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The basic job advancement story translation is as follows:

"Laby, who was lost in a strange place, took the courage to ask for help from the people there, but they treated her as an enemy and drove her off. "There is nobody who can help Laby..." When she is about to relinquish all of her expectations to distrust, she receives unexpected help from a girl. The girls kindness reaches Laby, and she is able to trust the world outside of the forest once more.

"But they were kind to me, and made me feel warmth. But then the girl was so sad, and i felt a pain i had never experienced before. We were helpless to do anything for the girls grandfather as he was dragged away. I think that i would be happy, if i could just remember the happiness that i used to have before..."

"Nisha... I am weak, and the world outside of the forest is too harsh for me. I cannot stay anymore... Please help me..."

Nisha embraced Laby when she saw that the girls instinctive spirit (influenced persona) had begun collapsing. For the rest of the night, Laby remained crying, until out of nowhere, Nisha's voice rang out. "I am not strong enough to help you as I am now, but if you give to me your feelings, I will gain the strength to protect you from that which bothers you."

To Nisha, who was willing to shoulder her(Laby's) burden, Laby was willing to surrender some of her emotions. Nisha becomes stronger from receiving Laby's emotions, enough so to make her illusions real. At the same time, Nisha gives Laby a sweet fantasy (daydream) to help her escape from the pain that she has witnessed.