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North Fluone

After the attack in the ship during the trip, Laby had become separated from Bellonde Gaia. She wakes up in an unknown area...

[Laby] Chapter 3: Second Help

Laby, waking up, notices that the surroundings had changed a lot. Following Gaia's advice, Laby goes to where there are a lot of peoples, but instead she's in for more than she thinks, and she meets a girl, who is called Mao.

StoryThe Forest by the Sea
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the What Must be Protected story quest

Laby wakes up on an unfamiliar shore. She heads to a bamboo forest to find a village, but is soon chased by strange people.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Laby: Mm... Zzz... Teacher... Beh? Peh!! Uuhhh... There's yucky scratchy stuff in Laby's mouth. Eww... What happened? Laby taught that octopus guy a lesson! And fell in the water... and teacher fell on the ship... Nisha, are you ok? We were floating together....... Mrrr. Beh... Laby can't think of anything because of the saltiness! There was a warm feeling after Laby fell in the water... Was it teacher? Where's teacher now? ... Is he lost...?!! No... Laby's the one lost... What did he say? When Laby is separated from teacher...
  • Bellonde: Laby, it's dangerous to just charge on ahead like that. You don't know anything about this place, what if you get lost? So, if we ever get separated, then you need to stay put where you are. If you stay where there's lots of people, I will come looking for you, alright?
  • Laby: Oh yeah! If Laby is waiting where there's lots of people, teacher will come look! It feels like Laby's forgetting something... but let's start moving! ... Wait... Teacher!! You didn't tell me where there's lots of people!!

  • Laby: Whoa! Teacher!! Look!! Look! The tree is empty here, so...! Ah... He's not here... Mrrr... Is Laby going the right way? If Laby knew this as going to happen, Laby would have asked where all~~ the people live!! Though, Laby's glad you're here, Nisha! So we're not alone! And if we keep walking, we'll be out of this forest in no time! If we go where there's lots of people, teacher will come look for us! Then the three of us can go meet teacher's teacher together!! Right, Nisha? Ok then, go go gooo!! ... Eh?
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: Who's there!!
  • Laby: ......
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: Oh, it's only a kid. I have't seen her around before... How did she...
  • Laby: Person? Person!! Finding him this quickly!! Great Laby!! Good Job Laby!! But something feels familiar... Did you meet Laby before?
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: What... Is this kid talking about? This forest is the Lord's private property, how did she get in here?
  • Laby: Lord? Laby doesn't know what that is, but Laby came from waaaaay over there where there's lots of sea and yellow sand! So, so, do you live by yourself? Do you know where there's lots of people? Laby has someone to meet!
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: Insolent brat...! As you said, there's only the sea there. But that coast is also off limits.... How suspicious. Looks like you're coming with me until I get some answers!
  • Laby: What are you doing? Laby needs to go meet teacher! Let go!!
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: Ooof... She's strong...! RED ALERT! There's a suspicious kid running away!! Catch her!!
  • Laby: Uuuh... Why are they all yelling at Laby? And trying to drag Laby away... We need to get to a village... But let's avoid those people for now, Nisha!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lord's Keep Spearman: I see her over there!! Catch her!!
  • Laby: They don't give up! And there's so many of them!! Now Laby remember! Teacher said to avoid anyone creepy! And Laby thinks they're creepy...
  • Lord's Keep Crossbowman: Over there! Up Ahead!!
  • Laby: Uuah!! There are no trees around here!! Where can Laby hide? Nisha!! Please hide Laby!!
  • ???: Hey, you!!
  • Laby: Huh?
  • ???: Over here. Run!
  • Laby: Ehhh?!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 231,600 HQ Shop Item 133258.png Intermediate Giant Weapon Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 553,760 HP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate HP Potion x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryGirl of Northern Empire
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the The Forest by the Sea story quest

The girl introduces herself.
Mao seems very familiar about the incident that happened in Northern Empire few years back.
The two head towards Mao's house when a group of dokkaebis block the way.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lord's Keep Crossbowman: Haa.. Haa... She was definitely running this way... Where did she go?
  • Lord's Keep spearman: Tsk, the little rat. We should report this incident to the Lord. Let's go!
  • ???: ... Good, looks like they gave up on the chase.
  • Laby: Uh... Did you... Just help Laby?! You did, right?!
  • ???: What, do I look like I dragged you into danger? Ugh, this is what I get for helping strangers.
  • Laby: Thank you!!! Really, really!! Laby didn't know what to do, and was even thinking about going round and round!
  • ???: O... K... Can you be quiet, thought? They might still be around.
  • Laby: Do you know them? Laby just wanted to know how to get to the village, then they were yelling and trying to drag Laby away!!
  • ???: I know of them. They're the Lord's lackeys that watch the bamboo forest. They prevent people from leaving, you know.
  • Laby: They prevent people from leaving...? Why would they do that?
  • ???: ... I knew you were a foreigner, but you really don't know anything, do you?
  • Laby: Huh? Yeah! This is Laby's first time here!
  • ???: Uh huh. Of course. Anyway, this is not a place for kids like you to be. You couldn't have come here by yourself. So... Where are you parents?
  • Laby: Laby doesn't have parents! Though Laby was traveling with teacher!
  • ???: Huh? Oh... Then what about that... teacher?
  • Laby: Well, Laby go on a ship with teacher, right? And there were loooots of fish so we were driving them away when a storm came and KA BOOM! then an octopus went KA POW! at the same time and wind went whiiiiiiii so Laby well in the sea and now Laby's here!
  • ???: ...... I have no idea what you just said. So, you're by yourself?
  • Laby: Laby's not by myself. Nisha's here too! Laby's friend!
  • ???: Platter...? Or maybe it's a mirror? So this is your friend?
  • Laby: Uh huh! And my name is Laby! Oh, do you know where the village is? Laby wants to go there, please! Um...
  • Mao: Haa... Call me Mao.
  • Laby: Mao! Mao!! That's a softy name!
  • Mao: What kind of name is a softy name? What a weirdo. Anyway, I can tell you the way to the village, but I don't think it's a good idea to go there. Foreigners don't come here that often, so they're probably still searching. Since you asked them where the village is, they're all probably just waiting there for you to show up.
  • Laby: Oh, really? What do we do...? Laby promised that Laby will stay at the nearest village until teacher comes to look for Laby! If we go too far... Teacher might not find us... Or maybe Laby should go somewhere else with lots of people...?
  • Mao: ... Haa... If you have nowhere else to go, you can come to our house. It's a bit far from here, but close enough to hear rumors of a foreigner stopping by.
  • Laby: Really?! Is that ok?
  • Mao: Yeah, I feel like I'd regret it if I just leave you here. Haa... I can't believe I'm taking a strange kid home... And I can't believe you'd follow me home.
  • Laby: But Mao helped Laby, right? Laby gets the feeling Laby can believe you!
  • Mao: Well... Whatever suits your taste, I guess. Whatever we do, we should leave now or we could be discovered. Come on, follow me.
  • Laby: Ok, Mao!!

