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North Fluone

After the attack in the ship during the trip, Laby had become separated from Bellonde Gaia. She wakes up in an unknown area...

[Laby] Chapter 3: Second Help

Laby, waking up, notices that the surroundings had changed a lot. Following Gaia's advice, Laby goes to where there are a lot of peoples, but instead she's in for more than she thinks, and she meets a girl, who is called Mao.

[Laby] Chapter 4: Where Faith Comes Together

After getting to know Mao, Laby and her new friend decides to take it upon themselves and go to rescue Mao's father, Calonne. Laby discovers her powers and she thinks she's amazing, but...

[Laby] Chapter 5: From the Ground Up

Through further exploration, Laby and Mao gains their further bonds as they save the different peoples from the prison, including Calonne. In the process, Laby also discovers a little about herself, while fighting against Nenya. In the end, Laby decides to depart for Elrianode.

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