did you personally go to Resiam and Water Temple?
  • Rod Ross: Mm... Water Seal.. I went to find the Water Seal. In order for me to search the area safely I needed someone to take care of the demons.
  • Penensio: Water Seal?
  • Rod Ross: E-Enough! Don't torture me any longer!
  • Daisy: Mr. Rod Ross? Where are you going? W-Wait.. I'll talk to you all later!
  • Penensio: I see... Water Seal, huh? We'll have to investigate along with the Water Priestess.

  • Penensio: You said it was a symbol of Hamel's Lord... Maybe...
  • Elsword: Hm? Who?
  • Penensio: Let's go ask.

  • Penensio: Horatio?
  • Horatio: Hm? Penensio, you again? What brings you here?
  • Penensio: Hm... Horatio, you used to be very close to the previous Lord of Hamel, Lord Rod Gess.. right?
  • Horatio: Lord Rod Gess? He was a great lord... He was never arrogant and always humble.
  • Penensio: Horatio, Lord Rod Ross seems to have found something called a Water Seal... But is hiding the details from us.
  • Horatio: Water Seal? Hmm, it's the sign of Lordship in Hamel.
  • Penensio: This is actually a secret... But Lord Rod Gess did not approve of Rod Ross so he even thought of not handing over the Water Seal to him.

  • Horatio: Lucy might have a better idea of the Water Seal than I do.
  • Penensio: Miss Lucy? That's unexpected.. Thank you, Horatio. We'll ask Miss Lucy about the Water Seal.

  • Penensio: Good afternoon, Miss Lucy.
  • Lucy: Look who it is, Penensio! What brings you here? Have business with me?
  • Raven: I was expecting an old sage inside a grand library.... But you're rather young.
  • Penensio: I've heard you're the most knowledgeable in all of Hamel regarding gems and accessories.
  • Lucy: Of course, I may not be the smartest person but I have the best knowledge in this field.
  • Penensio: Miss Lucy, do you happen to know anything about the Water Seal?
  • Elsword: Horatio said you knew more.
  • Lucy: Water Seal? There aren't many people in Hamel that know of its existence.
  • Penensio: Y.. You know?
  • Lucy: On the outside the Water Seal just looks like something that represents the ruler of Hamel... But in reality it is handed down to the ruler of Hamel to keep its secrets safe.
  • Elsword: Secret? That's why you didn't give it to a guy like Rod Ross!
  • Lucy: Rumor has it that the Water Priestess and the El Priestesses are protecting what's called the 'Prophecy of the World's Root'.
  • Aisha: World's Root..!
  • Rena: First seal of.. Prophecy of the World's root?
  • Lucy: Yes, Key would be an accurate description. The Water Seal is the key to unlocking the prophecy's first seal.
  • Penensio: This... might be related to why the demons invaded Hamel in the first place... We must go see Lord Rod Ross!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 532,140 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 12 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,069,550 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryFind the Seal's Whereabouts
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Water Seal story quest
  • Lv. 57

Rod Ross says the Water Seal is somewhere inside the Water Temple. However, we didn't see anything inside the Temple of Frozen Water. Let's head to the Temple of Frozen Water and look for the Priest!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Penensio: Lord Rod Ross! You need to tell us about the Water Seal, now! We don't have much time!
  • Rod Ross: GASP

  • Rod Ross: That's right.. My father didn't trust me to be the Lord of Hamel so he never gave me the Water Seal. The Water Seal was to be kept safe by the Priest until the next Lord claimed it. But the Water Priest went missing after the demon invasion.
  • Elsword: That's why they search Resiam and the Water Temple to find the Water Seal.
  • Add: Kh... dirty bastard.
  • Elesis: First, we have to stop the Water Seal from falling into demon hands. Although, we might already be too late.
  • Rena: We can't let the demons have something that important. Let's get to the Water Temple!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Denka: What's wrong this time?
  • Penensio: Master Denka, we fear that the Water Spirit Hagalaz is fighting alongside the demons.
  • Denka: Not only Hagalaz. Hamel's many spirits and creatures are under control by demons and rampaging.
  • Elsword: The Demon's specialty is mind control and necromancy, right?
  • Chung: Yes.. So this is how they slowly corrupt you. How scary.
  • Denka: Then why are you here to see me? Go and free those under the demon spell. Hurry!

  • Denka: Did you free Hagalaz.
  • Elsword: Denka! The Priest... The Priest was a Demon!
  • Denka: Eh?... What?
  • Eve: I definitely heard it. The Hagalaz that were protecting Avalanche called him 'Priest'.
  • Denka: Could it... be?

  • Denka: The Water Priest... became a Demon.
  • Chung: .. But.. Why?
  • Denka: Demons ambushed the Water Temple and fully corrupted the Priest and the spirits... Those who are fully corrupted can no longer be uncorrupted.
  • Chung: ... Even my Father?
  • Aisha: ... Ah..
  • Raven: .. Hmph.
  • Denka: Please go free the Priest's soul.