  • Laby: Uaaah! It's super slippery here!
  • Mao: Oh yea, watch your step. It just rained, so it should be worse than usual.
  • Laby: It's slippery and bumpy!! But we're at the top!! The clouds are so close, Laby can touch it! So does this mean Mao lives in the sky?
  • Mao: The sky? No dummy, we just live really high up. As you can see, there are too many troublesome things at the village.
  • Laby: Troublesome... Mao! Why does... Why do those people stop other people from leaving?
  • Mao: Well, they need someone to take advantage of, right? The Lord of this land is planning on treating all the villagers like slaves. If the Captial was still fine, we wouldn't have this problem. But after that incident, all societal structure just... collapsed.
  • Laby: Structure? Collapse? Did something big happen?
  • Mao: Haaa... This is going to be a long story. But I guess we have a lot of time, and you should know this if you're staying here. Alright, so a few years ago, there was a huge incident at the Capital of Northern Empire. I heard the Royal Guard Captain was turned into a monster with white hair and dark skin. It is said that he even sprouted a horn! Then he summoned countless monsters that nobody had ever seen before, in the middle of the Capital.
  • Laby: Monsters...? Like the demons at Velder?
  • Mao: Velder? Demons? I don't know what you're talking about... But it was horrible. They were strong, vicious, and violent. Nobody had any chance of running away, and the Capital was soon in the midst of chaos. I did hear that they're trying to restore everything... But until then, the higher-ups can't really do anything. I can't understand the higher-ups. When they should have sent their guards out to protect the people, they just went and obliterated the Captain Guard's family...... Anyway, after that, nobody trusted the system anymore. There are bandits everywhere. But here, we get a bunch of corrupted soldiers sauntering around.
  • Laby: Mrrrr, Mao's too hard... But Laby got that those monsters are very bad! Even though Mao was with those bad guys, Mao's still nice and helped Laby! Mao is really great!!
  • Mao: Uh uh. Don't get me wrong. I was never 'with' those guys. Do you understand?
  • Laby: Then is Mao all by yourself? Don't you have a friend?
  • Mao: Hmm... A friend... Well, I do have someone I live with.
  • Laby: Oh! Hehee! Laby would like to meet that person too! Huh? There's someone over there! Mao's friend?
  • Mao: !! They're...
  • Laby: They all have scary faces... Did you fight? You have to be nice to your friends, you know!
  • Mao: Do they look like my friends?! They're dokkaebies that live around here. They didn't use to be this way... But recently, they started attacking anyone they come across, acting out in aggression. It will be troublesome if they notice us here.
  • Laby: What?! They shouldn't do that! But um... What's aggression?
  • Mao: Hm... Like beating people into pulps?
  • Laby: Pulps?
  • Mao: Uuuhh... It means they're very very mean! Anyway all that doesn't matter, so let's get out of here! We don't want to be found!
  • Laby: What?!! They were bunch of meanies to Mao?! OOOIII!!!!
  • Mao: Wh, what are you doing, you idiot! I said we should just go...!!
  • Dokkaebi: Gah!!
  • Mao: Haa... Why do I get this feeling that things are about to get reeaaally troublesome... Laby, wait!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: You're... a really good fighter! And that mirror too! I've never seen the dokkaebies running away like that!
  • Laby: Teacher said so too! That Laby is really strong!
  • Mao: That teacher of yours sounds interesting. I'm surprised he didn't tie you down with a rope with how jumpy you are.
  • Laby: Wait...! Is this teasing? Are you teasing Laby?
  • Mao: Think whatever you want! Anyway we've arrived. That's our house.
  • Laby: Uuaaah!! This is the first time Laby's been to someone else's house!
  • Mao: Oh, it's Gramps! Gramps, I'm home!
  • Calonne: You're late Mao, where have you been?
  • Laby: Hi Gramps! My name is Laby! Gramps must be Mao's friend! Nice to meet you!!
  • Calonne: ?! Who is this...?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 273,600 HQ Shop Item 133258.png Intermediate Giant Armor Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 553,760 MP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate MP Potion x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryMao's Friend
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Girl of Northern Empire story quest

The girl introduces herself.
Mao seems very familiar about the incident that happened in Northern Empire few years back.
The two head towards Mao's house when a group of dokkaebis block the way.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: She was being chased by the soldiers of Lord's Keep. She said her teacher will come looking for her, so may be we could...?
  • Laby: Let Laby stay! Mao helped and told Laby, that Laby can stay!
  • Mao: Um... Yeah, so that's what happened.
  • Calonne: Haha, Mao. Didn't I tell you not to bring any strangers? It's too dangerous around here.
  • Mao: Don't forget, Gramps' the one who brought me here.
  • Calonne: Ahem! Your name is Laby? My name is Calonne. I hope it wasn't too difficult to find your way here.
  • Laby: Oooh! So Gramps' name is Calonne! That's a crunchy name! And... And...! It was hard because the way here was all slippery! Why do you live so high up where everything is so slippery?
  • Calonne: Haha, aren't you a lively girl. There are many reasons why I've settled here. One of the main reasons why I've settled far from the village is because I conduct a lot of experiments that sometimes lead to explosions.
  • Laby: Experiments? Explosions?! Is that the same thing as building things? There's so many things here! Like that one! Whoa, it's like what the Pongpongs made! Does it go BOOM! too?
  • Calonne: Oh, so you've seen machines before. And yes, I do 'build things'. Though I'm sorry to say they don't always go 'BOOM'. It's my job, as an engineer, you see.
  • Laby: Engineer...! So people who build stuff are called engineers! Laby doesn't really understand... but BOOM is dangerous! Thanks for explaining, Calonne!
  • Calonne: Haha, you're very direct. That's rare these days.
  • Mao: So yeah, that's how it is. I don't think she's lying about waiting for her teacher either... So, how about it, Gramps?
  • Calonne: ......
  • Mao: Gramps?
  • Calonne: Ah, yes. It should be fine.
  • Mao: It 'should' be fine? What kind of answer is that? Anyway Gramps, were you just heading out?
  • Calonne: Ah, yes. I have somewhere to be. It won't take long, so go ahead inside and have some snacks while you wait.
  • Mao: Hm? Ok, don't stay out too long! If you do, I'll have to come looking for you!
  • Calonne: Yes, yes. I said it won't take long, didn't I? You're always on my case these days.
  • Laby: (Weird... Why does Calonne have energy like the bad guys from earlier? It's stronger too... Ooooh, what was that energy? It's something very familiar...)
  • Mao: What are you doing? Come in! It's nothing I should brag about, but Gramps' cooking isn't half bad! I think you'll like it too.
  • Laby: Uh huh! Laby likes things that aren't 'half bad'! (Well... At least Calonne didn't seem like a bad guy... Mao said so too. Then Laby should, 'make observations' for now, right Nisha? That's what teacher would say.)

  • Laby: Yummy! Calonne isn't half bad!
  • Mao: Hey, hey, you shouldn't say it like that, someone would think you are rude. Geez, where did she learn that from? Anyway, your teacher... Are you sure he's going to come this way?
  • Laby: Yeah! Teacher said he'll come find Laby!
  • Mao: But didn't you say your ship was caught by a storm? Maybe your teacher is already...
  • Laby: Already?
  • Mao: ......... No, it's nothing. More importantly, do you remember what I told you about the capital?
  • Laby: Mm... You said the captain turned into a monster. He brought other monsters and started bullying other people.
  • Mao: Yeah, that. I was there and somehow managed to escape. But my parents passed away. I was scared; I didn't know what to do, where to go... I just stood there not doing anything, and... That's when I met Gramps. He saw me standing there all by myself and asked me if I wanted to come with him. Even though he could have easily ignored me and went on his way. From that day he brought me home, he treated me like family. No, more than family. If it weren't for Gramps, I wouldn't be here. He's my family and I owe him my life.
  • Laby: Ooh! Calonne must be really, really great! You see, Laby was really surprised when the bad guys were chasing Laby too! But Mao saved Laby! That means Laby owes Mao Laby's life!
  • Mao: Hey, I'm not that great... I'm nothing like Gramps.
  • Laby: Hehee, then did Mao save Laby because Calonne taught you to? Is Calonne, Mao's teacher?
  • Mao: Hm... Gramps didn't exactly TEACH me anything, but I guess I learn from him. I'm gonna be just like Gramps when I grow up. Someone who helps others without hesitation, someone that people can trust.
  • Laby: Whoooaaaa!
  • Mao: Ahem! I know it's a far-fetched goal!
  • Laby: Nononono! Laby's teacher also said his goal is to protect many people! Laby was just surprised that Mao also had a similar goal!
  • Mao: So I'm like your teacher, huh.
  • Laby: Uh huh!! And Mao must also be good because Mao has a similar goal with teacher!!
  • Mao: You're really weird, you know that, right?
  • Laby: Laby's weird? Laby's just Laby though!
  • Mao: You're right. Even if you're weird sometimes... you're you.... I can't believe how much time has passed already... Laby, I'm gonna go out, wait for Gramps...... Wanna come?
  • Laby: Uh huh!! Let's go Mao!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 HQ Shop Item 109945.png Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A

[Laby] Chapter 4: Where Faith Comes Together

After getting to know Mao, Laby and her new friend decides to take it upon themselves and go to rescue Mao's father, Calonne. Laby discovers her powers and she thinks she's amazing, but...

StoryTaken Calonne
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Mao's Friend story quest

Laby and Mao witness Calonne taken by the soldiers of Lord's Keep.
Laby hesitates, seeing Mao upset, but she soon promises to help Mao.
Nisha is silently at Laby's side, as if she never reacted strangely.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Mao: Gramps! Graaaaamps!!
  • Laby: Calonne, Calonne, where are youuu!
  • Mao: I don't see him anywhere! Where did he run off to! There's a lot of dokkaebies around here, and the road is dangerous...
  • Laby: Eh? There's someone over there... Mao! The bad guys from earlier are with Calonne!
  • Mao: What!? Those guys...!
  • Laby: They're taking Calonne away! Oiiii!!!! What are you doing!!!
  • Mao: Tsk, it's too far. Since when were they even this fast? Stop!! Stope right there!! Where are you taking Gramps?!

  • Laby: They were around here somewhere... Where are they? Calonne and the bad guys...
  • Mao: Why did they take him... ugh, Gramps...
  • Laby: Mao... (It's weird again. Laby doesn't understand... Why is Mao acting like that? Laby knew, Laby understood, and now there's nothing. It's like that time, watching the scared people on the ship. If Laby takes care of everything again, would Mao feel better? But Laby doesn't understand. What should Laby do to make Mao feel better?) Mao, Mao, what do you want?
  • Mao: Ugh... h, huh?
  • Laby: Laby will help get what Mao wants!
  • Mao: ... Isn't it obvious? I want to save Gramps... But...
  • Laby: Ok! Then let's go save Calonne! If we go now, we can catch up to the bad guys!
  • Mao: What? Do you even know what you're saying? They're headed to Lord's Keep, do you understand? I get that you're strong, but the soldiers from Lord's Keep are not to be messed with!
  • Laby: It's ok! Laby is much stronger than Mao thinks! Tougher too! And Laby didn't forget! Mao was the one that saved Laby from the scary soldiers! Laby learned to pay back any good deeds, but also, Laby just really likes Mao! So this time, Laby will make sure to help Mao!
  • Mao: Laby...... You're right. I can't just sit around and cry all day... Even now, Gramps would... Laby, let's go. Please help me save Gramps!
  • Laby: Uh, oh, ok! Laby will help! Let's go save Calonne!...... (... 'sit around and cry all day'? Laby knew it. What Mao feels... Is something Laby doesn't know, but... It feels like Laby shouldn't learn.)
  • Nisha: (......)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: The ground is all floaty! And Laby can see sooooo faaaar doooown! Where are we going? This road is so narrow!
  • Mao: This is the short cut to Lord's Keep. If we go down to the village, there would be a better road, but... That place is probably swarming with soldiers right now. So this is safer, even if it does have a little problem.
  • Laby: A little problem?
  • Mao: Well... There's not a lot of people around, so...
  • Dokkaebi: Our... Territory...
  • Mao: ... There are a lot of dokkaebies.
  • Dokkaebi: Gonna hurt you!
  • Laby: Mmmrrr, you again? Mao and Laby are too busy to deal with you! Don't worry Mao, let's hurry and knock them out!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 317,900 HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Reinforced Battle Weapon Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,093,313 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTo Lord's Keep
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Taken Calonne story quest

Something has changed with Spring of Memory. Laby and Mao take the short cut to Lord's Keep. On their way, Mao explains to Laby what had happened at the village.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Mao: ... Laby, I have a question for you.
  • Laby: Huh? What is it?
  • Mao: Why are you helping me? I mean, I get that I helped you out and all, but... We just met.
  • Laby: Well... Mao looked like you needed help!
  • Mao: Just like that? Then what if bad guys look like they need help too? Will you help them out, then?
  • Laby: Eh? Erm... That never happened before... Is it weird to want to help? Mao is nice after all!
  • Mao: Well...... I guess you have your own reasons and thoughts. But you have to understand, helping someone also means making someone else your enemy. So you should think hard before you help someone. Or...... Someone might just use your kindness to fulfill their selfish needs.
  • Laby: Mmmr? Laby doesn't understand. How is helping Mao good for bad guys again?
  • Mao: Well, you've got plenty of time to think about it during your travel, I guess. We've arrived at the bottom of the mountains already. Lord's Keep is just ahead. But I don't see the ones that took Gramps. Did they already head inside? I was prepared... But this is going to be difficult.
  • Laby: It's fine, it's fine! Even if Calonne is in Lord's Keep, we'll get him out! Just leave it to Laby!!
  • Lord's Keep Soldier: Who's there! No one suspicious is allowed beyond this point!
  • Mao: Suspicious? You're the one that kidnapped Gramps!
  • Laby: Yeah, yeah! You're the one that kidnapped Calonne!
  • Lord's Keep Soldier: Hmph, just a bunch of brats. You'll pay for your insolence!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: She just defeated him in one shot...
  • Laby: People here are always so angry. It's like they want to fight all the time.
  • Mao: They weren't always this bad. Since the current Lord took over, the village became more... oppressive.
  • Laby: Eh? They weren't always this bad?
  • Mao: Remember the incident at the Capital? People who lost their home found themselves here, in this village. We were all going through hard times together, so villagers and refugees alike, gathered energy to build new homes. Everything was peaceful then. But... Perhaps we were too much. Not long after, the Lord of this land took his family and fled.
  • Laby: Ehh? That's weird! Fleeing from where fleeing people come together!
  • Mao: Yeah, some people say that it doesn't match up, that the Lord couldn't have fled... But no one knows for sure. Anyway, the current Lord, 'Nenya' came during this time. Nenya told everyone that he will protect the village with his army, in place of the Estranged Lord. In exchange, he wanted to be appointed as the next Lord. Everyone welcomed Nenya and the protection that he offered, and it seemed the village was peaceful again.
  • Laby: Peaceful is good, right? It looks like everyone wants to fight now though...
  • Mao: You're right. Because that wasn't the end of it. When the village began to settle down, Nenya began to show his true colors. He began to forcibly take things from the villagers, locking them up, in some cases, kicking them out of the village. When that started to happen, people began to change. In order to remain in the villge they worked so hard to settle in, they looked the other way when misfortunes laid on their neighbors... Some began to act horribly to gain Nenya's trust.
  • Laby: Nenya is so mean! making people fight each other is the baddest! He's the meanest among all the bad guys that Laby knows!
  • Mao: Anyway, this bridge was built during that time. A famous architect made it in hopes to be in good grace with Nenya.
  • Laby: Mmmrrr...
  • Mao: Though, I heard he was sent to prison when Nenya tripped on the bridge several months ago.
  • Laby: Mmmmmr..... Oh! Mao! There's a reeaaaally big house over there! is that Lord's Keep?
  • Mao: Yup. That's where Nenya lives. Let's hurry Laby. I'm worried about Gramps.
  • Laby: Ok! Be safe Calonne...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 354,400 HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Reinforced Battle Armor Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,093,313 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryOvercoming Obstacles
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the To Lord's Keep story quest

