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Lanox, the village to the southeastern corn of Fluone and the land known as the edge of Elrios Continent. The Fire El has gone out of control and the Fire Priestess has retreated to the village.

The Six Priestesses are to meet here but the Light and Dark Priestesses Gloria and Darkmoon have gone missing. Many things aren't adding up and a conspiracy is in the ash filled volcanic air. Something big is brewing in Lanox.

Chapter 17: Scorched Harbingers of Darkness

Chapter 17

Elsword and the gang may have survived the desert, but can they take the heat of a volcanic territory? Our heroes travel onward to Lanox, an enraged land where a forest fire appears inextinguishable. In between encounters with furious divine creatures, they meet Lanox's young village chief Edel, the mysterious alchemist Pesop, and the fire priestess Ignia. They learn from Ignia that the Sun and Moon Priestesses have gone missing, and the explorers are sent off to the Ash Covered Village to investigate.

Chapter 18: An Exposed Dark Secret

Chapter 18

Venturing farther into the mysterious land of Lanox, it seems the Elgang has barely scratched the surface. They are faced with crucial tasks of cleansing the Phantasmal Geyser of a dangerous substance, and helping the blacksmith Steel save her father from a fatal spell. And yet the biggest mysteries of this land are just about to unravel, along with their discovery of an incredible betrayal.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

With the Fire and Earth Priestesses missing, Elsword and the gang encounter the holy beast Ifritan. They found out he had been controlled by the demons. Later recovering with the help of the Fire El, Ifritan tells them to stop the demons from pushing through with their forbidden plan. Can they stop Demon General Scar from summoning the Demon God?

Chapter 20: Prophetic Mission

Luckily, Elsword and the gang have been successful in keeping the Demon God from destroying all of Elrios, for now. All gathered in Lanox and safe from harm, the Priestesses agree that in order to save Elrios, they must fulfill the prophecy by finding the El Lady. They all must travel to the Distant Ruins and follow the pillar of light leading to another dimension.

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