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Blade Master
Name Unknown(The Black Crow)
Class Blade Master
Weapon Thin Steel of Cloud and Flower, Nasod Gauntlet
Am I too fast?!?

The Black Crow


The Black Crow is famous for his exquisite swordsmanship skill, wind-like movements, and knowledge of all the sword play style. On his left hand, he wear a Nasod Gauntlet. An unknown artifact that make him able to grab everything, included his own shadow. On his right hand, he hold a blade called Thin Steel of Cloud and Flower. His blade is just a normal sword but his level of swordsmanship can cut everything in his sword path, even the space itself.


His past is unknown. His real name is also unknown, but people called him The Black Crow. One thing that make him famous that he is the second swordsman that pass the 'Master of Blade' trial. A trial of 1 swordsman facing 1000 best swordsman in the universe. Passing this trial will earn the title 'Strongest Swordsman'.

But he was not satisfied, cause his goal is to defeat the first swordsman that pass the trial. He traveled many worlds, facing hundred army of demons, crossing the time and space, and that make him hunted by angels as a criminal.

There only one name in his mind, one name that he must defeat, a name that start everything since he met him in the past. He is Blood Colonel Edan.



  • Silent : a thing that really suit him,and his motto talk less .....
  • Hard Work : continuing his motto, more.


  • Unpopular : Even thought he was famous, he was unpopular amongst the girls
  • Abandoned : Many people feared him, which make him being alone. Another word is 'Abandoned'.
  • Not Cool : Have a worst fashion taste


  • Out of range : A common weakness for those who use melee weapon-type against ranged weapon-type


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Master Exquisite Swordsmanship
Increase The Black Crow's speed and accuracy. The Black Crow's basic attacks and actives ignore 100% of the target's defense. The highest level of swordsmanship. By achieving this level of swordsmanship, The Black Crow has an insane speed and remarkable accuracy. By mastering this level, The Black Crow able to cut everything, even the space itself.
Fatal Cut
15% of causing Bleed status when hit.
Emergency Escape.PNG
Like the Wind
The Black Crow has a 50% of dodge and a 50% chance of automatically activating Shadow Strafe when hit from behind. Consume 1% HP and uses up 10 MP every time The Black Crow activates this passive.
Hard Fighter.png
Hard Fighter
Special Active
When HP is below on 75%, 50%, 25%, and 5%, The Black Crow uses his willpower to fight back with tremendous force. Increases both physical and magical damage. When HP is below 75%, damage increase by 20%. When below 50%, damage increase by 50%. When below 25%, damage increase by 100%. And when below 5%, damage increase by 200%
Counter Chance
When The Black Crow falls down, he can tap X to sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knock down and cause Leg Wound. The Black Crow will use this after every knock down.
Cut Tendon
6 Seconds
The Black Crow does a low slash aimed at one of the opponent's tendons causing the enemy to Bleed, steadily draining their health while preventing them from running. Duration of bleed is 10 seconds.
Sonic Slash
6 secound
The Black Crow slashes furiously at his targets multiple times at insane speed. Every hit of this active will burn 2 MP from his enemy. He will be in Super Armour while slashing.
Shadow Piercing
The Black Crow lunges forward with a Shadow Step, dealing heavy damage to anyone he pierces. When using Shadow Piercing, The Black Crow has a 100% chance of not knocking his target down.
Wolf Fang.PNG
Wolf Fang
Special Active
10 Seconds
The Black Crow does a short leap forwards to tackle his opponent with his claw. On contact with a target, He will use the opponent to propel himself into the air and swoop downwards causing two crescents from his blade to attack the target, dealing more physical damage. The Black Crow recovers 50 MP if his Wolf Fang misses.
Giga Drive - Seismic Tremor
Special Active
16 Seconds
The Black Crow does a short leap into the air and impales his sword down into the ground, creating a chain of explosive impacts.
Extreme Blade
Hyper Active
??? Seconds
Unknown The Black Crow's strongest skills. No one see him use this skill, but someone says that his skill can seperates space and darkness, creating a black-hole in the air. This skill is a proof of his level of swordsmanship that can cut everything in his sword's path, even the space itself.