The two arrive at Lord's Keep.
However, the Captain Guard blocks the gate.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Who are these kids? This is no place for brats! Go back where you came from!
  • Laby: No!!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: !? What do you want!
  • Mao: We don't mean to cause a ruckus. We'll leave if you let Gramps go.
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Gramps? Don't tell me, you're here for Calonne? Hahaha You better give up ever seeing him again brat! Calonne has personally offended Lord Nenya. He will be punished for his crimes for a very long time!
  • Mao: Crime? Punished? Give me a break! He never even met Lord Nenya, when could he have offended him?
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: I'm starting to lose patience having to deal with yapping brats... Why don't I send you to be with your family...? In prison!
  • BOOM!
  • Laby: No! Mao won't go to prison! Laby won't let you!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: This power...! Hmph, no matter. You're only human. So you're also here to save your family?
  • Laby: Family? That's not the reason why Laby wants to save Calonne!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: What other reason is there? Don't tell me you're here to save a complete stranger!
  • Laby: It doesn't matter whether Calonne is family or not! Laby's here to help Mao! Because teacher told Laby to help anyone that needs help!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Foolish girl. Did that teacher of yours tell you to help criminals too?
  • Laby: What? Calonne is not a criminal!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: That's your wishful thinking! Do you even known what kind of man he is? What he's done in the past?
  • Laby: Calonne's past? What he's done?
  • Mao: Shut up!
  • Laby: ! Mao?
  • Mao: You're the one who doesn't understand, so shut up! Gramps saved me! He gave me a home! A place to stay! Even if it started as pity, Gramps still treated me with warmth! I don't forgive anyone who makes light of it!
  • Laby: ... Mao is right. No matter what Calonne did, you guys are worse! Kidnapping nice people and ignoring people who need help!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Hmph, even though I was only telling them the truth. Foolish brats... Play time is over. I'll send you both to prison... no, I'll send you both to hell!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Damn it...! You won't get away with this!
  • Laby: That's what they all say! Laby will never lose to someone like you! He just talked too much! Right, Mao?
  • Mao: Tell me about it. Are you alright, Laby?
  • Laby: Yeah! Laby is all good! Laby don't lose to a meanie like him! He said Calonne is in somewhere called prison, right?
  • Mao: I think so? He said Gramps was just moved there. We don't know where the prison is located, so we should start searching inside. We've caused quite a scene. Let's hurry inside before anyone comes.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 413,000 L1 Food.png Chewy Octopus Leg x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,093,313 L1 Drink.png Sparkling Coral Water x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
AP 0 Consume41.png Yggdrasil Leaf x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryThose Who are Disguised
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Overcoming Obstacles story quest

The energy surrounding Lord's Keep was strangely familiar.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Laby: Mao...
  • Mao: Huh? What's up?
  • Laby: Are we supposed to go in through the roof?
  • Mao: Huh? Well... I mean, we're not SUPPOSED to... But we need to move around without getting noticed right? So...
  • Laby: Mao seems much more comfortable walking on the roof.
  • Mao: Haha! What? What are you talking about! Why would I even be comfortable walking on a roof? Oh, don't step on that over there. Those usually creak.
  • Laby: You know really well...!
  • Mao: Hm... There were quite a lot of soldiers outside... But there's a lot patrolling inside as well....?
  • Laby: Mao? What's wrong?
  • Mao: It's weird... I don't think there were this many soldiers when Nenya first came to the village... Plus, they seem a little different from the soldiers in the village. It's hard to explain, but it's like how Gramps......... No. I must be imagining things. They protect the village from monsters after all.
  • Laby: What are you talking about? Explain to Laby please...
  • Mao: Haha, I'll explain later. I think it's a little far-fetched. I must be going crazy. First, we need to find Gramps. Let's try to locate the prison for now!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: Mao! Did you see that? The soldiers...!!
  • Mao: No... So there's no denying it... The soldiers at Lord's Keep are monsters...!
  • Laby: Do you mean the bad guys that destroyed Mao's village?!
  • Mao: They're not the same ones. But... Only monsters have that same kind of energy...
  • Laby: (Mao looks shocked... And now, Laby remember... What that familiar feeling was from the soldiers and from Calonne. It was so familiar that it was hard to tell. It's the feeling from the forest... That feeling teacher called demonic energy!)
  • Mao: What's going on? Why are monsters just walking around in Lord's Keep? If they decide to invade the village, there's no stopping them!
  • Laby: Mao, calm down! Calm! That won't happen! You came to save Calonne even though you knew it was going to be dangerous, right? Nothing changed! Now we just know that those bad guys are all furries instead of humans!
  • Mao: Laby...... Thanks for that. You're right. To save Gramps, I need to be calm. But... This is going to be more difficult than we thought. There's too many of them. It's going to be dangerous. Good thing we came through the roof. There's no way we would have been able to defeat all those monsters by ourselves.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 463,500 HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Titanium Weapon Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,924,319 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryHonesty Follows Honesty
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Those Who are Disguised story quest
  • Find Old Glasses from Lord's Keep Swordsman in Lord's Keep

Mao explains that they need to prioritize saving Calonne over defeating the monsters.
They arrive at a dead end, where Laby finds something...

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Laby: No worries, Mao! Laby is here! Laby is reaaally strong! Even teacher was jaw-dropping-surprised!
  • Mao: You dummy, even if you're strong, you'll end up right in the prison cell next to Gramps if you don't be careful! Hold on. I got something just for this occasion.
  • Laby: Mao! You got a scheme! What is it?
  • Mao: ... I prefer you call it, 'back up plan.' Anyway, I swear I put it in here somewhere... Ah ha!
  • Laby: What's that? A sharp... needle?
  • Mao: Mmhm, not just a sharp needle! This here, is a magic key that will let us in anywhere we want.
  • Laby: With needles? Amazing! Did Calonne teach you?
  • Mao: Uh no... It wasn't Gramps. You see my parents were... um... Yeah, they were locksmiths! No locks they couldn't open!
  • Laby: Cool! They must have picked whichever locked house they wanted!
  • Mao: Sometimes... I get the feeling you're pulling my leg. Anyway, from now on, we should be really careful not to get caught.
  • Laby: If those furries are so dangerous. Maybe Laby should beat them to a pulp?
  • Mao: Pu... Haa... never mind. I should really watch my words when I'm talking to you. Look, they need to be avoided at all cost because they're dangerous. Our number one goal is to save Gramps, we can't go defeating them one by one. I admit, you're strong, but you can't fight them all at once. And since I'm not that good at fighting, we'll just end up captured. If it gets too dangerous, I'm going to run away. Because saving Gramps... Taking revenge... they won't mean anything if I end up dead.... It might sound heartless, but that's just how it is.
  • Laby: Mao... You say that, but Laby believe in you! If Laby gets in trouble, Mao will come to save Laby.
  • Mao: What...? No! I mean what I said.
  • Laby: But if Mao was the kind of person that runs away, you would have already left when we saw the monsters! you're scared but still here for Calonne, right? Laby knows a lot of people would have already run away. So Laby knows. If anyone is in danger, Mao will help. Just like Mao came to help Laby when we first me!
  • Mao: ... Haa... Think whatever you want.
  • Laby: Though, Laby understand what Mao is saying. We need to save Calonne first before teaching all the bad guys a lesson! Mao can scheme! Laby will protect you! So no worries, ok?
  • Mao: ... I said backup pla... never mind. Thanks for helping, Laby.
  • Laby: Yeah! Just leave this to Laby!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: Good, it's open. Let's start moving.
  • Laby: Mao is amazing!! Just like a thief!!
  • Mao: Th, thief? What are you talking about!! This... this is more like a ninja!
  • Laby: Oooh! Ninja! So coool! So we're Ninja Mao, and Ninja Laby! Oh! Ninja Laby! Found something shiny of the floor!!
  • Mao: !! This is Gramps glasses! But why is it at a dead end?
  • Laby: Laby found i..! Uaaaah!
  • Crrreeeek- SLAM!
  • Laby: Owie...
  • Mao: Laby...!
  • Laby: Eeeh! Laby didn't break anything! The wall just...!
  • Mao: It's a secret passage! Good job, Laby! I definitely wouldn't have found this without you!!
  • Laby: Ehh?
  • Mao: What are you waiting for? Let's go! Gramps might be right around the corner!
  • Laby: Ohh.... Ninja Laby... Strikes again!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 516,000 HQ Shop Item 133517.png Intermediate Titanium Armor Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,924,319 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryWho's Fight Is It?
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Honesty Follows Honesty story quest

