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El Search Party Story

In the last chapter, the Party had talked with the Masters, to prepare themselves again after having returned wounded.

Chapter 44: To White-Ghost Land

The El Search Party talks with Calonne about how to get back quickly to the Demon Realm. They take him to the portal in Debrian Laboratory and prepare to embark on their next venture into the Demon Realm with newfound knowledge from Calonne.

Chapter 45: First Soul Fragment

Chapter 45

After arriving in Pruinaum, the group decides to head for the Aurora camp, but find themselves lost till they are attacked by Auorar soldiers and bailed out by Nichel. After congregation in Aurora, the group use Calonne's knowledge to hunt down the first of the White-Ghost King's soul fragments. As they approach its whereabouts phantoms of the past begin to call out to them.

Chapter 46: Second Soul Fragment

With nary a break, the El Search Party depart to track down the next Soul Fragment and come upon a sanctuary already occupied by the White-Ghost Army. After successfully capturing the soldier they returning to Aurora and learn they are being tracked. Now in a bind, they decide they have little choice but to take the fight straight to the capital, informed of an abandoned train by Baryon.

Chapter 47: End of Long Standing Enmity

Chapter 47

Following Winster's lead back to the White-Ghost Castle, the race to stop the invasion of Elrios and save Aegirp's soul from Berthe commences. An all out assault of the capital soon ensues with the White-Ghost Army and Haivan impeding their path to the portal. The long standing rivalry between the Red-Headed Boy and the Ice Demon finally meets its conclusion.

Noah Story

[Noah] Chapter 14: Information of Glacial Land

Noah decides to ask Yuria about the El Search Party in the glacial land, Pruinaum.

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