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Why no message that says that it has not yet been released in certain servers?

--Sugebot (talk) 16:46, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

It looks like I can't edit the page, I think Sever should be named Sever Darkness. Also could someone add Exorcism x : to the front of the names of Sever(4), Restraints Specter(2)and Shadow Knot(3)? +the name of Exorcism's secret art, which is 百鬼夜行, Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. Not sure what the second secret art is called in English, I think it means Fox Specter (妖狐). If anyone translates that, could they add 'name x : to View Between(1) and Snake Chaos(2)?

That'll be taken care of later tonight. As for the names, they're staying the way they are, since our rule is to use data file names for Ara. As for the 2nd chain, it's most likely Specter Breathing or something. Kajin (talk) 22:46, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

Dash Jump ZX

After 6/30/2016 update on KR Her DJ zX seems to hit very little... like only 2 hits? feels like it no longer hits 5