  • Avalanche: Kaaaaahhh! Gaaahhhh!
  • Elsword: We did it! We defeated Avalanche!
  • Chung: Please! Priest! Tell me about the Water Seal... What happened in Hamel?

  • Avalanche: That voice...? Are you the child of Sir Helputt?
  • Chung: Priest, are you awake?
  • Avalanche: I... I see... You killed off my corrupted body and pulled my soul from the bottom of the abyss..? There's not much time.. I'll tell you everything before my soul disappears.. First..
  • Elsword: T.. This is the Water Seal?
  • Avalanche: When the demons invaded the Water Temple, they were after the Water Seal. I kept the Water Seal with my staff and removed my memories so my demonic self would not remember where I placed it.
  • Chung: Priest... you protected the Water Seal right to the end.
  • Avalanche: I'm glad the Water Seal did not fall into the demon's hands. I wasn't wrong... I will soon be punished for my sins...
  • Elesis: ...
  • Avalanche: One last thing. Don't trust Lord Rod Ross, he has made a deal with the Demon Commander Ran.

  • Ran: You are talking too much.
  • Chung: Y... You are?
  • Ran: I'll take this.
  • Elesis: The seal!
  • Ran: Avalanche had it? It was right under our nose all along. I had no use for Rod Ross anymore, you lot wait your turn and I'll kill you swiftly.
  • Elsword: Urg.. S--Stop..!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 532,140 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,069,550 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRan's Destiny
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Find the Seal's Whereabouts story quest
  • Lv. 58

Chung's father, Helputt had turned wicked and Rod Ross had plotted with Ran to steal the Water Seal. Let's go to the Halls of Water to stop Ran from this madness!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Penensio: Lord Rod Ross! Lord Rod Ross!
  • Rod Ross: What's wrong? What about the Water Seal?
  • Penensio: Lord Rod Ross, you've made a deal with the demons. You'll need to tell us why.
  • Rod Ross: That... How?.. I'm the Lord of Hamel! How dare you?!
  • Penensio: Rod Ross, seems you are mistaking me for one of your Knights. As we speak my Red and Knights and Hamel's Soldiers are dying to the demons. Stop playing games and tell us the truth! You WILL tell us what kind of deal you've made with the demons!
  • Rod Ross: But... Ran said this would never happen...
  • Chung: Ran? Rod Ross... I won't forgive you!
  • Elsword: Chung.. Calm down! We have to hear the truth first, rage comes later!
  • Penensio: You've made a deal with the Demon Leader...? How could you...?
  • Rod Ross: I... I didn't know it would come to this. Ran only asked me a small favor...
  • Penensio: What.. Was it?
  • Rod Ross: Ran has asked me two things of me. Give something to Helputt and the Water Seal. Ran said if I were to do these two things for him, he would give me power fitting for the Lord of Hamel.
  • Rena: I knew it..
  • Rod Ross: I had bribed the Water Spirits with my accessory and looked all over Resiam and the temple to find the water seal... If I had found it by now I would be...! That's right... I wanted to prove my power to those who would laughed at me from behind my back!

  • Chung: <Huff Huff> How can you sell out your own country for a worthless reason like that?
  • Eve: The worst.
  • Chung: Because of you... Because of you... My father...!
  • Rod Ross: Haha... ha...

  • Elesis: Ran got his hand on the water seal... What follows is obvious..
  • Add: Probably after the prophecy kept by the Water Priestess.
  • Elsword: We have to stop Ran before he acquires the the prophecy of the World's Root.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Penensio: What? So the Water Priestess Sasha was being held in the walls of the Hall of Water after all!
  • Aisha: She was inside that big dark sphere Ran created. We need to hurry.

  • Penensio: This is bad news, the Demon defenses are much too strong.
  • Elesis: Even with the Red Knights and the Hamel alliance... The demons are desperately trying to stop us.
  • Rena: I guess Ran is doing something crazy inside..?
  • Penensio: We can't stop here, we must break through their defenses and stop Ran!

  • Elsword: Demons are already enough.. but the Red Knights? Why did they attack us?
  • Penensio: The Red Knights? That's impossible, Red Knights would never surrender to demons.
  • Elesis: It's hard to believe... but I saw it too Penensio.
  • Penensio: The demons must be taking their forms, can you please investigate this?

  • Penensio: This... It's a different color but it's definitely the Red Knight's armor... How can this be?

  • Penensio: Maybe there's a secret to why their armor turned black.
  • Rena: Demons... Even in Feita and Velder, they took over others and made them into their army.
  • Chung: (.. Could it be? Just like my father?)
  • Penensio: First, I think we need Master Denka's help.

  • Denka: This Red Knight's black armor has a similar aura to Helputt's corrupt guardian stone.
  • Chung: Just like my father's armor turned black when he was corrupted... The Red Knights were the same?
  • Denka: There must be a place where they are corrupting the Red Knights within the Hall of Water.
  • Raven: We have to search the temple again, we can't have any more casualties.

  • Eve: Eliminated. Moby, Remy, return.
  • Add: (The most efficient attack with the least amount of energy... Kuahaha! Queen of Nasods... You're the best!)
  • Aisha: Hey, you! Why are you staring at Eve!
  • Add: ... Kh.. Nothing.
  • Aisha: ... I'm not scared... a little bit..
  • Elsword: They won't be able to turn people into Demons anymore.. What's this? A letter?
  • Chung: This letter... It's the symbol of the Seiker Family!
  • Penensio: What is it?
  • Chung: But it has nothing written on it... Nothing... What is this?

  • Penensio: Master Denka, we found this letter inside the Hall of Water.
  • Denka: This is...? A letter written with demon ink.
  • Elsword: Demonic Ink? Is that why I couldn't see anything?
  • Denka: There is a way to read this... That's right! I heard you could only read these with high ranked demon's eyes.
  • Penensio: Then we'd need the head of a demon. Let's hurry!

  • Penensio: Master Denka! We brought you the head of a high ranked demon.
  • Denka: Give it here. I guess I'll have to use this language deciphering device again.. Let's see..
  • Aisha: Oh, here it comes.

  • Helputt: If this letter has been found it means my soul has already been corrupted by the demons... I wanted to protect Hamel at all cost but... Ran has made me choose... During the first demon invasion, Lord Rod Ross handed me my son's corrupted guardian stone and a letter. The blackened guardian stone meant they could corrupt my son at any time and the letter contained a time and place. I... had to go. Even as I wrote this letter.. I may never know if I made the right choice. But no matter how many times I think about it, I had to do what I could to save my son. The only way for me to save my son was to surrender myself over to the demons. Ran invaded the Water Temple in order to get the prophecy of the World's Root. That prophecy... was the the location of the El Lady and Ran was after her the whole time. If Ran were to get a hold of the El Lady's location I don't know what would happen. Please safe Hamel, the Water Priestess, and Elrios from Ran.

  • Penensio: Impossible... Sir Helputt..
  • Eve: The prophecy was the location of the El Lady... That's why Ran kidnapped the Water Priestess, he wanted that information.
  • Rena: Chung..
  • Chung: <Sob.. Sob> Father... Father!!
  • Add: .. Tsk.

  • Chung: How could this be...? My Father... Because of me? But... I've... I've only..
  • Denka: I understand how you feel but there's no time to be sad. Don't forget what Helputt requests of you..
  • Elesis: Yes, don't forget what he has fought for, Chung.
  • Penensio: My thoughts exactly. We need to find out what is happening in the Halls of Water.

  • Penensio: You found a secret passage inside the Halls of Water?
  • Aisha: Yeah, there was a path below the statue of a lady holding a water vase.
  • Denka: A Secret Entrance.. It must lead to the Altar of Water... I don't know what is happening but I have a feeling you should hurry.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 561,790 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,166,520 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryWater Priestess Rescue
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Ran's Destiny story quest
  • Lv. 59
  • Halls of Water
  • Check the Altar of Water (Halls of Water)
  • Rescue the Water Priestess : Ran (Halls of Water) 0/1

The Water Priestess is being held captive, so we must go to the Halls of Water and save her!

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: All that is left to do is rescue the Priestess.
  • Aisha: Yes, but Ran will be waiting. This won't be easy.
  • Penensio: Please... Be... Safe..
Quest Completion Dialogue

Hamel Clear Video

  • Ran: Hmph, I have no more business here.
  • Chung: Ran! Don't you dare run! RAAAAN!
  • Elsword: No... He got away!
  • Chung: You... What are you! Why are you protecting Ran! Are you dealing with the demons as well?!
  • Ara: I...

  • Elesis: So, you're telling me the demon Ran is your brother Aren. Who sacrificed himself for your family but came back as a demon?
  • Rena: I don't know what happened.. But we couldn't let her Brother die..
  • Ara: Yes, just give me another chance! I won't ask you to forget what my brother... Ran did... But if you just give me a chance I'll turn him back to his old self... Sob.. Sob
  • Aisha: ...
  • Chung: ... I know..
  • Ara: ... What?
  • Chung: I know the feeling of losing a family member to demons... I know... You want to turn them back.. Just a glimpse of hope haunts me..
  • Elsword: Chung...
  • Raven: We have no time, we have to rescue the Water Priestess before it's too late!

  • Sasha: I...?
  • Raven: Are you awake? Ran is already gone.
  • Sasha: You saved me... I'm ashamed to say I lost all hope.. <Sigh>
  • Elesis: Priestess, you shouldn't be moving right now...
  • Sasha: No.. First, I must stabilize the Water El.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 587,140 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 15 HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Titanium Armor Cube
EXP 1,166,520 NOIMAGE.png N/A HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Enhanced Titanium Armor Cube

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