They are ambushed beyond the secret passage. Laby, angry that Mao is hurt, attacks the assailant.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Mao: We keep heading downwards... Are we headed underground? It's getting really creepy in here.
  • Laby: Creepy... and dark! Perfect for ninja to sneak around!
  • Mao: Wow... She's really into it... Listen, I know you're having fun, but we can't let our guard down. It maybe harder for them to find us, but its hard for us to find them too. Let's see, this looks like the only entrance leading inside... We should be careful not to get caught...
  • Crunch!!
  • Mao: Kyaa!!
  • Laby: Mao!!
  • Lord's Keep Commander (Gunther): If you didn't want to get caught, you should have done something about your human stench. I don't know if you're brave of just plain stupid.
  • Laby: Mao, are you ok!? Mao! You meanie! Mao is hurt!
  • Lord's Keep Commander (Gunther): Common thieves... calling me a 'meanie' for defending the Keep?
  • Laby: We're Ninja!! You're the one that stole Calonne!!
  • Mao: Ha... ha... Laby... I'm fine... you should...
  • Lord's Keep Commander (Gunther): I'm surprised you're still conscious. But no matter. I'll make sure you die a painless death for attempting to break into this hall!
  • Laby: Can't you see you already hurt Mao? You stupid fur ball! Now Laby's really angry!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: Mao! Are you sure you're ok?
  • Mao: I'm fine!... Thanks to this...
  • Laby: Huh? Is that... the same necklace you were wearing when we first met?
  • Mao: We live pretty high up, away from other people, right? So I used to fall down or get chased by dokkaebies really often. So Gramps made this for me. I'm not sure how it works, but I heard that some of the impact that I should feel, gets sent somewhere else.
  • Laby: That's how you're ok! Laby's really glad... Since Mao is not as tough as Laby, Laby thought you could be hurt really bad. It's good thing Calonne is an engineer!
  • Mao: ... Laby.
  • Laby: Huh?
  • Mao: I was thinking... But maybe you should leave.
  • Laby: Huh? What do you mean?
  • Mao: Thanks for helping me out so far. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have dared to save Gramps. There was no way I could have, after all.... You were right, earlier. If I were actually concerned for you, I should have given up when I first saw all the monsters. But I prioritized saving Gramps over your safety.
  • Laby: Safety...? Is it because it's dangerous? But Mao said you'd run away when it gets dangerous. Why are you trying to send Laby away?
  • Mao: I finally understood. It was really scary, facing someone that wanted to kill us. It doesn't matter whether you're hurt or not. Facing that kind of threat to fight... I can't ignore what I'm pushing you to do anymore. I don't want to drag yo into my mess. It's important to rescue Gramps, but it's something I have to do. It's wrong for you to get hurt when this is my fight. You're just here because you wanted to help out... I was too selfish. I'm sorry...
  • Laby: ......
  • Mao: You were really a big help. Really, thank you. Now you should leave and go on your journey.
  • Laby: ... Just one question. If Laby leaves... Can Mao save Calonne all by yourself?
  • Mao: ... Well... I guess I can try?
  • Laby: Mao...
  • Mao: Hm?
  • Laby: ... Is an idiot!!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 570,200 HP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate HP Potion x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,924,319 MP Potion Intermediate.png Intermediate MP Potion x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryReason to Fight
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Who's Fight Is It? story quest

It's time to convince Mao with honesty.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: ?!
  • Laby: Mao kept calling Laby an idiot, but Mao is even more of an idiot!! Mao was just doing what you could! Why are you saying like you're doing something wrong? Laby was the one who asked Mao what you wanted!! Laby was the one who decided to help Mao save Calonne!!
  • Mao: That... That's because I made y...
  • Laby: Mao didn't help Laby out to use Laby!! Laby know that much!!
  • Mao: ...
  • Laby: Mao said so. Mao wants to be like Calonne. Someone who helps other people, someone who can be trusted. That's Mao's goal, right? That's what you really want!! Laby's here because Mao helped Laby, but more because Laby wanted to help Mao with your goal!!
  • Mao: ... Laby...
  • Laby: My teacher has amazing power. He said his power was there to help other people. Laby was happy to help Mao. Really happy. Maybe like teacher, Laby's power is for helping others too! Laby came out of the forest to learn more about Laby after all. Even now! Laby doesn't have to leave to be on a journey, silly, because this IS Laby's journey. Laby is here helping Mao, because Laby wants to, got that? There's no reason for you to be sorry at all! So... Please let Laby help Mao to the end.
  • Mao: ...... Sorry... I mean,... Thanks.... Really. I was so focused on my feelings, I didn't even think about how your felt. We barely met , and you really care about us...
  • Laby: What are you talking about! Laby knows Mao cares too! Hehee, too bad Laby isn't going anywhere!
  • Mao: Haha, yeah.... I won't ask you to leave again. Laby, will you help me?
  • Laby: Uh huh! Of course. We'll save Colonne together!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 HQ Shop Item 109945.png Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A

[Laby] Chapter 5: From the Ground Up

Through further exploration, Laby and Mao gains their further bonds as they save the different peoples from the prison, including Calonne. In the process, Laby also discovers a little about herself, while fighting against Nenya. In the end, Laby decides to depart for Elrianode.

StoryLight Underground
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Reason to Fight story quest

Laby and Mao arrive at the underground prison. A strange light glimmers behind Mao, who is shaken when Calonne's secrets are revealed.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Laby: This place is really yucky and icky!
  • Mao: It's so dark, I can barely see anything. Maybe it's because we're underground. So Gramps is here somewhere...
  • Laby: Bunch of meanies! Kidnapping Calonne that didn't do anything!
  • Mao: ... About that... Do you think maybe Gramps HAS done something?
  • Laby: Eh? What do you mean?
  • Mao: ... It's nothing. Maybe it's the atmosphere. I'm overthinking things.
  • Laby: Is it because what we heard earlier?
  • Mao: ...!... I can't hide anything from you, can I? You're right. That guy, he said Gramps was a criminal who personally offended Lord Nenya. I might be overthinking this... But Gramps told me he tries to avoid attracting attention. He always did, even before he met me. But why? Maybe he did something bad before... Something I don't know... I thought... Maybe he helped out Nenya before...
  • Laby: Geeh? Really, Mao?
  • Mao: When that guy said something... It didn't bother me. I know Gramps is a good person. But... Seeing all these monsters inside the castle made me wonder. You see, Gramps had a secret, and it's... well... related to monsters... a bit...
  • Laby: (So Mao knows Calonne is a demon!)
  • Mao: Gramps doesn't know that I know his secret. Since Gramps is just Gramps, I never cared. But now... I don't know... I'm starting to feel like I didn't really know him that well.
  • Laby: Mao, did Calonne seem like a bad guy when you lived with him?
  • Mao: No! Never! But...
  • Laby: Then we'll ask Calonne directly! Why he was dragged here and what he is hiding from Mao!
  • Mao: Directly...?
  • Laby: Laby only met Calonne for a short time, but even Laby knows Calonne cares about Mao a lot! Laby believes in Calonne! Because Mao trusts him, and Mao likes him a lot! Right?
  • Mao: ... Hey, don't go trusting people you've barely met, really! But yeah. I'll listen to him first! No use thinking about it until then! ...?! Wait, someone's coming this way!
  • Laby: That's a monster we saw earlier! There's some inside too?

  • Prison Guard: Hm? I thought I heard sometihng...
  • Mao: Ah, he's coming this way! We need to get out of here!
  • Laby: Mao, over here! Let's hide in this hole!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: ... He went away. You can come out now!
  • Mao: I thought we were going to be discovered... It's so dark... How do you move around like that?
  • Laby: Where Laby's from, was reaaaally dark! Laby can see everything!
  • Mao: Well. It's really useful.
  • Laby: Eh? That guy from earlier... He's coming back! Does he just hang around here?
  • Mao: He must be a prison guard. We should move when he's not watching. Using monsters as mere prison guards? Nenya might be more dangerous than we initially thought. Now I'm even more worried about Gramps... Haaa... I hope we find him soon.
  • ???: Who's there?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 626,300 HQ Shop Item 160775.png Intermediate Explorer Weapon Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 3,452,789 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryKnown Uncertainties
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Light Underground story quest

The man in the prison cell was the previous lord.
Although he initially refuses Laby's help, he changes his mind and reveals his predicament when Laby persists.
Defeat the demons guarding the prison and rescue the Lord and the villagers.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Laby: Waahhh! Mao! There's someone in here!
  • Mao: He must be one of the villagers that Nenya captured. Hey, are you alright?
  • ???: How... how did you make it here? The guards...
  • Laby: They just passed by! Who are you?
  • Estranged Lord: Who am I...? I am... was... the Lord of this land.
  • Mao: The Lord? But I thought the previous Lord ran away?
  • Estranged Lord: No, I was imprisoned here, removed with force by Nenya and his men. I wasn't strong enough to defend myself... Now I waste away in this dungeon... But tell me, what makes you come to this dangerous place?
  • Laby: Nenya took Calonne away. So we came to take him back.
  • Estranged Lord: I see... But for two people to handle such an immense task... Perhaps you should wait until the Capital sends the Royal Army for support?
  • Mao: ... Unfortunately, that's unlikely to happen.
  • Estranged Lord: What do you mean?
  • Mao: Since you've been locked up, you probably don't know what's happening outside, but the Capital is not really capable of fulfilling all it's duties. It's been a long time since anyone came out here from the Capital.
  • Estranged Lord: Ah...... I don't know what I expected. Even before I was captured, the Capital wasn't doing well... Then I reckon Nenya will dispose of me soon. Once he can be certain that no one is looking for me... Am I to perish in this cell? Used by monsters, helpless?
  • Laby: Why so down? If it's because you're locked up, don't worry! Laby will get you out!
  • Estranged Lord: The head jailer is a terrifying beast. If you are captured she will surely take your life. I've already been captured for too long. If you set me free, I will only be holding you back. You've come here to save someone else. Don't mind me and do what you must.
  • Laby: Uhhh... Then Laby can protect you! Laby is strong! So it's nothing to...
  • Estranged Lord: I... thank you for the offer, but there are other villagers that have been captured here unfairly. Though I am no longer considered Lord of this land, how could I escape when my people are still in captivity? I do not know how strong you are, but it's not feasible for you to protect all of us. Not unless all the monsters in this dungeon are defeated... So...
  • Laby: Stop talking like everything's over already! Lord can leave if I break this door, right? Laby was stuck in one place for a long time too. It was long, and lonely, but Laby couldn't do anything... Laby knows! Nobody likes to be stuck in one place. So tell Laby honestly! Does Lord really want to stay here?
  • Estranged Lord: I, I...... I want to leave. I want to stop monsters from terrorizing the people...!

  • Prison Guard: Over here! Intruders!
  • Estranged Lord: Ah... It's too late...
  • Laby: Mao, everyone will be safe if Laby beat all the furries, right?
  • Mao: Wait, are you...?
  • Laby: ......
  • Mao: Haa... why do I feel like I already know what's going to happen?
  • Estranged Lord: What are you...
  • Laby: Lord! Stay right there! After Laby beats them all up, Mao will let everyone out starting from you!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: This! Is! The last one!
  • CRASH!
  • Mao: Laby, how are you feeling?
  • Laby: Mmhm! Laby is very very fine! But... Sorry, Mao.
  • Mao: Huh? What for?
  • Laby: Laby didn't even ask Mao about saving Lord and villagers. Even though Mao said saving Calonne comes first...
  • Mao: What, you were worried about that? Yeah, our goal is to save Gramps, but you saved all the others because you thought that was the right thing to do, right? Trying to save other people is a bit different from trying to defeat all the bad guys and... I'm trying to say I agree with what you did, dummy.
  • Laby: ... Yeah?
  • Mao: Yeah! So don't go all mopey on me for doing the right thing.
  • Laby: Hehee... Laby's really glad! Laby really like Mao, you know?
  • Mao: Yeah, yeah. I heard. But something worries me...
  • Laby: Eh? Did Laby forget something?
  • Mao: No, it's just... What the Lord said earlier... I get the feeling that the Head Jailer he mentioned is not going to be like the other monsters we've faced so far.
  • Laby: It's ok! Laby is going to win no matter what!
  • Mao: You dummy! Do you even understand how long you've been fighting? Even if you're strong, you're bound to get exhausted at some point!
  • Calonne: This voice... Mao?!
  • Mao: !! Gramps?!
  • Laby: Calonne!! We found Calonne!!
  • Calonne: How did you...?! Why are you here?! Don't you understand how dangerous this place is?
  • Mao: Isn't it obvious? We're here to save you! Hold on, I'll let you out.
  • Calonne: Wait, Mao!
  • Beeeeep-
  • Mao: An... Alarm!? Gramps, are you ok?
  • Calonne: No! I am not! I thought the guards were oddly busy, but I never imagined... For El's sakes! What are you doing here! The alarm is already activated, so there's no time. You have to escape before she comes!
  • Laby: She? Are you talking about the Head Jailer?
  • Stomp... Stomp...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 684,100 HQ Shop Item 160775.png Intermediate Explorer Armor Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 3,452,789 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryPast Dream
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Known Uncertainties story quest

Lab and Mao finally find Calonne, but is stopped by Deborah, who is guarding the prison.
Did they know each other in the past? There are a lot of feelings unsaid, as they mock each other.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Head Jailer Deborah: I don't remember giving you visitation rights, Calonne.
  • Calonne: Deborah...!!
  • Head Jailer Deborah: What's this? Human cubs? I did hear you were playing house with a little girl. Oh, how the noble has fallen...
  • Calonne: ... I imagine mine's still a nobler life than of a beast wagging its tail, eager to serve anyone.
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Grr... You pompous little...!
  • Laby: (Erm... Laby's glad Calonne isn't friends with the monsters here... But they sound like they know each other from before...)
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Hmph, what good is a master when you don't even know if they're dead or alive? If she is alive, she shouldn't have left us to fend for ourselves! But perhaps that was to be expected. No sane demon would have thought to establish a trading relationship with humans. To think, I used to serve someone like that as my Lord... pathetic.
  • Calonne: ... Back when you left... I could sympathize with your decision. But it seems you've left, not because of endless waiting, but because you were enticed by a snake. Do you not care about your honor as the White-Ghost Army?!
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Grrrr... Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about. For your insolence, I will crush your human cub and you won't be able to do anything but watch! I'll kill you after so you can meet your beloved Lord in the afterlife!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • CRASH!!
  • Head Jailer Deborah: How... did I lose... to a mere human cub...
  • Laby: Mmmk... Now that the head fluff ball is defeated, everyone can leave, right? Huh? What's wrong, Calonne?
  • Calonne: Pardon me, but I'd like some time along with her, I wish to talk to her for a bit.
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Grr... Don't pity me... Perhaps, as her trusted engineer, it was easy for you to believe in our lord, but for a mere soldier...
  • Calonne: No, our Lord believed in you. She wouldn't have entrusted just anyone to handle the communications with Elrios.
  • Head Jailer Deborah: ...... Do you still believe our Lord is alive...? That she didn't just abandon us?
  • Calonne: Of course. Aren't you still here in Elrios because you believed she would come back to us?
  • Head Jailer Deborah: A peaceful harmony between humans and demons... Do you still believe in that fairy tale?
  • Calonne: It's not just a fairy tale. It's our dream after all. And... Living here made me realize, it doesn't have to be just a dream.
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Hmph. You're growing old and senile if you think it's possible for us to...
  • Mao: Gramps.
  • Head Jailer Deborah: ...!
  • Mao: People are waiting for us to free them. We should go now.
  • Calonne: Alright, I've already said everything I wanted to say. Let us go then.
  • Mao: I was thinking... Since Nenya has monsters as his soldiers, even if we set everyone in the prison free, I don't think it will resolve the core problem.
  • Laby: Laby thinks so too! Nenya guy is super suspicious.
  • Calonne: (I thought she was an odd one, but I never expected she would defeat Deborah...)
  • Mao: Gramps?
  • Calonne: Ahem. There's something I need to tell you Mao. I'm sorry I never told you before, but as you may suspect from my conversation with Deborah, I...
  • Mao: If you want to tell me you're a monster, and that Head Jailer and you used to be buddies, that can wait. That's not what's important right now.
  • Calonne: Not... important?
  • Mao: Laby, I'm really thankful for your help to save Gramps, but... I can't let Nenya get away with what he's done.
  • Laby: Uh huh. Laby agree. But Mao wanted to rescue Calonne safely. Is it really ok for Laby to go teach Nenya a lesson?
  • Mao: It really should be about whether or not you're ok. I mean, I can open doors for you, but you're the one who has to fight.
  • Calonne: Nenya has any soldier, and they're strong. You may have to fight with every soldier you've seen so far.
  • Laby: It might have been difficult for just Laby, but Laby has all of you now! Nisha, Mao, and Calonne! We can do this, because mao and Calonne have amazing abilities different from Laby's, right?
  • Calonne: Ha. Cheeky brat. If yo manage to defeat Nenya, then the soldiers under him won't be able to do much. Then the fact that we're so deep within Lord's Keep will serve as our advantage.
  • Mao: Then it's decided?
  • Laby: Yup! Let's go teach Nenya a lesson!


  • Head Jailer Deborah: ... Calling him Gramps, huh. Perhaps she wasn't wrong after all... My Lord... Aegirp.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 743,600 HP Potion Advanced.png Intermediate HP Potion x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 3,452,789 MP Potion Advanced.png Intermediate MP Potion x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Past Dream story quest

After saving the Lord and the villagers, Laby heads to the top most floor to confront Nenya.
The culprit lies beyond the enemy guards that block the way.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Estranged Lord: Did you truly defeat all the monsters...? Incredible! To tell you the truth, I still had my doubts when you left. I apologize, I held so little faith in you.
  • Mao: Well... That's normal, right?
  • Laby: Ahem! Laby told you so!
  • Estranged Lord: I've learned a lot form you. I had given up without even trying, thinking it impossible for humans to win against monsters, but... Now I know anything is possible. It's thanks to you that I was able to think that way.
  • Laby: Hehee, Laby's glad Lord is happy now!
  • Calonne: What will you do now? Though Laby defeated all the monsters in here, there's still a lot of soldiers outside.
  • Estranged Lord: I've already received enough help from you. Now it's time for use to fight our own battles. Although they may be low in spirit, the people of this village together to save their home. As long as they see hope, we will be able to unite once more.
  • Mao: I agree. Once they know you're safe, and that it was all a misunderstanding, everyone will surely come together!
  • Estranged Lord: According to the guards, Nenya resides in the top most floor. I had heard that in emergency situations, all guards gather to protect him.
  • Calonne: That's good to know. Thank you.
  • Estranged Lord: It's nothing compared to what you've done for us. Please, be careful.
  • Laby: Thank you! Laby hopes next time we meet, we'll both be under the sky!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Calonne: Before we go ahead, let us go over what we've learned so far. I also have something else to inform you. According to what I've heard, Nenya is one of the demons that invaded the Capital several years ago.
  • Mao: Demon? Is that the same thing as monsters?
  • Calonne: Yes. In other lands, such a Lurensia and southern Fluone, certain monsters are called demons.
  • Laby: (Oh! That makes sense! They were the same ones that attacked Velder!)
  • Calonne: Initially, they invaded the Northern Empire for a certain object, but for some reason, Nenya remained here. I heard he was gathering an army, which could only mean he is planning on a full-on invasion.
  • Mao: Seriously? Even though the Empire doesn't have a central force right now, there's no way he can conquer the entire land with his army... Is that why he didn't want the villagers to leave? To prevent neighboring families with powerful guardian spirits from intervening?
  • Calonne: Very good. His army maybe big enough to take control of this land, but it's definitely not enough to swallow up all of Northern Empire.... That's why Nenya brought me here.
  • Laby: Why? Is Calonne super strong and powerful?
  • Calonne: It's not my power he's interested in, Nenya is interested in...
  • Crash!!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: Ugh... You made it all the way here... But I will make this your grave!!
  • Laby: You're that guy we saw earlier that talks too much!
  • Mao: It looks like all the soldiers were gathered here. That must mean Nenya is just beyond this point!
  • Lord's Keep Captain Guard: I won't allow you to see even a single hair on Lord Nenya's head!! Haaa!! (gathering energy)
  • Laby: Laby thinks you need to learn when to give up! Let's do this, Nisha!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 804,700 HQ Shop Item 160775.png Intermediate Guardian Weapon Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,042,445 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTop Most Floor
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Upwards story quest

You see Deborah again, but she doesn't seem like herself.
You must free her from Nenya's spell.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Mao: Alright!! Looks like we defeated everyone!
  • Laby: Phew, they kept on coming! Did Laby get them all?
  • Mao: Laby, when did you get so good at fighting?! I mean, you did fight a lot, but you're so much stronger than before!
  • Laby: hehee, Laby learns quickly! Teacher said so too!
  • Mao: Haha, I don't think it's just learning quickly, it's really amazing!
  • Calonne: Looks like the battle's yet to be over. There are more demons coming this way...

  • Calonne: !! Wait, is that...?
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Grrrrr...
  • Calonne: Deborah... Did our conversation mean nothing to you...?
  • Laby: Wait, Calonne! Something's different!
  • Mao: I don't think she comprehends what we're saying!
  • Calonne: Hm? Could it be, she's under Nenya's influence?
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Kuuaaaah!!
  • Laby: Eh, Ehhh? What should Laby do?? Hit her? Hit her????
  • Calonne: You'll have to fight! Make sure to knock back her senses!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Grrr... You again...
  • Laby: Ohhh. She's back!
  • Calonne: Deborah, what's going on? How did you end up under Nenya's control?
  • Head Jailer Deborah: ... Hmph, is it so surprising that he would put a collar on his guard dog to gain control?
  • Calonne: A control device? You didn't...!
  • Head Jailer Deborah: ... Injecting demonic energy to control others is Nenya's specialty. My soldiers and I all accepted his demonic energy to show our loyalty. We cannot go against his orders unless he lets us go... or dies.
  • Calonne: Why... Why would you subject yourself to this...?
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Perhpas... We were that desperate. Huhuhu, but I've seen you lose your cool for the first time, so maybe it wasn't that bad of a deal.
  • Calonne: How foolish...
  • Head Jailer Deborah: You are now at the highest floor of Lord's Keep. Nenya's room is right ahead. He is different from those you've come across so far. He's far more clever... cunning. You may lose everything, if you're not careful.
  • Laby: No worries! Laby is really strong!!
  • Head Jailer Deborah: Huhu... You remind me of someone. Someone I respected.... I must rest. I wish you luck, strange warrior...

  • Laby: Whoa... It's so big and shiny in here!!
  • Mao: I can't believe it... is this where all our tax money went into?!!
  • Laby: Mao, wait. There's somebody there!
  • ???: Oh? A visitor? I apologize if our welcoming was a bit... unconventional.
  • Laby: Are you... Nenya?
  • Nenya: Yes, I am the lord of this land, Nenya. And Calonne! Came to visit me out of your own record? Can I expect a positive response from you, then?
  • Calonne: My answer is always going to be the same. The energy needed to create a portal is not something that you can provide! Even if it were possible, I will not help you to satisfy your petty ambition!
  • Nenya: Well, that's no reason for you to get all worked up. Perhaps you were listening to the guard dog barking outside for too long. The Lord you followed is long dead, and I just want to make life better for us. We can create our home here, where there's plenty of food and resources. What possibly could you object to?
  • Calonne: My Lord would not have died to easily.
  • Nenya: Calonne, Calonne. I heard you were quite intelligent, but I guess your stupid beastly origin is showing through. I already told you... Then White-Ghost King has already been killed, ripped to pieces by Lord Barkat and Commander Berthe!!
  • Calonne: You're the foolish one if you believe Barkat and Berthe are capable of harming my Lord. She will come back, don't think their underhanded tricks can keep her away forever...! Do you truly think you can take over these lands with your 'army'? Your arrogance knows no bounds!
  • Nenya: But that 'Army' of mine helped me take over this village and capture you. It's only this village for now, but once the portal is open, I can command the entire demon army to take over all the land! And there's no reason to fear a king that's as good as dead.
  • Calonne: (... As good as dead? I knew it, she's still alive...!)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 867,400 HQ Shop Item 160775.png Intermediate Guardian Armor Cube NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,042,445 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryRight Choice?
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Top Most Floor story quest

