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Whether or not the charge time reduced by the skill memo varies needs to be confirmed. For example using the skill memo at Lv1 reduces it to 4.5s (Lv2 charge time), at Lv2 reducing to 3s (Lv3 charge time), at Lv3 reducing it to 1.5s (this is confirmed, but whether or not that is Lv4 charge time is not confirmed). We also need to confirm if charge time is reduced at Lv4, meaning if it does the skill memo could possibly reduce that charge time down to 0.5s or 0s. For now I've noted that the skill memo reduces charge time by 1.5s, since that is the only confirmed info we have ATM.

The actual damage percentages of the skill itself need to be confirmed as well, since it was nerfed before but the skill description did not change.


We need to confirm if CA and CM's passives apply to Mega Electronball. If they do, we have to mention it in the additional notes.