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Side Story

Raven Cronwell is a commoner born in the Velder Kingdom. His biological father was an unknown commoner but also a strong warrior. At some point, he died, leaving Raven orphaned. Raven was later adopted by one of Velder's most powerful commanders, General Cronwell. He raised Raven to be an expert swordsman. He attended a prestigious military academy but once word of his commoner upbringing became known, many of the students began to discriminate against him, birthing his hatred for nobles. During the academy's Mock Siege Warfare, Raven saved a student named Owen, a brilliant tactician who was bullied by other students. Raven met Seris leading up to the Siege Warfare, a student who wasn't part of any team yet she asks Raven and Owen. While Owen was reluctant, Raven agreed to invite her. He, later with Owen and Seris, worked his way up for years to become the Captain of his team, the Mercenary Knights. At some point, Owen, who was blinded by jealousy because of what Raven has achieved, framed Raven for a crime worthy of death. His team, not accepting this, rescued him from the Velder prison where he was locked up. They fought their way through the Velder guards and managed to escape. However, they were ambushed by many Velder guards who outnumbered and defeated them. After that, Owen made sure to kill all his comrades in front of him, including Seris, and that he would be the last one to die. After that, the Nasods found him barely alive, sending him to a laboratory located somewhere in Return Plains, where he was healed and given a Nasod arm. A device was also attached to his head, forcing him to obey the Nasods' orders. He later rebuilds a team called the Crow Mercenaries and an airship known as "The Black Crow". After this, he seeks out revenge for what Velder did to him, doing a lot of atrocities against Velder and their people. He later faces against the El Search Party who had a tough fight against Raven but managed to win against Raven and break him free from the mind control device. After coming to his senses, he realized all the sins and evil acts he committed. Wanting to pay back for everything he has done wrong and to get a whole new life, he agrees on joining the party to get back the El Shard.

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