Nenya captures Mao as hostage and forces Calonne to choose.
Mao's words stop Calonne from making a certain choice.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Nenya: It's strange, why didn't the Demon King invade Elrios before? It would have been so easy with the four rulers at his side... Oh wait, but the White-Ghost King opened a portal to invade little by little, didn't she? It wasn't a bad idea, I'm surprised a beast came up with it. Although, it was all sow and no results. Did you hear about what Commander Ran had accomplished? Really, there's no helping simple-minded beasts.
  • Calonne: You have no right to insult her deeds! We were establishing a peaceful relationship. My Lord is different from those other brutes who's only capable of using violence to accomplish anything!
  • Nenya: Yeah, yeah. But isn't that what demons do? There's a reason for our 'violent, brutish' nature.
  • Mao: Ah!!
  • Calonne: M, Mao?! Nenya, you dare...!
  • Laby: Mao!! What are you doing! Give Mao back!!
  • Nenya: Because it's so easy to get things that way! Now Calonne, if you don't want me to snap this little girl's neck, you'll have to think very carefully using that genius head of yours. Though I guess the answer I want is obvious! Hahaha!!
  • Laby: Leave Mao alone!! You... You baldy!!
  • Nenya: Oh...? Are you the little girl, going around defeating my troops? If you want her alive, perhaps you should beg Calonne to make me a portal too! Heheheh...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: You're not playing fair!!
  • Nenya: Fair? Fairness is for the ignorant. Now I'll ask you one last time, Calonne. Shall I kill her? Or shall I let her live?
  • Calonne: ......
  • Mao: N... No... Gramps... Don't listen to... Ugh!!
  • Calonne: ...!! Mao!
  • Mao: He'll just... use you... and kill everyone anyway...!!
  • Laby: But we can't lose you, Mao!
  • Calonne: ... Mao is right.
  • Laby: Calonne...? What are you saying!
  • Calonne: If I create a portal for Nenya, there's no telling what he would do to the villagers. To this entire continent. The reason why I began to build portals was not to harm others, but to find a way to live peacefully together...!
  • Laby: Calonne...
  • Calonne: So my answer is still the same. I will never bow down to your will!
  • Nenya: ... Is that so...?
  • BOOOM!!
  • Laby: ...!!
  • Calonne: No, Mao!!
  • Nenya: Looks like negotiation is over. I must have lived with humans longer than I thought, asking nicely instead of doing things by force.
  • Calonne: Mao! Please child, wake up. Mao!!
  • Laby: Mao...? (... What's going on? Laby doesn't feel anything. Mao is really hurt, but it's weird. Laby doesn't understand what this emotion is. It feels empty again... Like earlier. Why is it like that? Calonne looks like he's really hurt. Why... Can't Laby be like that? Something's weird... Not feeling anything even though Mao is hurt is... weird, it's bad. It happened before. In the forest when...)
  • Nisha: (......)
  • Laby: ... Nisha...?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 931,600 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,042,445 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryDon't Wait, March
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Right Choice? story quest

Something has changed with Spring of Memory. Mao falls, and Calonne is in pain. But Laby feel empty, without feeling any emotion.
When everything seems to fall apart, Laby remembers her teacher's words.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Nenya: You leave me with no choice. I'll have to use my demonic energy. You've brought this to yourself, Calonne.
  • Calonne: N... No... Ah...
  • Laby: Calonne... (Calonne is hurt... But... What is this weird feeling? It feels like drowning in water... Was Laby not careful? Is that why Laby lost Mao like Deborah said...? Can't... Breathe... What should Laby do...? Please somebody...... Teacher...)
  • Bellonde: It's too confusing? Haha, you're right. Now that you've left the forest, you will continue to encounter more things that're confusing and hard. How about this, Laby. If you feel like everything is too much, too confusion, you can focus on what's right in front of you, and start from there. Most things are tangled together like thread. If you untangle one, everything else follows.
  • Laby: What's in front of Laby right now... What Laby must do...!
  • Calonne: Kugh...!
  • Nenya: Is that it? Don't worry, when you fall, I'll make good use of your knowledge! Kuhahahaha!
  • Laby: Laby will not let you bully Laby's friend any more!!
  • Calonne: Laby!? No... If you... come in contact with this kind of demonic energy...!
  • Nenya: Hahaha!! She's like a moth to a flame! ... Hm? What...?! My demonic energy... Did nothing??
  • Laby: Laby is really angry now! You better watch out!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Nenya: My ambition... stopped my a mere child...?
  • Calonne: I can't believe it... She really defeated Nenya... And she wasn't influenced by the demonic energy... Is that even possible?
  • Laby: Calonne!! Are you ok? How's Mao...?
  • Calonne: ... She's fine. It seems the machine worked as intended. She should wake up soon.
  • Laby: ...!! Uuuaaahh.... Laby's so glaaad. Thanks goodness!!
  • Calonne: Thank you for protecting Mao, Laby.
  • Laby: Of course! Mao, and Calonne too! You're both Laby's friend!
  • Calonne: ... Laby, there's something I wanted to ask you since we've met.
  • Laby: Huh? What is it?
  • Calonne: Are you... A demon?
  • Laby: A demon? ... That's Calonne and Nenya, though.
  • Calonne: Any normal human would have gone insane when exposed to that kind of demonic energy. Even lower demons like I would have gone berserk. The fact that you weren't influenced by Nenya's demonic energy seems to suggest that you're a higher demon. But the energy I sense from you is different from demonic energy. And it's very faint... I don't think it could have protected you from Nenya's demonic energy.
  • Laby: Energy from Laby? It's not demonic energy? Does that mean Laby's not a demon?
  • Calonne: It may be hard to pin-point precisely what you are, but everyone had their origins. For example, I'm Calonne, Mao's family, but I am originally a demon... Laby, do you know your roots?
  • Laby: ... No... Laby started this journey to find out who Laby is. Laby was in a forest for a very long time. Somebody kept whispering that Laby shouldn't leave.
  • Calonne: A spell similar to Nenya's...? But what could be the reason for her to be trapped in this far away land without her memories...?
  • Laby: Mmhm! Now Laby knows what to do!
  • Calonne: Hm? What do you mean?
  • Laby: Laby was going to wait for teacher to come find Laby, but Laby doesn't want to wait any longer! Calonne, there's something important that Laby forgot. If Laby finds out what it is, then laby can find out what Laby's 'origin' is. And Laby gets the feeling that this 'Sage' that teacher talked about would know what Laby is, or tell Laby what Laby forgot. So Calonne, do you know where Elrianode is?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 997,300 L2 Food.png Leaf Dumplings x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,042,445 L2 Drink.png URYA! Soup x 20 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryNo Matter What
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Don't Wait, March story quest

Laby decides not to wait and says goodbye to Mao and Calonne.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Mao: Are you really leaving?
  • Laby: Uh huh! You look healthy Mao! Laby's glad.
  • Mao: I wasn't that injured to begin with, Gramps was just being overly fussy.
  • Calonne: Hmhm! Laby, here's the item you've requested. It has all the functions we've discussed, so use it when it's necessary.
  • Laby: Is this the compass that will show Laby how to get to Elrianode?
  • Calonne: Yes, but more precisely, it's a compass that directs you to 'Somewhere that holds strange energy'. I suspect the appearance of this ancient city is the reason why Nenya was so anxious to expand his troops recently.
  • Mao: Why? What does that city have to do with anything?
  • Calonne: I heard it holds extraordinary power. It probably made Nenya uneasy since it's not that far from here. Be careful, Laby. I expect it's going to be a dangerous journey, but even once you arrive, do not let your guard down.
  • Laby: Got it! Thanks, Calonne! What are you going to do, now?
  • Mao: We'll start repairing all the damages done by Nenya and his troops. There was a lot of things to fix last time we've visited.
  • Laby: What about the furries? Are they still causing trouble?
  • Calonne: Haha, they're behaving themselves now. They're not malicious by nature, but I'll watch over them and make sure they don't cause trouble.
  • Mao: Even though we've still got ways to go, we're heading towards the right direction. Everyone's much happier, and there's much to look forward to. It's all thanks to you, Laby.
  • Laby: Thanks to... Laby?
  • Mao: You're not actually asking why, are you? You're the one that defeated Nenya! Everyone's thankful for you. We all owe you, me, Gramps, and everyone else in this village.... You'll come back, won't you?
  • Laby: Of course! Once Laby knows who Laby is, Mao will be the first to know! Mm... But what if Laby is something really really weird?
  • Mao: Does it matter? I already live with a demon.
  • Calonne: Hm....
  • Mao: Anyway, it really doesn't matter to me what you are. It's alright if you're a demon like Gramps, or even something completely different. Because you're Laby, my friend who helped me when I most needed help.
  • Laby: Mao...
  • Mao: I hope you do manage to find your teacher. I'm sure he's looking for you, just like you're looking for him.
  • Laby: Yeah!! Thanks Mao.
  • Mao: Bye, Laby. We'll be waiting for you to come back.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 0 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A

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