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Characters Max Level
26 18
El Resonance Level El Resonance EXP
105 33.4%
Current Class Final Class IGN Current Level Species Elements Background Info Custom Title
Icon - Immortal.png FlareKyn (Need Nickname Change Card) 99 Human Fire, Dark A boy with Fire Elemental Powers. As he used the Conwell fragment that Infinity Sword gave him, he slowly obtained the ability to contol Darkness as well. Dark Flame
EMTransNEW.png Icon - Aether Sage.png Komine 83 Human Nature, Light A remnant of a world that no longer exists. She was torn into two halves: one of Light and one of Darkness. Unknown
DeityYuki 84 Deity Water, Light A goddess who is also a well known idol in her world. Due to certain events, she's currently trapped in her mortal form. Unknown
VPTransNEW.png Icon - Oz Sorcerer.png DarkKomine 99 Human Water, Dark A remnant of a world that no longer exists. She is the dark half of Komine. Unknown
DWTransNEW.png Icon - Metamorphy.png TwlghtKomine 83 Human Fire, Wind When Komine and Dark Komine attempted to become one again, something completely different happened. Instead of the original Komine being reformed, the conflicting powers caused a third entity to be created. Unknown
Icon - Twilight.png AiraEritho (Need Nickname Change Card) 99 Elf Water, Wind An Elf with a great affinity with the Wind element. Later in her life, she somehow gained the power to control the Water element as well. Unknown
BMTransNEW.png Icon - Furious Blade.png CyroKetera (Need Name Change Card) 99 Human Water, Light A member of the Royal Knights of the Kyro Kingdom. He serves his king, but is most loyal to the prince. He lost his arm years ago, but is using one of Kedo's prototypes as a replacement. Unknown
CNNEW.png Icon - Code Ultimate.png PirateAurora 99 Human/Cyborg Water, Dark A girl that was caught in a burning building, but was saved though abnormal circumstances. Calls herself a pirate, but does many things differently from most known pirates. Unknown
CBSTransNEW.png Icon - Code Sariel.png ShadowAurora 99 Human/Cyborg/Shadow Water, Light Aurora's Shadow World Counterpart. Unlike most Shadow World beings, Shadow Aurora actually has a similar heart to her real world counterpart. Unknown
Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png Icon - Centurion.png GuardianAkio 99 Human Nature, Wind Aurora's younger brother. Used to be unable to act when afraid, but after Aurora's supposed death, he trained to become a Guardian so he could protect others. Unknown
SDTransNEW.png Icon - Apsara.png DeityFlora 99 Deity Nature, Wind A deity of nature that has been living in the mortal world for a while now. She really seems to like humans. Unknown
YRTransNEW.png Icon - Devi.png SuccubusVema 99 Succubus/Kumiho Water, Dark Karis' younger sister in the Transform version of Elrios. Unlike the other demons, Vema is actually against the invasion. Unknown
MyreisaSetra (Need Nickname Change Card) 99 Immortal Human Water, Dark A maid who was once tasked with capturing immortals, but became immortal herself by accident, causing her to leave her own home. She now serves Syra at her own request. Unknown
ASTransNEW.png Icon - Shakti.png ZuriItira (Need Name Change Card) 82 Panda/Fox Youkai Water, Wind A member of the Wild Knights, chosen by the wild panda spirit. She was originally a pure Panda Youkai, but after absorbing some of Neshiria's energy, her body started changing, similar to how Ara's body changed under Eun's influence as Asura. Unknown
GrMTransNEW.png Icon - Empire Sword.png NilaKysera 99 Human Water, Wind One of the twin knights that disappeared in the ancient past. After realizing they were in the future, they decided to join the others in their quest. Blue Knight
MMTransNEW.png Icon - Dominator.png FlorenSyrene 82 Human Nature, Wind A member of the Syrene bloodline. Skilled with technology and battle skills, he uses his own Dynamos to fight his enemies. Unknown
DETransNEW.png Icon - Mad Paradox.png YuleJyrose 99 Human, Demon Water, Wind A demon hunter, and Horace's older brother. He was credited as being the only demon hunter to be able to use demon skills, but they were unaware that he was born with the spirit of a demon inside him. Luckily, that demon spirit is friendly. Unknown
AddNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Icon - Innocent (Ishtar).png
Icon - Innocent (Chevalier).png
AviraXVritra 99 Avira: Light Fairy/Demon
Vritra: Water Fairy/Demon
Water, Light Avira is the princess of a fairy kingdom. Vritra, despite being of a different breed, faithfully served her. One day, Vritra was massively injured, and Avira, remembering that she was told that she had demon blood, make a contract with him to keep him alive, which caused their powers to mix together. Unknown
Icon - Diangelion (Iblis).png
Icon - Diangelion (Anular).png
BrisaXFaine (Will Remake Soon) 99 Unknown Nature, Wind Unknown Unknown
StTTransNEW.png Icon - Tempest Burster.png TyraErina 99 Human Fire, Wind A princess that was trained to be able to fight. Unknown
StTNEW.png ErithAgalia 99 Human Nature, Light A girl that can easily carry a pair of handguns. Not much is known about her. Unknown
RoseNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ArTTransNEW.png Icon - Richter.png DeityVentus 99 Deity Fire, Wind A deity that doesn't seem to trust humans for some reason, but travels with Flare and his friends at Yuki's request. He might open up to humans some day. Unknown
Icon - Eternity Winner.png DaminiKyn 99 Demon Fire, Wind A kind demon girl who lost her parents to unknown circumstances. A few years later, she met and was adopted by Flare Kyn and Hieda no Akyuu. She believes that humans and demons can co-exist peacefully, and does her best to help her new foster parents. Her attitude changes from cheerful to serious when she feels that either Flare or Akyuu is in danger. She is also fond of the magic mirror that her real parents left for her. Unknown
Icon - Laby.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown