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Characters Max Level
25 14
El Resonance Level El Resonance EXP
57 3.5%
Current Class Final Class IGN Current Level Species Elements Background Info Custom Title
LKTransNEW.png Icon - Knight Emperor.png AstroSyre 99 Human Fire, Light A hot-headed prince with the ability to control flames. Has dreams of traveling through space. Unknown
RSTransNEW.png Icon - Rune Master.png SekoSyrene (Need Name Change Card) 99 Human Fire, Light A Wild Knight chosen by the wild tiger spirit and part of the Syrene Bloodline. Has a bullet wound on his back underneath his shirt. Unknown
ISTransNEW.png Icon - Immortal.png PunkKinorai 99 Human Fire, Dark A boy that calls himself a punk for some reason, but genuinely cares for other people. Unknown
EMTransNEW.png Icon - Aether Sage.png KaliHetsena 77 Former Human, Phantom Nature, Dark A phantom that was unable to pass on, due to the "Spirit Ruby" that merged with her while she was alive, which was actually a factor of how she died in the first place. The Spirit Ruby gives her a semi-physical form, allowing her to continue to interact with the physical world, but because of that, she is always visible to others. While she cannot die again, she can still feel pain and be knocked unconscious, but this also allows her to get stronger. While she cannot wear physical clothing, the Spirit Ruby gives her "spirit clothing" which takes the appearance of any outfit she wishes. Unknown
DWNEW.png Icon - Metamorphy.png WindraPrower 77 Human?, Ex-Mobian? Water, Wind An amnesiac girl with a strong affinity with water and wind energy. For some reason, she seems to be emmiting a godly aura, but does not think she is a god herself. The only thing she remembers about her past is that she used to live on a planet named Mobius, which the gang speculates to be Sonic's home world. Unknown
AishaNEW.png LilyPrower Not Made Yet Human?, Ex-Mobian? Water, Wind A girl claiming to be Windra's Nobody, but like Windra, she doesn't remember anything about her life before the Reality Merge, except that she lived in the same world as Windra. Due to her similar appearance and powers to Windra's, as well as the godly aura she emits, it's hard to believe that she's lying about who she is, but the idea that Windra had a Nobody before the Reality Merge suggests that she may not be from the exact same Mobius that the gang visited before. Unknown
WSNEW.png Icon - Anemos.png ImmortalSyra 99 Immortal Elf Nature, Dark An Elf from ancient times that became immortal by accident. She hid this from the others, but when they eventually found out, they still accepted her into the group. Unknown
VixKirita (Need Name Change Card) 99 Elf Nature, Dark A Wild Knight chosen by the wild fox spirit. Unknown
GATransNEW.png Icon - Daybreaker.png PrincessNyla 91 Elf Nature, Wind A princess of an Elven Kingdom. She is currently traveling with Flare to find a way back home. Unknown
RFNEW.png Icon - Rage Hearts.png SwrdMstrGync 74 Human Water, Wind A boy from a long line of swordsmen that likes to tinker with machines. While his Mechanical Arm looks like Raven's Reckless Fist arm, it is actually a "sleeve" that he can remove at any time. Unknown
RFTransNEW.png SeitaMasero 99 Human Nature, Dark A priest that does not fear darkness, understanding that it is not inherently evil. Unknown
VCTransNEW.png Icon - Nova Imperator.png KedoMitora (Need Name Change Card) 99 Human Fire, Dark A Wild Knight chosen by the wild wolf spirit, as well as a scientist. He is often finding ways to integrate machinery into the human body. He lost his arm in battle, but replaced it with a prototype arm he created. Unknown
CNTransNEW.png Icon - Code Ultimate.png MoriaKaria 76 Cyborg Fire, Wind Unknown Unknown
CEmTransNEW.png Icon - Code Esencia.png ElenaKyn 99 Human/Cyborg Fire, Light Flare's younger sister. At first she was reluctent to fight, but she eventually decided to help her brother and his friends. Was in a pretty bad accident when she was younger. She was about to start her last year in middle school when the Reality Merge happened. Unknown
IPTransNEW.png Icon - Comet Crusader.png PrinceKyro 99 Human Water, Wind The prince of the Kyro Kingdom. He ran away from home to join the Guardians, and befriended Akio as he trained. Unknown
DCNEW.png Icon - Fatal Phantom.png KethTirsha (Need Name Change Card) 73 Human Water, Wind One of the Royal Knights of the Kyro Kingdom. He helped Prince Kyro run away from his home. Unknown
SDTransNEW.png Icon - Apsara.png NisaTensero (Need Name Change Card) 99 Bio-Nasod Water, Wind A Bio-Nasod that was created in secret, but was left asleep for decades, only waking up when her program was accidentally activated. With no specific purpose or knowledge of the world, she is very curious about everything she see. "Nisa" is actually derived from her ID#, N15, but herself last name, Tensero, was one she gave herself after joining the group. Code: Gungnir
BHTransNEW.png Icon - Flame Lord.png FiraKyn 76 Human Fire, Light Flare's and Elena's mother. She was orphaned at a young age and was adopted into the Kyn family. Unknown
NuriaKyn 75 Human/Clone Fire, Dark A clone of Fira that was supposed to be her opposite, but she betrayed her creators and joined Flare in his travels. Unknown
MMTransNEW.png Icon - Dominator.png FengKero (Need Name Change Card) 99 Human Fire, Wind Flare's and Elena's father. After a certain incident, he wasn't seen by either of his kids for a long time. Years later, he returned with Plasma Elemental abilities, as well as his own set of Dynamos. Unknown
Icon - Diangelion (Iblis).png
Icon - Diangelion (Anular).png
AqueroXBruna (Need Name Change Card) 99 Aquero: Human/Demon
Bruna: Human/Demon
Water, Dark Aquero was once a member of the Henir Cult, but upon seeing the other cultists being turned into monsters, he began to fear the cult itself. Since then, he had been questioning himself about what the cult had told him: about how the world that Elria made was cruel and unforgiving, and had to be destroyed. He eventually met Bruna, a human-turned-demon that had her own share of hardships in the past, but still believes in the world she lives in. Unknown
Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
RoseNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Icon - Bluhen.png EadanCorell 99 Human Water, Light A priest with power given to him by a god. He learned how to create Eids by observing Erbluhen Emotion. Unknown
Icon - Eternity Winner.png DoniaEstera 99 Vampire Fire, Light A young vampire who wants to make friends. She despises the misconceptions humans have about her species, such as being weak to sunlight, drinking blood, or even turning into a bat, just to name a few, and will be quick to correct anyone on them, but also understands that vampires of other worlds can be different than vampires of her world. Unknown
Icon - Laby.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown