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Hamel, the capital of the Senace Kingdom. Located in the southern Elrios Continent, Fluone, Hamel, known as the city of water is a partially submerged city.

Vanessa has sent us on a journey to Hamel to call the Red Knights for reinforcements back in Velder. However the situation in Hamel turns out to be equally as bad.

Due to the influence of the Dark, the city has been partially submerged and part of it is taken over by the forces of the dark. The area around the Capital, however, belongs to the rebels of the dark, hoping to fight back their nemesis and rebuild their city of Hamel.

Chapter 12: Hamel Fell into Darkness

Elsword and the gang deliver Vanessa's rescue letter to Penensio, the chief of the Red Knights in Hamel of the Senace Kingdom. They help the Red Knights drive the demons away, and while most of the Red Knights retreat, Penensio and his loyal comrades stay behind. Penensio and the El Search Party sense an ominous force emanating from the demons around Hamel, and so they begin their investigation.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

Chapter 13

While on the road to the Temple of Frozen Water, the El Search Party hears the news that Chung's father had turned evil, and that Duke Rod Ross, together with the Dark Earl Ran, plans to steal the Water Seal to create the kind of great power never before seen in the continent. The army of Red Knights gets weaker as several of their members switch over to the demons' side. Elsword and the rest of the El explorers rescue the Water Princess from the evil Ran and save Hamel from ruin, once and for all.

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