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Creation list

Can someone make a creation list on what all is needed to make the items and grendize them? I know it's generally the same around the board, just a change in which coin/item has the highest need(I.E. Alterasia set needs more Alterasia coins than Ancient Guardian set).

-How do you get more dungeon coins other than daily quests? - Flandrean 26 December 2015

Incorrect Set Effect

The Grendized Dragonic-Origin two-piece set effect is not 6%, but 678 points. And the Grendized Ancient Guardian two-piece set effect is not 3% critical and attack speed, it's 339 points of critical and attack speed.

I can't check the other sets, but someone may want to correct all the inconsistancies.

Well it isn't really an inconsistency. The value is still correct but I do understand your point, considering that these items have a set level, not scaled. Anyone gonna allow the change from % to actual value for set-level items? SND.pngiDesoZ | Talk 07:03, 13 September 2015 (CEST)

Set effects Activation

Can these set on-hit effects like blast(sander), Fireworks(Bethma) Works on Raid boss?

Same question with Titles like 「Dancing Flame Weapon」which provides on hit effects.

(asked on 12/25/2015)

any kind of onhit effect do not work on raid boss... including debuff (except illusion debuff from Paranoia) -Salvatore Leone (talk) 13:26, 25 December 2015 (UTC)

I see... How about self-buff on-hit effects? Like Alterasia Acceleration, 5% get 7MP, Child of Wind Acceleration, and Glitter Berserker Gigantic effect? - Flandrean 16:15 26 December 2015 (JP)

self buff maybe works... may test it but im kinda lazy to do Perky... -Salvatore Leone (talk) 12:03, 26 December 2015 (UTC)

  • The Alterasia Set's Acceleration and +7 MP works in Perkisas. I'm not sure about the others though. Rokujou (talk) 14:10, 26 December 2015 (UTC)
  • Thanks a lot for confirming this. Im in the middle of wondering which set to make since gigantified may cause me getting squashed by Perky. Flandrean 23:51 26 December 2015 (JP)

Forgot to update that I am currently using Glitter Berserker set and I can confirm that the on-hit effects somehow works in Perkisas Raid Phase 1.

  • The thundercloud, Flask throw, and gigantification all procced inside the raid. Flandrean 20:52 15 January 2016 (JP)