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Velder is the largest city Lurensia and the capital of the Velder Kingdom. The capital houses the Earth Priestess Artea as well at the Earth El.

Hearing word from Ariel, the El Search Party were informed that that Velder had been overrun by demons. The energy resonating from the city feels much like the darkness that plagued Feita. The city has fallen into disarray and the demons have launched a surprise attack from the inside. The El Search Party must put a stop to the demon's rampage before the capital is lost.

Chapter 10: Velder is in danger

Velder, the Capital City, has fallen under the Demon Forces who have been hiding the stolen El Shards. Residents have set up a station on the outskirts of Velder so that they can have better access to the Kingdom. They planned to attack from the residential areas first.

Chapter 11: Kingdom in captivity

Chapter 11

When Elsword and his Party reached the Kingdom, it was already burning, and the Evil Forces and the Dark Elves were to blame. After numerous fights, they finally retrieved the Evil Force plans and decided to enter through the Southern Gate, seeing there were only a few guards there. Soon after, the Party arrived at the Southern Gate and realized that it was a trick and found all the guards waiting for them there. The guards were almost all defeated until Chloe summoned the Dark Nephilim. They used magic and previously learned skills to destroy the Dark Nephilim and escaped the Southern Gate. The Centurion of Velder named Vanessa asked the El Search Party to deliver a rescue letter all the way across the sea to the other side of the continent.

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