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ThousandsofStars.png [Special Active - Electrons] Eve summons a special gear with a set of 100 Condensed El Energy "Stars" that will aid her in combat.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost Per Level Alternative
Code: Battle Seraph Lv. 20 55 5 Energetic Heart

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Damage per Star
Duration MP Usage Cooldown Mass Release
Normal Star
1 55 27% 60 Seconds 200 MP 25 Seconds 5 Seconds
2 28%
3 56 29%
4 59 30%
5 62 31%
6 65
7 68 32%
8 71* 33%
9 74* 34%
10 77* 35%
11 80* 36%
12 83* 37%
13 86* 38%
14 89*
15 92* 39%
16 95* 40%
17 98* 41%
18 101* 42%
19 104* 43%
20 (M) 107* 44%
21 -* 45%
23 46%
24 47%
25 48%
26 49%
27 50%
28 51%
29 52%

*Please note that you can only achieve these levels through equipments, accessories, and titles.

Tips and Details

  • There is a long skill delay when summoned and nearby enemies will be stunned.
  • Whenever Eve lands a hit the gear fires a shock ball at the target.
    • However there is a very short cooldown period between each shot where additional hits made during that period will not trigger the launch of additional shock balls.
  • Shock balls cannot trigger elemental enchantments, they can no longer trigger most 'on hit' effect activations anymore either.
  • This skill is affected by El Crystal Spectrum. When used in Amplify Mode, the shock balls released will be larger and stronger, and when in Spectrum Mode, it will release 3 smaller shock balls. Shock balls cannot be further amplified or multiplied by passing through a force field generated by a skill (e.g. Sweep Rolling - Over Charge).
  • Pressing the skill key again while the gear is active will trigger a mass release: however, only half of the remaining shock balls will be fired (e.g. summoning the gear with 100 shock balls and instantly releasing will only fire 50). Do note, however, that the in-game description states the mass release doubles the damage for each shock ball, despite halving the amount.
    • The mass release is only possible if a target is selected by hitting them after the gear is summoned.
    • The gear will not function if a mass release is attempted without selecting a target.
    • The target lock will be lost if the enemy moves beyond a certain distance away. (Roughly out of sight range)
      • Maintaining lock on certain enemies with collision boxes that are significantly larger than their hitbox such as Magmanta is more difficult due to the collision box increasing the distance between Eve and the targeted hitbox.
    • Mass release shock balls will home in on what is considered the 'center' of the target's hitbox.
      • In some cases such as Avalanche when he is hovering the 'center' can be empty air causing all the shock balls to expire harmlessly in the air.
      • The shockballs can also hit enemies that are off the map (Crow Rider when he summons prototypes) as long as their hitbox is still there.
      • When use against Dark Nephilim in 5-6(boss), the shockballs will also homing towards it body instead of it's head, causing almost half of it fly away and expire afterward
    • When El Crystal Spectrum is activated, Amplify Mode affects to shock ball of Mass Release, even when you're using Spectrum, Induction, or Fusion mode.
    • After mass release there will be a minimum period of 5 seconds where the skill is in cooldown even if over 30 seconds have already elapsed since the initial activation.
    • When in a party Mass Release may sometimes fail to release on the host client resulting in no damage done and the attack being wasted.
  • The gear glows White, Red, Blue, and Green in Normal Mode, Amplify Mode, Spectrum Mode, Induction Mode respectively.
    • In Fusion Mode, the color cycles between Red, Blue, and Green quite fast.



  • 2/2/2012 KR
    • This skill's Mass Release mode is no longer affected by secondary El Crystal Spectrum fields caused by other moves.
  • 3/29/2012 KR
    • Previously the gear would stay active indefinitely, disappearing only when its ammunition is exhausted. After this patch, the gear disappears after 60 seconds, and when the gear disappears, the player will collect a certain amount of MP back depending on the number of shock balls left.
      • The player will regain 1.25MP per remaining shock ball.
    • The Damage was decreased from 116% to 57% and MP consumed from 300MP to 250MP.
      • Mass release damage was not decreased. (deals 116% damage per 1 shock ball)


  • Despite what the name suggests, there are only a hundred stars, not a thousand.
  • When a Dwarf or Giant Potion is obtained, the gear increases or decreases the size of its shock balls.
    • The gear itself does not grow or shrink.
  • If used in the fight against Dark Nephilim in Southern Gate and Henir's Time and Space there may be a chance for the stars to 'go backwards' and prematurely hit a switch. When this occurs, it appears the switch will not trigger properly and the barrier will not be raised while additionally preventing future attempts to use the switch. (Needs more research to be certain)
  • After the Skill Tree Revamp, it is no longer possible to keep both Thousand Star and Energetic Heart in which Thousand Star can no longer be affected by Fusion Mode.