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Ok but what if Ain is the mysterious voice in the story quests and at the end of the Elysion clear video

  • Possible, but over in KR, it is widely accepted if not confirmed that the voice was indeed the same voice as Ebalon. So either Ain shares the same VA as Ebalon (which is possible, reoccurring VAs aren't uncommon, Solace and Ran share the same VA) or it was actually Ebalon. Gameboy224 (talk) 00:23, 5 December 2016 (UTC)

Special Slot

I've noticed that Ain's Special Slot (the one for Creation/Cycle Mode) doesn't appear at all in his base job (when clicking on the Special Slot reset, it says he doesn't have one), but it doesn't seem to affect gameplay, as you can still switch between Creation and Cycle with the Special Action key as base job. Additionally, the Special Slot appears to merge with the UI of the unique systems of the Anpassen and Wanderer lines, causing them to be moved together.